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Review: Siemens EQ.9 s700 – Smart coffee machine with Home Connect

Siemens EQ.9 s700-smart coffee machine has premium finish,a well-functioning app and lot of useful functions that make brewing coffee easier.

In this review, we look at the Siemens EQ.9 s700, a fully-featured coffee machine with smarthome integration and a barista mode.COFFEE MACHINE

It is nice that all lights come on in the evening and the temperature is always comfortable when you come home, but we are now used to that. We can also go a step further, such as the cup of coffee that is made exactly to your taste and at the ideal moment for you. In this review we look at the Siemens EQ.9 s700, which is a fully equipped coffee machine (or actually fully automatic Espresso).

Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

Siemens has various models of fully automatic coffee machines in its range, but if you want to enjoy all (smart) functions and use more than one type of bean at the same time, then the top model is the only choice. With a suggested retail price of just over 2,500 euros, the Siemens EQ.9 s700 is certainly not affordable, but it is also a coffee machine that can put everything for you and, according to the manufacturer, should last for years. That said, for most consumers looking for a just-good coffee machine, a lower-range model is probably enough.

Coffee machine 2.0

But, we wanted to unpack and look at all the possibilities that a smart coffee machine can offer today. Our model, the EQ.9 s700, therefore has too many functions to mention. We focus on the most important functions and of course the smart capabilities of the device. For example, this coffee machine has two bean containers so that you can choose the type of bean as desired for each cup. Thanks to the barista mode, you can also get started with your favorite cup of coffee. You can determine, among other things, the strength, the number of milliliters, the aroma and (for specific creations) the percentage of milk.

Although it is a coffee machine that – annoying as it may be – requires maintenance, this model does a lot of work for you. There are numerous functions with which the device checks itself and also cleans itself. In addition, the coffee machine has a ceramic grinder for a fuller taste, the possibility to brew two cups of coffee at the same time, a color display with which your favorite coffee can be selected, a warming holder for cups on the top and a separate filling shaft for ground coffee.

Smart functions

In terms of smart functions, the most important thing is that this model can be connected to the Home Connect platform from Siemens. This platform is the place to connect all smart devices of the company (and Bosch). Home Connect has its own app with which you can set up, view and connect the linked appliances, but Siemens has also ensured that the Home Connect appliances can be included in a smart home and can therefore communicate with other appliances. The EQ.9 s700 can therefore be operated remotely via Home Connect (on the couch or far from home), you can create a ‘playlist’ with favorite coffees at a party, you can find exotic coffees and have them made, and much more Lake. Of course you also receive smart notifications when there is a shortage of water or beans, or when your cup of coffee is ready. You can compose your coffee completely in the app, but of course this can just as easily be done on the display of the device. Favorite coffees can be saved under your own profile, so that each family member can enjoy their own cup of coffee.

No coffee without beans

For all this to work, you obviously need coffee beans, and without going too deep into this part of the story, we can say that this is mainly a matter of taste. This Siemens coffee machine can handle all types of coffee beans without any problems and depending on the bean and your own wishes, you can set the grinding degree, aroma, strength, etc. What we really liked are the Lavazza Qualita Oro beans.

In this review we take a brief look at the appearance, the different functions, the quality of the coffee and the maintenance of the device. However, the focus is on the smart possibilities.

Premium design

Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine like this is allowed and often has to be in sight. It is not a small appliance and it should be seen as part of your kitchen. Fortunately, Siemens has given the design of the EQ.9 s700 sufficient attention. They have a black version with stainless steel accents and a full stainless steel version on the market. The main difference is then in the back plate where you put the cups. This is black or stainless steel colored. The combination of stainless steel and plastic gives the device a premium look and everything is very sleek and neatly finished.

Most eye-catching is the color LCD screen, with the control buttons and the rotary knob below it. No, it is not a touchscreen, but that is not a downside in our opinion. The operation via the rotary and push button works intuitively and it keeps the screen neat and clean.


During unpacking you come across a large number of parts, which may make you dread the installation of the coffee machine, but it was not too bad. Everything is connected and working within half an hour, provided you follow the manual and immediately read about what the different parts are for. Especially with an advanced device like this, you as a user have to do a bit more work in the first instance to be able to enjoy it later without any worries.

Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

During installation you go through various steps, including setting the water hardness and activating the water filter.

Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

After that comes the linking of the appliance with your WiFi network and then the Home Connect platform from Siemens. This also applies here; calmly follow the steps with the manual.

You download the Home Connect app on your smartphone, create an account, follow the steps and within a few minutes the coffee machine will appear in the app. You can still activate ‘enable remote start’ on the device itself, and that is certainly recommended if you want to make full use of the smart options.

Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

Short learning curve

All parts and functions have been given a logical place. There are two completely detachable parts: the milk container and the water tank. You can fill the milk container with milk and then store it in the refrigerator. The water tank can be removed quickly and easily and then filled under the tap. At first you will be overwhelmed by the number of functions, but within a few days you will have mastered everything. It is really advisable to read the manual at your leisure. You can adjust many settings and there are various programs and tips for maintaining the coffee machine. Sit down for a while and go through everything a few times. Then you do not often have to access the manual afterwards.

Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

The possibilities are endless

As indicated above, the number of setting options is enormous. Not only can you use the display or the app to make each coffee completely to your liking (number of ml, strength, aroma intensity, milk ratio, etc), you can also adjust the grinding setting in the bean containers. Depending on the grinding degree, the taste is slightly more bitter or more acidic. There is no perfect adjustment as this is purely personal, and also depends on all the other settings and the beans you use. The possibilities are endless and that may be the tricky part: it takes a while before you find your perfect coffee. And that perfect coffee doesn’t necessarily have to be an espresso or americano.

Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

You can go in all directions, with exotic specialties (available via the app) and various creations with milk. A latte macchiato, a cappuccino, a flat white, you name it. Everything is possible, and if you are creative you can also make your own creation. Your own wishes are not just erased when someone else makes a cup of coffee. You can create profiles and save your cups of coffee in your own profile. Handy, but make sure you also select your own profile before making the coffee.

Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

Smart brewing

Since we are writing about smart products here, we have paid a little extra attention to the smart capabilities of the Siemens EQ.9 s700. Let’s start by simply indicating certain statuses, such as an empty bean container, an empty water container or a milk container that has been in the machine for too long. These are not particularly smart functions, but they are important. And since we have linked the coffee machine with the Home Connect app, you will not only receive those notifications on the appliance itself, but also as a push notification on your phone. These push notifications work fine. For example, after a self-setting period that the milk container is in the appliance, you will receive a message that you have to take it out again. If you let it sit, chances are that the milk can no longer be used.

Home Connect

If we look at the really smart functions, we end up with the Home Connect platform. This is the platform to which you can connect all compatible equipment from the BSH group (including Bosch and Siemens). The options are different for each device, but for the Siemens EQ.9 s700 you can switch the device on or off, make coffee remotely, create a playlist for guests, view the status of the device, view the statistics and most important Adjust settings. What you can adjust in the app in terms of settings and function is also possible on the device itself.

On the homepage of the EQ.9 s700 itself, you can immediately switch the device on or off, activate or deactivate the child lock, switch the cup warmer on or off and select the standard top container. Under the heading ‘service’ you can set up your own coffee creation and have it brewed, choose an exotic coffee from other parts of the world and start a cleaning program.

Below that we see the heading ‘playlist’ with which you can create a playlist with different types of coffee, for example during a visit or a party. The machine then brews all the selected cups of coffee. Under the heading ‘statistics’ you will get an insight into the number of cups of coffee that have already been made and when it is time to replace filters or run cleaning programs.

The heading ‘settings’ gives you access to the most important settings of the coffee machine. Here you can give the device a name, activate or deactivate the remote start option, set the water hardness, set automatic switch-off, set the milk reminder and even specific settings for preparing cappuccino (milk first or coffee first) or adjust macchiato (pause between milk and coffee).

You can find the general Home Connect settings via the account icon at the top right. This gives you access to all linked devices, you can adjust the push notifications to your own liking, you can view linked mobile devices and you can perform updates.

Integration with Homey, Google Home and IFTTT

It is of course nice that you can receive notifications on your smartphone, create playlists and make your coffee via the app, but if you have a smarthome there are more options. For example, Home Connect works with IFTTT , there is an app for Homey and a link with Google Home is being worked on. We have not yet been able to test the latter, but the link with IFTTT and Homey has.

Homey is a hub with which you can let all kinds of smart devices communicate with each other and with which you can automate your home. All that is required is a Homey app for the specific device or service. In this case, there is a Home Connect app for Homey with which you can display all Home Connect appliances in Homey and use them in flows (scenarios). For example, we have created a flow that switches on the coffee machine automatically as soon as the first person comes down in the morning. And when the water or bean reservoir is empty, we use the Google TTS app for Homey to tell the Google Nest Hub in the kitchen to refill the water or coffee beans. Unfortunately, actually brewing a specific coffee is difficult. It is possible, because you can choose a specific program as an action, but the problem is that the appliance always rinses first from standby mode. So if you had a cup of coffee made right away in the morning, you would get your coffee combined with rinse water. That is something that all smart coffee machines (that rinse) suffer from and we may see a solution for it in a few years. For now it is therefore turning on in the morning so that the device rinses, after which you have to make your own cup of coffee. However, if the device is on and has already been rinsed, you can play with flows to automatically make your cup of coffee, provided a cup is ready. That is something that all smart coffee machines (that rinse) suffer from and we may see a solution for it in a few years. For now it is therefore turning on in the morning so that the device rinses, after which you have to make your own cup of coffee. However, if the device is on and has already been rinsed, you can play with flows to automatically make your cup of coffee, provided a cup is ready. That is something that all smart coffee machines (that rinse) suffer from and we may see a solution for it in a few years. For now it is therefore turning on in the morning so that the device rinses, after which you have to make your own cup of coffee. However, if the device is on and has already been rinsed, you can play with flows to automatically make your cup of coffee, provided a cup is ready.

