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Review: Samsung Quickdrive WW90T986DS washing machine

One of the main strengths of the Samsung Quickdrive WW90T986DS, namely the speed of its programs, also seems to be one of its main weaknesses.

The Quickdrive WW90T986DS represents what Samsung does best in the washing machine business today. It brings together all the technologies developed so far by the South Korean in a single device and can be acquired for 1099 €.


The flagship of the new range of recently released Samsung washing machines, the Quickdrive WW90T986DS features almost all of the manufacturer’s innovations in washing textiles. We are therefore entitled to the very visible AddWash system (the famous hatch to insert laundry during the cycle), the discreet Quickdrive technology (the two-part drum whose bottom turns in the opposite direction to the walls) and the invisible process EcoBubble. Thanks to the latter, water and detergent are mixed before being injected into the tank, and air is added to the mixture to create a very fine foam which penetrates the textile fibers in depth to remove the dirt. .

And that’s not all ! Samsung did not stop at its own innovations and gave the WW90T986DS steam functions, an induction motor, an automatic laundry dispenser and connection to a smartphone decked out with the Smarthings app. Is all this enough to justify an introductory price which nevertheless reaches 1399 €? Maybe, but in absolute terms, is the Samsung Quickdrive WW90T986DS a good washing machine? Well, yes and no …

Convenience of use

A few weeks ago, we highlighted Samsung’s risk-taking regarding the general appearance of its new washing machines. The Quickdrive WW90T986DS follows this trend of stripping, even if the brushed stainless steel headband brings a touch of color that the WW90T684DLH (from the same range) does not.

We nevertheless find the metal wheel well integrated into the set. Still in the satisfaction department, the braille keys are still there and Samsung has worked on the accessibility of its washing machine to visually impaired people by playing with different tones. It will undoubtedly take time to correctly associate the different notes with a specific temperature or spin speed, but we can only welcome this effort.

If the general aesthetic of the Quickdrive WW90T986DS is similar to that of the WW90T684DLH, the same goes for the interface, even if, going upmarket, the offer of washing cycles is a little more complete. Thus we benefit from 23 programs on this model instead of the 19 of its junior. To select one of them, all you have to do is turn the dial and the name of the cycle to be started is displayed in full on the screen. Good point, you can read some indications about the program (types of textiles concerned, under which conditions it must be used, etc.). After a few seconds, the cycle time and the maximum recommended laundry load appear.

At the end of this main setting, it is time to modify certain parameters such as the water temperature using the touch-sensitive buttons adorned with highly evocative icons. These respond quite well, even with wet hands as can happen when washing clothes. As a good Samsung model, the Quickdrive WW90T986DS allows the user to modulate the rinse level on five levels. And in a good premium washing machine, its maximum spin speed reaches 1600 rpm. As is the case for the temperature, you must touch the sensitive keys to scroll through the different options. Good point, the right display fulfills its role and you can read all the necessary information at a glance.

If the water temperature, spin speed or rinsing level settings have direct access from the front, it is quite different for certain parameters that are widely used, such as setting up an end. deferred. You must enter the advanced options tab (where you can also find the activation of child safety or a prewash, among others) before making the changes.

Much like the WW90T684DLH before it, the Quickdrive WW90T986DS learns washing habits from its owner. In short, it immediately offers the most used cycle, with the parameters already entered. We certainly gain a few seconds in the configuration, but it seems a bit exaggerated to speak of artificial intelligence in this case.

Like many washing machines, the WW90T986DS can be connected to a smartphone. However, you will need to download the SmartThings app to use it. As often, we have access to a remote control panel which allows remote setting of the washing machine. Novice users will be helped in their choice thanks to a washing assistant which will determine the best settings according to the type of textiles or the soil of the laundry. The app gives out some advice on caring for it. It also includes an online user guide, easy access to after-sales service and a report on electricity consumption. Nothing very original, of course, but the essential is there. Note that the connection between the washing machine, the user’s smartphone and the home Wi-Fi network requires a little skill, but that

The volume of the drum reaches 63 l and we had no difficulty filling it with 7.2 kg of laundry, which corresponds to 80% of the maximum load. We managed to insert 9 kg, but we had to force the last pieces to fit.Show EXIF

The Quickdrive WW90T986DS has an easy-to-fill automatic laundry dispenser. Those who are not comfortable with this feature of course have a compartment that accommodates a single dose of detergent (liquid or powder) for immediate use. Obviously, the tray is easily removed from its housing to clean it, before replacing it just as easily.

