Review: SoSkild cases for iPhone offer extra protection

SoSkild cases for iPhone are Transparent covers for the iPhone XS , iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR which protect against drops and bumps to prevent damage

SoSkild has released a line of rugged cases for the iPhone XS, iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR. Thanks to a specific design, the covers offer extra protection against falls and bumps. We have tested the SoSkild covers.

All smartphones are susceptible to damage and the iPhone is no exception. Especially with the glass back, an iPhone can be seriously damaged in the event of an accidental fall. The SoSkild offers with the Ultimate Protection series a series of covers with so-called ZigZag shock protection, so that your iPhone should break less quickly with a free one. How do these shockproof iPhone cases from SoSkild like? You can read it in this review.

SoSkild ZigZag cases for iPhone: Features

These are the main features of the SoSkild cases:

  • Transparent covers for the iPhone XS , iPhone XS Max and iPhone XR.
  • Several models offer protection against drops and bumps.
  • ZigZag shock protection should prevent damage.

The SoSkild covers come in several models. The Absorb series offers protection against a limited degree of impact. Consider, for example, your iPhone that falls from a not too high table. For extra protection, there is the Defend line. According to the makers, this can handle a large degree of impact. An example of this is if you don’t put your iPhone properly in your pocket or drop it out of your hands while calling or operating. The distance to the ground is then great, so that the impact is also greater.

In our test, the iPhone proved to be resistant to various types of drops thanks to the case. We dropped the iPhone to the floor face down, side down, and screen up. In all cases there was no scratch. When landing on the sides, the iPhone bounces back and forth somewhat. This mainly has to do with the material and design of the case.

A special design has been incorporated into the SoSkild. The edge consists of a triangular material, which provides extra protection. SoSkild calls this the ZigZag Protection. In addition, the corners consist of a diamond pattern, which ensures that your iPhone does not bounce back and forth too far. According to the makers, the covers offer ‘guaranteed security’, but it is difficult to find out whether they can live up to that claim. 

For the detailed test, we used a non-working dummy model of an iPhone XS , because we did not dare to do it with a working device. The first few times it turned out that nothing was wrong. The dummy iPhone was unharmed in the first three tests, where we dropped the dummy relatively hard to the ground. In the last test, we dropped the dummy from a great height (standing on a table), with a harder throw than is normally the case. The dummy did not survive this unscathed. The screen popped up and a volume button released. We understand that a dummy is less sturdy than a real iPhone, yet we wouldn’t dare to test our iPhone with such a hard fall. In our opinion, the covers do not offer a 100% guarantee against damage in an extremely hard fall.

SoSkild cases for iPhone

SoSkild gives a lifetime warranty on the covers. Still, you should be careful if your iPhone falls with the screen down. An excellent stone with a pointed corner can still ensure that an asterisk or crack appears in your screen.

The transparent covers are made from the same TPU material as Apple’s clear iPhone XR case . This means that you will also see the ailment here from the colored light spots on the back, if you hold the case in certain lighting conditions. This rainbow effect is less present with the SoSkild case, but you mainly see it around the camera lens. It is difficult to predict whether the case will also discolour over time. This is the case with many of these types of transparent covers, but whether this is the case with this one remains to be seen. The case is also suitable for use in combination with Apple Pay .

SoSkild cases for iPhone

Buttons easy to operate

What is nice about this case is that the buttons are easy to operate. With Apple’s transparent case, the buttons are a bit stiff, but that is not the case with this SoSkild case at all. The buttons still click just as easily as without a cover, so that’s a nice plus. What we do find unfortunate is that the case also has an edge at the bottom. We understand this choice because of the protection, but that also means that you no longer do the swipe gesture (for example to close an app) so easily. You almost always run your finger over the edge of the cover and we do not like that very much.

The cover is not exactly thin, because it makes your iPhone a lot thicker. But if you want to buy this case, you don’t do that to make your iPhone look extra nice. You want top-level protection and the extra weight and thickness makes a lot less difference.

SoSkild cases for iPhone

In addition to the regular transparent case, there is also a version in wallet form. This one is slightly more expensive, but also includes a screen protector for extra protection. The cover itself is made of a slightly firmer material and there are two slots on the inside of the flap for storing bank cards. We are not much of a fan of these types of cases, but for those who also want the extra strength in wallet form, it is nice that this option is available.


  • Provides extra protection against drops and bumps
  • Material provides extra grip
  • Buttons are just as easy to operate as without a cover


  • Rainbow effect with camera lens
  • iPhone operation less pleasant due to the edge at the bottom


The SoSkild cases promise extra protection, and in our test, that seems to be the case. Thanks to this cover, the iPhone can take a beating and you don’t have to worry about damaging your screen or back. Still, you have to be careful if your iPhone falls on a stone with the screen down, because there is also a chance that it will crack. The case feels good and the operation of the buttons is just as nice as without a case. A setback is that the bottom also has an edge, which makes the swiping movements a lot less pleasant. Fortunately, you do get better protection in return.

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