The Home Connect app for Homey does not work 100 percent correctly as sometimes the status of the appliance is displayed incorrectly, making it appear as if the appliance is off while it is on or that notifications of beans or water are not coming through This is because the Home Connect software has recently been changed and the app for Homey has not yet been adapted to this. That is in the pipeline, but fortunately there is another way in the meantime (and also for those without Homey). You can achieve the same through IFTTT. We link Home Connect with IFTTT, after which we can use similar triggers. If the device gives a message that the beans have run out, you can send that message to Homey via IFTTT, after which Homey has the message spoken via, for example, the Google Nest Hub in the kitchen. Here too the possibilities are endless and you can create your own scenarios. There is hardly any delay when working with IFTTT so it is a great alternative to direct integration.

Have we actually used all these smart functions? One more than the other. We personally find it useful to receive notifications on your smartphone, but it is not a must. After all, you can also see them when you are standing in front of the device. Very nice and handy is the possibility to create a playlist. The iPad with the Home Connect app goes around during a birthday and everyone puts together their own favorite coffee. Names can even be associated with those specific coffees, which then appear on the device when the coffee is made. That way you know exactly who ordered what. Of course you have to be at the machine to place the cups and to continue the playlist after each cup. The flows that we have created via Homey and IFTTT are also useful. So in the morning, when you are in a hurry, not to wait until the machine is ready to brew your coffee. Everything is rinsed and the coffee can be made immediately. However, making a quick coffee in the evening or during the day is probably still done manually. And most importantly, we can only call coffee machines really smart when they also place your cup after rinsing, or ensure that the rinsing water does not run into an installed cup. In our opinion, the latter option in particular is possible through an ingenious system. or ensure that the rinse water does not run into a placed cup. In our opinion, the latter option in particular is possible through an ingenious system. or ensure that the rinse water does not run into a placed cup. In our opinion, the latter option in particular is possible through an ingenious system.

How does it work and how does it taste?

The best thing about the Siemens EQ.9 s700 is that you can adjust a cup of coffee to your own liking. There are so many possibilities for creation and variation that everyone (who loves coffee) can make a favorite cup. It takes a while to find it, but after that chances are you can’t live without it. By the way, you can also just make a warm milk or a cup of tea, or even a large pot of coffee.

Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

The possibilities are endless and that is one of the big advantages of this device. In our case we have found several favorite creations, but it is a process that does not end quickly as you continue to search for an even better adjustment or an even more delicious bean. However, a freshly ground and freshly brewed coffee is always something we can no longer do without. And since this model has two bean containers, you can vary nicely: a specific bean for milk creations and a specific bean for espressos, for example.

Maintenance of Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

A delicious cup of coffee unfortunately also requires some maintenance. In fact, a coffee machine in this price range and of this caliber deserves daily maintenance. However, the great thing about this device is that some of that maintenance is done for you and you only have to press a few buttons. The complete cleaning, scale cleaning and milk system cleaning can be done for you with a few simple steps. However, that does not alter the fact that you must ensure that the coffee machine is in good condition and remains in good condition. So every day a cloth over it, empty the drip trays, refill the water and clean the milk container. Every week or two weeks, take apart and clean the most important parts. It is not difficult, but for many that threshold is often high. If you do, you will probably enjoy a pricey coffee machine like this a lot longer. By the way, you will automatically receive notifications on the device and your smartphone when the device really needs a cleaning, so forgetting is no longer an option.

Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

Conclusion: Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

If we take everything together, we actually cannot find any major downsides. The Siemens EQ.9 s700 coffee machine is a very complete appliance with a modern and premium finish, a well-functioning app and a number of smart or useful functions that make brewing coffee and cleaning the appliance a lot easier. The best functions are the playlist during a party, where everyone can make their favorite cup, and also the barista mode, which allows you to adjust the coffee completely to your own liking. The integration with Homey works well for controlling the appliance, although the Home Connect app for Homey deserves an update that also retrieves the status correctly. The IFTTT integration works perfectly and soon you will also be able to get started with Google Home and the Google Assistant.

As far as we are concerned, the Siemens EQ.9 s700 does not have any significant problems that can prevent a purchase, but with a price of around 2,500 euros, the device is certainly not cheap. Are you a big coffee fan? Are you looking for a coffee machine with remote control, smart notifications and smart home integration? Do you want fresh coffee and get started with endless options and settings for the perfect coffee? And do you want to make an investment that will allow you to enjoy that coffee for years to come? Then the Siemens EQ.9 s700 coffee machine is definitely worth considering. Don’t you find that smarthome integration that interesting, don’t the possibilities have to be endless and is one type of bean sufficient? Then there are various alternatives at Siemens and other brands that are a lot more affordable.

Pros of Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

  • Premium finish and high quality
  • User friendly
  • Beautiful Home Connect app
  • Smooth smart home integration and useful smart functions
  • Endless possibilities for the perfect coffee
  • Needs maintenance but simple

Negatives of Siemens EQ.9 s700 smart coffee machine

  • Rinsing really makes autonomous coffee making impossible
  • Not cheap