Washing efficiency

The Quickdrive WW90T986DS fulfills its mission honorably, but without shining too much. He can do nothing against the trace of lipstick which still opposes fierce resistance to all the washing machines in our comparison. Carbon (powdered or mixed with water) is also a problem with the Quickdrive WW90T986DS, which is not unusual. However, it turns out that the blood stain is not faded at all. Fortunately, the coffee and wine are treated much better, although we still notice them a little too much for our liking. The other soiling is well removed.

The washing machines follow one another and it is always the home cycle at 60 ° C that gives the best results due to the water temperature being higher than that of the other cycles that we use. To wash properly, it seems that the WW90T986DS needs time, as the cotton cycles at 30 ° C (normal version and fast version) are less efficient than the cycle loaded at 80% of the maximum load, which lasts longer than these. last (3 hours versus 60 and 40 minutes).

Water and electricity consumption

The water and electricity consumption of the Samsung Quickdrive WW90T986DS does not plead in its favor.WATER CONSUMPTION

The household laundry cycle, for example, is extremely water-hungry since it takes 30.8 l / kg of laundry to complete – this is also one of the worst results of our comparison. The normal cotton program loaded at 80% of the maximum capacity is also greedy with a consumption of 15.4 l / kg of laundry. Fortunately, the water requirements of the other cycles we tested fall into line. However, no program in the Quickdrive WW90T986DS consumes much less than the average; sobriety is therefore not really his forte.ELECTRICITY CONSUMPTION

Without speaking of erratic electrical consumption, it remains very difficult to discern a trend in the energy requirements of the Quickdrive WW90T986DS, even if they are relatively high. Indeed, some of its programs consume much more than the average. Thus, the rapid cotton cycle loaded with 3 kg of laundry (probably because of the QuickDrum drum) consumes 0.75 kWh, which is still a lot. Conversely, other programs are much more reasonable such as the household linen cycle at 60 ° C which is one of the least energy-consuming that we have tested so far (0.98 kWh when it is not uncommon to exceed 1.2 kWh on other washing machines).


Samsung has made a specialty of rinsing and that’s why, despite good results, the Quickdrive WW90T986DS disappointed us a bit.

In fact, it removes laundry residues from textile fibers very well, which is sure to be appreciated by people with sensitive skin. However, it does not perform as well as its illustrious elders like the AddWash WW90K6414QW .

As always with Samsung, you can start a very intensive rinsing at the cost of higher water consumption. For a cotton cycle loaded at 80% of the maximum capacity, it takes 23.7 l / kg of laundry compared to 15.4 l / kg of laundry for the same cycle with rinsing level 2 out of 5.

Spin efficiency

One would have thought that the maximum rotation speed of the Quickdrive WW90T986DS drum (1600 rpm compared to 1400 rpm for the vast majority of other washing machines on the market) would allow it to spin the laundry better than other washing machines. our comparison. This is not the case since there is still enough water in the textile fibers so that the yarn drying time is not shortened. The Hotpoint Ariston Aqualtis AQ114 69D , despite a maximum drum speed of 1400 rpm, spins the laundry much better.


Samsung’s new line washing machines are very discreet and the WW90T986DS is no exception. The sound level does not exceed 41 dB (A) during the washing phases and 64 dB (A) during spinning.

We can therefore install it near a living room without fear that it will only be present.


One of the main strengths of the Quickdrive WW90T986DS, namely the speed of its programs, also seems to be one of its main weaknesses. Chances are, slightly longer cycles would have provided better washing results. Of course, this will suffice for normally soiled laundry, but the most encrusted traces may not be properly treated despite high energy requirements. However, this silent model remains pleasant to use, which is not negligible when it comes to the chore of laundry.


  • Nice interface.
  • Many programs, some of them very short.
  • Easy-to-fill drum.
  • Discreet.


  • A few spots resist it.
  • Sometimes very energy intensive.
  • Trolling spin despite high maximum drum rotation speed.