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Review: Switchbot Smart Door Lock

Review: Switchbot Smart Door Lock - SwitchBot Smart Door Lock can make your existing lock smart, the perfect choice for your apartment. You can use app control, or Apple Watch to unlock the door.

Easy Installation with Design Considerations

The Switchbot Smart Lock undergoes testing, and while it stands out for its easy installation process, certain aspects leave room for improvement. The package arrives with various adapters accommodating different cylinder types and key thicknesses. However, the smart lock’s housing raises a concern with its significant thickness. When the cylinder extends beyond the door’s surface, an included spacer becomes necessary, leading to a protrusion of the housing by up to 10 centimeters.

Solid Security Measures

In the realm of security, the smart lock demonstrates robustness by allowing only secure passwords for access. A different scenario unfolds with the keypad function: it permits insecure codes like “111111.” The device showcases vigilance by automatically detecting any obstruction to the lock. The built-in door sensor extends its functionality, sending alerts to the app when the door remains unlocked.

Patience is Required

Patience is key when dealing with the Switchbot Smart Lock. The response time sometimes proves sluggish – for instance, inputting a code on the keypad initiates a reaction from the lock about two seconds later. More notably, it can take up to 11 seconds for the lock to unlock in cases of double-locked doors.

Usability and Features

While the overall usability is acceptable, the device leaves room for added features. Regrettably, capabilities like Auto Unlock upon approach and time-controlled locking are absent. Additionally, the app’s user-friendliness could benefit from improvement. Granting access to guests is an intricate process; it mandates downloading the app and creating a distinct account. Moreover, guests gain access to all Switchbot products within the smart home setup, an unnecessary breadth of access.


In summation, the Switchbot Smart Lock showcases a respectable package overall, coupled with an appealing price point. Notable strengths include its straightforward installation and the integration of a door sensor. However, the device’s somewhat cumbersome design and certain usability aspects could be more refined. While the app and keypad offer access, options like fingerprint recognition and NFC tags are also available. Unfortunately, crucial functionalities are absent, and the process of granting guest access proves challenging, offering them excessive privileges. When weighed against its competitors, the Switchbot reveals several shortcomings; however, it still presents decent value for its cost-effectiveness.


  • Easy installation
  • Integrated door sensor
  • One-time passcodes for guests


  • Guests need an account and get a lot of rights
  • No auto unlock
  • No timed locking and unlocking