Review: Various Pitaka accessories for the iPhone 12

Review: This article will presents an in detail review of Pitaka accessories for the iPhone 12 which include Air case, MagEZ Case and Card Sleeve

Only recently on the market and there are already a lot of accessories for the new smartphones from Apple. As one of the best-known manufacturers, Pitaka has also been there from the start. We have tested their various cases and accessories for the iPhone 12 lineup. You can read here how Pitaka accessories such as the Air Case, the MagEZ Case and the new wallet performed. There are other suitable and unusual products in our Apple Gadgets category .

Pitaka is best known for its aramid fiber material . It is particularly light, has a good grip and is still robust. We were able to confirm this in our Pitaka MagEZ Case & MagEZ Mount Test . In addition to the material, the integrated magnets are also a unique selling point, which the new iPhones now have in an equivalent form thanks to MagSafe. In addition to the well-known “Air” and “MagEZ” cover variants, the company also offers many other accessory products. Among other things, magnetic car holders , Qi pads or multifunctional charging stations.

Pitaka accessories – Pitaka Air Case: Extremely thin all-round protection made of 100% 600D aramid fiber

The unique selling point of the Air Case can already be guessed from its name: lightness paired with slim dimensions. With just 0.65 millimeters at the thickest point, the case does not appear bulky. The beautiful angular shape of the iPhone is preserved. The low weight of 10 grams is also noticeable here . In our test with an iPhone 12 Pro Max, which is quite heavy in itself, we found it positive that the case doesn’t add unnecessary weight here.

But before we get to a few more details, we would like to briefly address the scope of delivery . The cover is delivered in a sturdy and magnetic cardboard box. In addition to the usual paperwork, there are two small adhesive dots under the cover. If necessary, these can be glued inside the Air Case to improve the stability of the iPhone in the case . Pitaka recommends placing the dots opposite the extremely protruding camera module. In our case it wasn’t necessary. The iPhone 12 Pro Max had a secure and firm hold in the AirCase from the start.

As usual with Pitaka, the fit is neat. All buttons and connections are freely accessible . The upper and lower parts of the frame are still sticking out, so you should still be a little careful about scratches. In our case, we could use the case in combination with armored glass without any problems. On the back of the Air Case there is a protruding ring around the camera . This means that the sensitive camera modules of the iPhone do not touch the ground .

Before we get to the MagEZ case, we would like to say a few words about wireless charging and MagSafe . Any form of wireless Qi charging is supported by the case. In addition, the magnetic MagSafe charging cable also works without any problems thanks to the thin case. Thus, the Pitaka Air Case does not affect any functions of the new iPhones. By the way: All Pitaka cases are of course also available for other smartphones such as the Samsung Galaxy S20 or Note 20. The manufacturer calls for an RRP of 59.99 euros for the Air Case .

Pitaka MagEZ Case: The future will be magnetic!

The MagEZ Case series is probably the manufacturer’s best-known . In principle, it has all the properties of the Air Case just described. However, it is slightly thicker and heavier, but it is still hardly bulky compared to other covers. The MagEZ case is a little thicker for a reason , because inside there are the usual magnets for Pitaka. Over the past few years, the manufacturer has been able to build up a really extensive portfolio of magnetic accessories. Regardless of whether it is a car holder, Qi stand or key holder for the apartment. Almost everything is available with a practical magnet function .

Now that Apple is also using magnets with MagSafe, things are getting interesting. The MagEZ case has the same scope of delivery as its little brother in the Air version. Everything sits well, securely and feels handy . The integrated magnets ensure that the MagSafe charging cable, for example, sits securely on the case – even without an inserted iPhone. In addition, you can use all Pitaka accessories with the MagEZ Case , including the new wallet, which we will present shortly.

All in all, both cases are perfect for protecting your expensive smartphone from small drops and scratches . If you just want the typical aramid fiber feeling, you should use the Air Case. If, on the other hand, you want to use magnetic accessories or find the new wallet practical, the MagEZ case is better off. For this, Pitaka calls a price of 49.99 euros .

MagEZ Card Sleeve: Can the magnetic wallet replace a wallet?

More and more people are convinced of the compact slim wallets . Not everyone wants to carry a thick and heavy wallet with them every day. Especially those who pay with their smartphone and only carry 1-2 cards and maybe a banknote should be careful now. The new wallet from Pitaka with the name MagEZ Card Sleeve offers space for up to two cards and cash. In addition to the actual wallet, you will only find some paperwork in the scope of delivery .

The feel of the MagEZ Card Sleeve is of the usual high quality. The back is stable and therefore cannot be bent . The entire outer shell is made of stretchable PU leather. There is a small recess on the front to make it easier to slide out the front card. In our test, we got a maximum of two cards and one banknote into the magnetic wallet . That was enough for us, since we mainly pay with the smartphone. If, on the other hand, you want to carry more cards with you, you should browse our slim wallet category. There are models like the Fritzvold Tiny Wallet with an integrated coin compartment , which we have already tested.

Now we come to the most important function of the card holder , the magnet. These allow you to simply pack the wallet on the back of the MagEZ cover, that’s it. Now the card sleeve sits securely and non-slip on the back of the sleeve. After our test, we were able to find that it also stays in your pocket on the smartphone. You should only be careful when plugging in very tight jeans , as it can sometimes come loose here. Speaking of tight: The card sleeve itself is also very narrow, especially when there are two cards in it. This reduces the risk of losing cards or cash, but it is also more difficult to pull out .

In our opinion, the only drawback is the lack of MagSafe . Pitaka relies on their own standard, but unfortunately not on the Apple solution. So you can only use the card sleeve with the MagEZ case. Unfortunately, the wallet does not fit perfectly on the iPhone without the cover . Nevertheless, the MagEZ Card Sleeve with a price of 29.99 euros is a successful addition for all Pitaka fans.

Pitaka accessories – Conclusion : As usual, high quality and reliable

The current Pitaka accessories convinced us again this year. The two case variants are easy to grip , high quality and robust. We also liked the MagSafe support here. The MagEZ Card Sleeve is a successful addition for all MagEZ Case owners. Here one could perhaps still rely on the MagSafe standard in the future. All in all, we are very satisfied and can definitely recommend the current Pitaka accessories .