Review: Totallee Case for iPhone 12 Series

Totallee Case for iPhone 12 are made of super thin material makes the back shiny and provides better grip due to matte finish

The ultra-thin Totallee cases for iPhone 12 ensure that your device is protected against scratches. We have tested this Totallee case.

Totallee case for iPhone 12

You have covers that protect your iPhone well against drops and bumps. But there are also covers that should mainly prevent scratches. Totallee makes these cases : the Californian brand calls itself “The World’s # 1 Thin iPhone Case” and is therefore specialized in cases that are as thin as possible. We tried the iPhone 12 case in navy blue. You can choose from different versions: matte black, blue, green and transparent frosted, or shiny transparent. In addition, there are two Limited Editions in black with relief pattern and transparent hard plastic that are a few euros more expensive. In addition to the 6.1-inch iPhones, these cases are also available for the iPhone 12 mini and iPhone 12 Pro Max .

I have tried the shiny transparent Totallee case before, which I was initially excited about because you can keep seeing the color of your iPhone . Unfortunately, it took on a somewhat brownish tint after a few months, which meant it ended up in the trash. This dark blue iPhone 12 case will hopefully keep its original color a little longer. In any case, the color fits perfectly with my ocean blue iPhone 12 Pro .

Totallee Case for iPhone 12

Appearance of the Totallee case for iPhone 12

The Totallee case is meant to give an extra layer of protection to your iPhone. The cover is super thin and weighs next to nothing. Totallee talks about 0.02 to 0.03 inch and a weight of 0.1 ounce on the website. That is less than 3 grams. It is therefore intended as an almost imperceptible thin layer that fits tightly around your device. An advantage of the Totallee cases is that there are no logos and texts on them, so it looks minimalist. The material is so thin that the case (without an iPhone in it) is flexible. Once it is around the iPhone, it has more the effect of a hard case.

An edge around the camera gives just a little extra protection, while the edge at the front protrudes slightly above the screen. This is not a case that gives a lot of protection against bumps and falls.Totallee’s covers mainly provide daily protection against scratches and light bumps.

Totallee Case for iPhone 12

The matte cover is made of super thin polypropylene and gives just a little extra grip. This can also be an ideal case if you prefer to use your iPhone as bare as possible, but have chosen the wrong color or want some protection. The covers fit tightly around the device, like a second skin, so you don’t have to worry about it.

Totallee case in use

As noted, the Totallee case offers minimal protection. For some people, that’s exactly what they need. The case is ultra-thin, so it slips effortlessly into your pocket. With the silicone cases from Apple , I have more difficulty taking the cover out of my pocket and in addition, the silicone surface attracts quite a bit of dust in the beginning. This is not the case with these cases.

Totallee Case for iPhone 12

The case is so thin that you can continue to use wireless chargers. The same goes for the MagSafe Charger, which sticks effortlessly to the iPhone. It is less suitable for the leather card holder (wallet) , which in combination with the Totallee case moves a bit more easily.

Something I had to get used to is that the buttons do not protrude, but can be operated through an opening in the case. You will therefore have to feel a little more about where the volume buttons are, for example. There are also openings for the Lightning port, speaker and microphone. Because of all those openings and the thin material, the case does not feel that robust when you hold it in. Fortunately, you get a 2-year warranty at Totallee . So if there are cracks or other damage to the case, you can knock on the door of the manufacturer and get a new case. This cover may be a bit more expensive than the super thin covers that you find on Ali, but you also get better service.

Totallee Case for iPhone 12


  • Super thin material
  • Also ideal for people who don’t want a case
  • Makes the shiny back of the iPhone 12 matte
  • Provides better grip due to matte finish
  • Blue cover fits perfectly with ocean blue iPhone 12 Pro (Max)


  • Insufficient protection against falls
  • Pricey compared to Chinese alternatives (but you get a 2 year warranty)
  • Cutouts for buttons takes some getting used to TOTALLEE SHOP

Conclusion Totallee case for iPhone 12

The blue color fits very nicely with my iPhone 12 Pro . It is almost the same color and the matte appearance gives about the same effect as the matte back of the iPhone itself. It doesn’t immediately look like a case and it doesn’t tickle your iPhone.

If you have a regular iPhone 12 , this case immediately solves another problem. The shiny back of this model is quite sensitive to finger marks and many people would have preferred a matte back. With the matte version of this case you are free of this.