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Review: TaoTronics LED desk lamp with with Front Beam

Review: TaoTronics LED desk lamp- the device is made of metal and has a correspondingly high quality and very useful for price of around 70 euros

Review: TaoTronics LED desk lamp – There are many special winter gadgets for the cold season . They should usually make the short days more pleasant, warmer or more comfortable. The TaoTronics brand with its broad product portfolio should not be missing there. In the following article you get a compilation of three articles that can effectively sweeten your winter.

special desk lamp provides pleasant light for working in the home office. The ceramic fan heater with remote control provides cozy warmth in no time. With the voluminous humidifier , dry heating air is finally declared a battle. With these products you can already look towards Christmas and think about giving them away – have fun!

TaoTronics LED desk lamp with Forward Beam

The current corona pandemic is forcing many people to work from home. However, due to the winter, there is often insufficient daylight to reach the desk. A good lamp is therefore essential for the home office. Appropriate light can even counteract fatigue . The modern desk lamp arrives at home safely packed. The weight is already apparent when you unpack it, because the lamp is relatively heavy at just under 3.5 kilograms . However, this is due to the choice of material. With a few exceptions, the device is made of metal and has a correspondingly high quality. Since it doesn’t have to be portable, we don’t see a point of criticism here, but rather see it as a benefit for stability.

The look and feel are immediately convincing

The TaoTronics desk lamp is optically kept in the simple colors black and white . So it should fit into every office and not be a disruptive factor in the overall picture. The joints have just the right amount of ease or stiffness, because the angle cannot be adjusted automatically.

Many individual adjustment options are possible with the cleverly positioned joints . On the back is the proprietary charging port. The charging cable is of sufficient length and does not unnecessarily restrict the space. Right next to it there is a USB-A port for charging a smartphone. A USB-C standard would have been great here.

TaoTronics LED desk lamp
TaoTronics LED desk lamp

Individual adjustability and automatic mode

The light unit is located in the horizontal part of the lamp and can also be turned towards the ceiling. Passive lighting can thus be achieved. The black dial on the base is used to switch it on and off when pressed. Depending on which mode you are in, you can turn it to make further settings. The mode can be selected using the touch-sensitive buttons next to it. The color temperature and the brightness can be selected here. An automatic mode eliminates manual adjustment and changes the luminosity and color depending on the environment.

The price of around 70 euros is completely justified for a desk lamp with these functions. Simple lamps with unpleasant light can quickly tire the eyes and make work cumbersome. The simulated daylight works particularly well here and is therefore well worth the price. We already tested another  TaoTronics LED desk lamp .