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Review: TESVOR S6 Turbo : Robot Vacuum and Mop

Review: TESVOR S6 Turbo is a good and fair overall package with a few drawbacks. it has Great battery life and cleaning performance

If you have the choice, you are spoiled for choice. This adage is now likely to apply especially to the purchase of vacuum and floor mopping robots. The market is constantly expanding to include new manufacturers and models. We could already some  robotic vacuum test, today we look at a hybrid domestic helpers from TESVOR closely. You can read in the following sections where the TESVOR S6 Turbo scores and where smaller deductions have to be made.

The manufacturer TESVOR is not new in the field of vacuum robots . The company has been manufacturing various models in different price ranges for a number of years. Their latest model, the TESVOR S6 Turbo, wants to convince above all with its performance and battery life . You can now find out whether he can do that and where TESVOR still needs optimization .

Everything you need to know: the scope of delivery and first impression of the TESVOR S6 Turbo

As always, let’s start with a brief description of the scope of delivery . The S6 Turbo will be delivered to your home in a compact box. This includes the  following things:

  • large dust tank including filter
  • Wiper module including filter
  • 4x front brushes
  • Additional filter
  • Additional wiping cloth
  • remote control
  • Cleaning tool
  • filter
  • operation manual
  • Charging station
  • power adapter

This means that the scope of delivery is significantly more generous than with many competing models in this price range. The manufacturer provides everything you need to get started right away. Our first impression of the device was just as positive. The TESVOR S6 Turbo is mostly white and has some black elements on the side. Above all, this “stormtrooper look” ensures that hardly any fingerprints or dust can be seen.

Only the included charging station is completely covered with black piano lacquer. A lot of dust collects here over time, which TESVOR could certainly have solved differently. Otherwise we are satisfied with the general  workmanship and appearance of the robot.

On the top there is a small dome in which the LiDAR laser navigation sits and works. In addition, the manufacturer integrated two buttons for manual control. For the first start, the on / off switch on the side of the S6 Turbo must be thrown. A main brush and two front brushes are located on the underside. A small detail here: the left and right brushes are each color-coded so that you choose the right side for assembly.

The first cleaning: Setup, operation and performance of the hybrid vacuum and floor mopping robot

When setting up the mobile household helper, we come straight to our first real point of criticism , the app. On the one hand, we couldn’t find out the name of the app we needed directly and had to do some research. After we downloaded and installed the “WeBack” app , we had to create an account that could be verified either by SMS or email. Then you select the device to be set up in the app or you scan the underside of the robot .

Unfortunately, the app could not generally convince us . It does have all the important functions such as delimiting zones, planned cleaning, connection to Google Home or Alexa or setting limits. However, there are just as many errors. Starting with bad translations , overlaid fonts or even minor bugs. TESVOR definitely has to improve this with a few updates. The operation and live navigation of the robot worked, but the overall experience  in terms of the app is behind the competition.

If you want, you can of course control the robot with the included remote control. This is compact and functional, but unfortunately no batteries are included. For commissioning it requires two AA batteries . Then spot cleaning, driving to the station or things like schedules and suction strength can also be controlled via remote control. In our case, this worked much more reliably and better than with the WeBack app.

Everything sparkling clean: battery life and cleaning performance speak

After some criticism, we now come to the positive points of the vacuum and floor mopping robot. This clearly includes the cleaning performance. With a suction power of up to 4,000 Pascal and the integrated main brush, the S6 Turbo also gets deep-seated dirt from carpets. Thanks to the really large 5,200 mAh battery, the S6 Turbo also manages to clean large apartments without any problems. Extrapolated, up to 120 square meters are  possible here, even with carpeting. The integrated dust tank is sufficiently large and can be easily emptied. TESVOR could only improve something with the processing of the closure flap.

The width of the mopping module extends over the entire surface of the hybrid robot

The wiping performance is also convincing, here too the S6 Turbo delivers a long battery life and good results. However, we recommend setting the lowest of the three water levels, otherwise the floor will get really wet. In general , the TESVOR S6 Turbo navigates efficiently and thus saves battery. However, the cleaning speed is also rather slow. Depending on the surface, the device can take up to two minutes per square meter .

Finally, we would like to briefly go into the advertised climbing abilities of the S6 Turbo. According to the manufacturer, edges of up to two centimeters should not be a problem. However, the robot managed a maximum of smaller steps of 1.5 centimeters for us . So if you are toying with a purchase decision, you should set up your apartment in a way that is robot-friendly.

+ Cleaning performance– WeBack app
+ Battery life– wet wiping function
+ Scope of delivery– Dust tank flap
+ Design– no batteries

TESVOR S6 Turbo – Conclusion

All in all, we really liked the TESVOR S6 Turbo. The device is stylish, offers excellent battery life and delivers impeccable cleaning results. The scope of delivery also leaves nothing to be desired. However, the WeBack app still needs significant optimization and the processing of the dust tank also offers room for improvement. In addition, no batteries for the remote control are included. We would n’t see that as a point of criticism given a price of around 330 euros . If you are looking for a vacuum robot with a wiping function, which above all achieves good results and has a long battery life, the TESVOR S6 Turbo is well advised .

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