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Review: Terraillon Thermo Distance – Non-Contact Forehead Thermometer

Review: Thermo distance is a non-contact infrared thermometer which helps you to easily analyse your temperature. It's a more hygienic way needing no physical contact


The Terraillon Thermo Distance is a non-contact infrared thermometer designed for practical temperature measurements. It’s not limited to measuring body temperature but also includes features such as a fever indicator light and a positioning aid to ensure accurate readings. Besides body temperature, it can also measure ambient temperature and the temperature of objects, food, and liquids. This versatile thermometer is competitively priced at €49.99 and offers a connected version called Thermo Smart.


Type of thermometerFrontal/Temporal
Without contactYes

Construction and Ergonomics

The Thermo Distance boasts an ergonomic design resembling a remote control, making it comfortable to hold and use. It’s powered by two easily accessible AAA batteries housed at its base. While it’s important to note that the thermometer is not waterproof (with an IP22 rating), it’s suitable for non-contact measurements and can be disinfected with 70% alcohol to maintain hygiene, especially when used by multiple individuals.

Simplified Use

Using the Thermo Distance is straightforward. Activating the device is as simple as pressing the main button, which is adorned with a symbol resembling a traditional thermometer. Within just two seconds, the screen lights up in blue, accompanied by an indicator light around the main button, indicating that the thermometer is ready for use. To measure temperature, users need to position the front of the thermometer close to the forehead and press the main button. The device is equipped with a proximity sensor that emits a series of beeps if the distance between the thermometer and the forehead is too great. However, it would be beneficial if the positioning aid included a visual indication for precise forehead alignment.

Fever Indicator

One of the standout features of the Thermo Distance is its fever indicator. After each measurement, the device emits a double beep, with the screen turning blue. The thermometer doesn’t offer a silent mode but generates relatively low noise levels, making it suitable for measuring the temperature of a sleeping child. If the measured temperature falls within the range of 34°C to 37.9°C, the Thermo Distance signifies that there is no fever by illuminating the indicator light around the main button in green. However, if the temperature registers above 38°C, the light turns red, indicating the presence of a fever. An important consideration is that the Thermo Distance doesn’t have the capability to account for the age of the person being measured, which can impact what constitutes a normal body temperature. This can potentially lead to inaccuracies in identifying fever, particularly for infants and older adults.

Temperature Memory

The Thermo Distance is equipped with a convenient temperature memory feature. It stores the last nine temperature measurements in its internal memory, which can be accessed by pressing the “M” button. This feature proves useful for tracking temperature trends over time, provided that the thermometer is consistently used on the same person.

Accuracy and Speed

This thermometer impresses with its speed. It powers on in a mere two seconds and takes temperature measurements in approximately 1.3 seconds. Users can take multiple measurements in quick succession without needing to wait between readings. Furthermore, the thermometer exhibits excellent repeatability, with minimal variation between successive measurements. However, it’s important to note that the Thermo Distance has a tendency to slightly underestimate body temperature when compared to reference methods.


In summary, the Terraillon Thermo Distance is a user-friendly, rapid, and reliable thermometer suitable for family use. Its simplicity, speed, and consistency make it a practical choice for everyday temperature measurements. However, there’s room for improvement in aligning displayed temperatures more closely with actual body temperature, particularly concerning the fixed fever alert threshold. It’s essential to be aware that forehead measurements, while convenient, may not always be as precise as other methods, and alternative approaches like ear or oral thermometers may be preferable for obtaining highly accurate readings, especially for infants and children.


  • Quick and easy to use.
  • Color to indicate fever.
  • Nine measurements were saved in memory.
  • Also measures the temperature of objects, foods, and liquids.


  • Temperatures are lower than rectal temperatures.
  • Beep cannot be deactivated.
  • No storage case or protective cover was provided.