Review: Tile Sticker, you can stick this tracker on everything

Tile Sticker is ideal for items such as scooters, bicycles that you cannot always find. It is basically a tracker that can attach with any device.

The Tile Sticker is a tracker that you can stick on anywhere: on your bike, skateboard, expensive camera or your child’s scooter. The button is the size of a euro and is water resistant. You stick it with the supplied tape on things you don’t want to lose.

Tile is in a difficult position: Apple would be working on a similar tracker ( AirTag ) and that immediately smashes the bottom of the existence of this small company. Tile is therefore looking for all kinds of new possibilities and the Tile Sticker is one of them.

The Tile is originally a square plate that you can attach to your bag and other items. But that is not always practical. For example, it is difficult to attach a regular Tile to a glasses case or the TV remote control. The Tile Sticker is intended for those applications. Tile has worked with 3M to ensure that the decal will adhere properly to non-porous materials such as wood, plastic and metal. The sticker is waterproof with a rating of IPX7. Actually, the term ‘sticker’ is a bit confusing, because it looks more like a button. You can only use the Sticker to find things, not to automate all kinds of actions. In terms of functionality, there is no difference with the normal Tile. Only the form factor is different.


These are the main features of the Tile Sticker:

  • Adhesive tracker
  • Looks like smart button, but does not contain any switching functions
  • Only available in black
  • Battery lasts 3 years
  • Stick with supplied 3M tape
  • Price: € 37 per two

The Tile Sticker is made available by the distributor.

Using the Tile Sticker

While you can easily hang the normal Tile on something, such as a bunch of keys or a bag, with the Tile Sticker it is a bit more complicated. To test the Tile Sticker, we attached it to an Apple TV remote, an accessory that regularly passes through your hands during an evening of watching TV. We also stuck one on the tape measure, a tool that you often lose when you want to measure something.

But the sticker is actually meant for rougher situations, such as finding your bike or skateboard, two items that are regularly outside. You could also attach the Tile Sticker to the inside of a travel case, or to a guitar case. Tile guarantees that the black button will remain glued for three years and that also happens to be the life of the battery . You can use Tile Premium for approx. 30 euros per year, which includes Smart Alerts. Set locations to be warned. You will never forget your house keys or bag again. Premium is not necessary to enjoy your Tiles.


Because the Tile looks like a black button, this also limits the possibilities: you will not easily stick it on your MacBook , wallet or passport. If you want to use it with a glasses case, it is best to stick it on the inside. Tile’s suggestion of attaching to an expensive camera is still somewhat acceptable, as cameras themselves are usually black and have protrusions. An extra bump on top is not immediately disturbing. For other objects, the button may be just a bit too big.

The look of the Tile Sticker reminded us a lot of the smart button Flic , as shown in the photo below. But the function is very different. With the Flic button you can automate actions, with the Sticker you can only find stuff. You can also press the button to turn off the alarm. And you press the button twice to find your iPhone .

Less range
The main drawbacks of the Tile Sticker is that the range and alarm sound are less good than the other Tile products. Certainly because items that you have lost are often in a bag or under a pile of pillows or laundry, it is important that you hear the alarm sound properly. The Sticker clearly sounds less loud. The Tile Mate and Slim are at a slightly higher noise level and the Tile Pro sounds the loudest. The range is also different: 45 meters with the Tile Sticker, while the other products have a range of more than 60 meters.

If you are fed up with this, there is of course also another solution: buy a piece of double-sided tape and stick a regular Tile on the things you don’t want to lose. But that doesn’t look good on a MacBook either. The further operation of the Tile Sticker is comparable to all other Tiles: you need the special app to see the location of your things on the map and to play a sound. In our case, this worked as we are used to after years of use: without any problems. You can set different sounds via the app, adjust the volume and give the Tile its own name.

Conclusion Tile Sticker

The Tile Sticker can really come in handy in some situations. It is ideal for items such as scooters, bicycles and other items that you cannot always find. A tape measure, for example, on which you can stick the Tile Sticker unobtrusively. With other objects such as a MacBook it looks less beautiful and the sticker is actually a bit too big. In the next version we would like to see a smaller version, with a louder alarm and a longer range.

Pros of Tile Sticker

  • Ideal for items to which you cannot attach a normal Tile
  • Sturdy build quality, stays in place
  • Water resistant
  • Reliable finding of your belongings
  • Works with energy-efficient Bluetooth LE, battery life 3 years

Cons of Tile Sticker

  • Pretty big button
  • Range is less than the regular trackers
  • Sound doesn’t sound that loud