Review: Tile Slim, a flat tracker for your wallet

Review:Tile Slim is flat tracker can stick in wallet, pocket and in all other places.It ensures that your belongings will no longer be lost.

The Tile Slim is a flat tracker that you can stick in your wallet, in your pocket and in all kinds of other places. This flat black tracker from Tile ensures that your belongings will no longer be lost. We have tested it.

 The Tile Slim also appeared in 2016, but the newer version that we are discussing here has a different design and can be recognized by the black color and the new format. It is the size of two stacked bank cards. You can easily put one in your pocket or in a folder with your passport and other important papers. The Tile Slim can come in handy in all kinds of situations where the normal Tile is too thick.

Tile Slim tracker Features

These are the main features of the Tile Slim:

  • Rectangular plastic tracker
  • As big as two stacked bank cards
  • 86mm x 54mm x 2.4mm
  • Range of 60 meters
  • Only available in black
  • Battery lasts 3 years
  • Can also be stuck to your MacBook

Tile Slim

Here you can see some applications of the Tile Slim.

Tile Slim design

It is a rectangular plastic plate, which is only available in black. In terms of functions there is no difference with the normal tracker, it is just a bit bigger and flatter. It works together with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa , but you can also create Siri Shortcuts for it so that you can quickly find your wallet or passport, for example.

Tile Slim


A point of attention is that the Tile Slim is often in your wallet, so that the alarm can be muted slightly. We would therefore have preferred that Tile had provided this tracker with a louder alarm like in the Tile Pro. The range is also less than that of the Tile Pro at 60 meters. So there may be situations where it might be better to take the Tile Pro, for example if you want to put a tracker in an expensive jacket or a bag. The flat format is less necessary, but you do benefit from the louder audio, the greater range and the fact that you have a removable button cell battery. On the other hand, the Tile Slim is waterproof and can therefore also be used in wet situations such as a swimming pool.

Tile Slim

It is available in a square format. Jean-Paul previously used a Tile Slim 2016 in a compact card folder. The square white tracker was a bit smaller and could easily be stopped behind a few steps. We find the new a bit more awkward on that point: it takes up more space and requires its own compartment. At that point we find that the Tile Slim has deteriorated. If you are someone who goes out in such a minimalist way, the Tile Slim still takes up quite a lot of space. If you have a large wallet, this is of course no problem.


  • Ideal for things where the normal Tile does not work
  • Good quality product
  • Water resistant
  • Reliable finding of your belongings
  • Works with energy-efficient Bluetooth LE, battery life 3 years


  • No removable battery
  • Range and alarm less than Tile Pro


It is a great solution if a regular Tile is not handy, for example in a passport folder or wallet. If you have a little more space, it may be smarter to choose the Tile Pro. Furthermore, we do not find the it an improvement over its predecessor on every point, due to its larger size.