Review: Travel Dude Adventure Set : functional panniers with a kick

Review: Travel Dude Adventure Set is made of environment friendly and more than just an organizer which consists of three parts of different size

Review: Travel Dude Adventure Set – Panniers are extremely useful when traveling. They not only help to save space, but can also sort certain items of clothing in a meaningful way in a tight space. So they are always practical, but do not leave the case. It’s different with the Travel Dude Adventure Set, because here not only chic packing cubes were designed, they also have other functions. In the following test report you will learn everything about the new travel gadgets .

First of all, about the company itself: Of course, it was founded by travelers who had a problem with space. Julia is a passionate backpacker and has encountered problems with a chaotic backpack, a missing wet compartment and poor workmanship, among other things. Without further ado, she took the problem into hand and created her own panniers according to her needs. The Travel Dude packing cubes  are now well established among travelers. With Patrick she has a colleague on board who is just as cosmopolitan and fond of traveling. With the Travel Dude Adventure Set, the company goes one better with its packing cubes. We had the fancy set in the test and tell you about our impressions of it Set of multifunctional panniers .

Travel Dude Adventure Set: More than just an organizer

The Travel Dude Adventure Set consists of a total of three parts . There are packing cubes in three different sizes. They are kept in a chic and, above all, simple black. The highlight: They are made from recycled plastic bottles. These are melted down and processed into yarn. We always find this aspect of sustainability great and unreservedly worthy of support. The fibers are no less robust and generally have no disadvantages compared to a polyester fabric. This reduces plastic waste and, in contrast to new materials, also saves a lot of CO2 . But that’s not the only special feature of the Adventure Set.

The bags take their title literally and are designed for real adventure . Let’s start with the smallest model in the set. This is about 23 centimeters long and about 14 centimeters wide. The height of the pannier comes to around 4.5 centimeters. At first glance, it looks like a very compact bag. You immediately notice three different zips. The upper one releases the perfect compartment for organizing odds and ends.

Various rubber loops can, for example, perfectly tame cables and headphones. Three additional zip pockets, three mesh pockets and a foil compartment for documents organize everything you have with you when you travel. The second circumferential zipper of the bag now releases the actual packing space. Here you can put underwear or socks, for example. The last zipper is then used for the clever compression of the bulging bag – perfect for saving space.

Small bum bag for short trips

On the back of the smallest pannier there is a loop for hanging or carrying . The highlight is also here: a hidden belt. The packing cube can be converted into a small bum bag in no time at all. The straps are kept in their hiding place with Velcro and are simply released. Put together, you can start. So that nothing stands out as a pannier, the front is sporty and chic. A subtle company logo as a glossy imprint and two additional zip pockets make the “little one” go out. Except for the closure for the compression, everything is always two-way zippers of really high quality . They are sewn flat and allow a modern and restrained look.

The sling bag as the perfect intermediate size

The medium pannier from the Travel Dude Adventure Set is around 30 centimeters long and 18 centimeters wide. This consists of a spacious storage compartment , which of course also has a clever compression function. On the front there are two zip pockets, one closed and one with a mesh look. The wrist strap is on the short side this time and is also perfect for hanging. The back again houses a practical strap. This bag can also be worn in a great cross-body style. We think the concept is great because it means you don’t have to take another bag with you on vacation. The clothes can stay in the room during the excursion and the packing cube is converted into a sling bag. The medium size is also perfect for rolled up T-shirts or underwear.

The real storage space miracle is of course hidden behind the largest bag in the Travel Dude Adventure Set. At around 40 by 28.5 centimeters, the packing cube offers enough space for large items of clothing such as sweaters and trousers . The same front as the other two bags was optically chosen here. The uniform look is not only consistent, but also really beautiful and practical. This time there is not just one belt in the rear area, but two. The largest bag can easily be converted into a daypack – ingenious! The straps are sewn wider at both ends and thus offer sufficient comfort for an excursion. The length is of course individually adjustable.

Large packing cube and a backpack at the same time: Only in the Travel Dude Adventure Set

Here, too, there are some zippers that want to be looked through first. The upper one releases the spacious storage compartment, which of course extends over the entire dimensions. The rear zipper seals the integrated wet compartment . This should not be missing in any pannier, because not having the last swim in the sea on the day of departure is simply too good. Thanks to the generous dimensions, there is not only enough space for swimming trunks and bikini, but also for towels.