Review: Quntis monitor lamp : the best lighting for work

Review: Quntis monitor lamp is the the best lighting for work which is Small, compact and extremely bright and highly recommended for home and office use

Working on a PC or Mac is part of everyday life for many. We often spend several hours at a time in front of our screens. But working in darker surroundings is exhausting and unhealthy for our eyes. Passive lighting of the background or the desk can help here. The manufacturer Quntis therefore offers two different Quntis monitor lamp or screen bars, which we have tested for you.

The right lighting ensures pleasant work

In the meantime we have already been able to try out some monitor lamps. Here you can find our test of the BenQ ScreenBar , a premium model with a comparably high price. Only recently did we take a closer look at a cheaper screen bar variant from Globalink , which was able to convince with its price-performance ratio. The two models from Quntis are also in the lower price segment. You will find out in the following sections whether they can still keep up.

Small, compact and extremely bright

We would like to start with the cheaper and smaller model from the manufacturer . Depending on the screen and desk size, you should choose the right monitor lamp. The short version of Quntis is therefore particularly suitable for small screens and laptops . The compact model comes with a fabric transport bag, instructions for use and the lamp itself. The first impression is okay , the general workmanship is acceptable. Only the integrated cable didn’t make a long-lasting impression on us.

The well-known USB-A standard is used as the connection for power . Unfortunately, USB-C is not used here, but we did not expect that with the inexpensive total price. There is an integrated control panel on the charging cable  with which the lamp is controlled. In addition to the on and off switch, there are two buttons for controlling the brightness and a button for selecting a total of three light colors. A clamp on the back, which can be opened up to about one centimeter , is used to attach it to your laptop .

Four simple buttons are available for control

We come to the most important function of a monitor lamp , the light! With a total width of 26 centimeters, the Quntis laptop lamp is one of the smaller models on the market. If you are worried about the brightness now, we can give the all-clear. At level 10, which is also the brightest option, the light emitted is enough to be able to work comfortably or write texts on paper. The beam angle can be adjusted individually so that the light does not shine on the monitor itself.

With regard to the color temperature, the Quntis lamp offers a total of three options: cool white, neutral and warm white . Depending on the daylight or time, you can manually decide on the right light color here. The low weight of 140 grams ensures that the lamp held up well on the monitor of my MacBook Pro 2018 . The hinge on the MacBook is definitely strong enough and the lamp didn’t interfere. However, the clamp of the Quntis lamp covers the integrated webcam. This is not ideal, especially in times of home office.

In conclusion, we can say that the Quntis monitor lamp offers a good overall package with a price of 21.99 euros . This can really pay off, especially for people who work a lot on their laptops. Only the aging USB A port makes it rather difficult for owners of MacBooks to use the lamp. In many cases, the clamp also covers the laptop’s webcam. If you don’t mind these points of criticism, you get a compact and bright monitor lamp at a fair price . With the code “ GE2KAN5L ” you will receive a 10 percent discount until December 31, 2021 .

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For all workaholics: The computer monitor lamp for screens up to 29 inches

In our second part of the test, we would like to take a closer look at the larger version from the manufacturer . With a width of almost 51 centimeters, this is significantly larger and is therefore suitable for PC monitors and screens with a diagonal of up to 29 inches . In addition to the USB A to USB C cable, the scope of delivery includes the lamp, a fastening clamp, the mandatory operating instructions and an adapter. We liked the workmanship a lot better here .

The entire cable is covered with fabric and the counterweight is comfortably heavy. The Quntis PC lamp can be attached to monitors with a thickness of up to 2.5 centimeters. If you use the included adapter piece, you can reduce the gap to up to one centimeter and attach the lamp to thinner screens. On the top there is a brightness sensor and a total of four touch-sensitive buttons for controlling the lamp.

In addition to brightness and color temperature, there is a button for switching the Quntis screenbar on and off and a button for automatic mode. If this is activated, a small blue LED lights up and the light is dimmed depending on the ambient brightness. Quntis integrated a recess on the back to insert the charging cable into the USB C port.

The use and the  performance of the lamp could also convince us. After installing it on the monitor, you can start right away. All four buttons can be operated by touch and press-and-hold function. Means that the brightness can be adjusted continuously by holding the button for a longer period of time . It is the same with the color temperature. The performance is really decent. In our case, the Quntis lamp was mounted on a 34 inch monitor , even here the entire desk was illuminated with a pleasant light cone. You will not be blinded by the screen bar yourself , as the angle can be individually adjusted.

Since many and especially larger monitors have built-in USB ports on the back, the Quntis lamp can be easily connected to it . If you activate the automatic mode, the device automatically illuminates the desk according to the time of day and brightness. For all those who work a lot and often on the PC, this is a practical combination. We feel the price of almost 50 euros is justified, even if we would have liked an additional USB C to USB C cable in the scope of delivery. All in all, we are satisfied with the two monitor lamps from Quntis. With the code “ ZYS8AITA ” you will receive a 10 percent discount until December 31, 2021 .