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Review: Playbrush Smart One – An Elctronic toothbrush

Review: Playbrush Smart One is pleasantly soft and does not squeeze when cleaning. Overall, the teeth feel cleaner and smoother after brushing

Electric toothbrushes have revolutionized the way you brush your teeth: They usually work more thoroughly than manual toothbrushes and can help prevent tooth loss. With the Smart One ultrasonic toothbrush and app, the Austrian provider Playbrush competes against the market leaders Oral B and Philips. Our practical test shows how satisfactory the cleaning result with the Smart One is.

Commissioning and app setup

The Smart One is delivered including a charging cable, brush attachment, quick guide and smartphone holder. As usual, it must be loaded before commissioning. In the meantime, you can install the app, a user account is mandatory. The connection with the toothbrush via Bluetooth works straight away, which is very gratifying. The toothbrush itself has a simple but modern design and sits comfortably in the hand. They come in three colors: Navy, Coral and Mint.

When setting up the app, you have to decide whether you want to take out a subscription or not. There are three variants of the subscription model: Variant A includes delivery of 6 replacement brushes per year; Variant B (49.99 euros) also includes insurance that pays a subsidy for white fillings at the dentist, with variant C (99.99 euros) there is finally money for professional teeth cleaning. We think model A is quite okay (price 36.99 euros), especially since 2 replacement brushes at Amazon already cost 12.99 euros.

The app can also be used without a subscription. We found the recurring notifications of the app (and also by email) that the “update” (i.e. subscription) was waiting for us a bit annoying.

Playbrush Smart One offers Cleaning with the app

When you switch it on for the first time, the toothbrush requests an update, which takes a few minutes. Now you can start cleaning. First you should select the desired cleaning duration and the cleaning mode: You can choose between clean, sensitive and massage. That works pretty well too. The app’s home page provides an overview of the cleaning results, including duration, accuracy and frequency.

In order to optimize the cleaning result, the app offers a so-called tooth-cleaning coach. Using a 3D model, this specifies where and how long cleaning is currently required. That worked more or less well in the test. For example, if the app showed “right side down” (which was then also done), messages “wrong side” came up.

In addition to the toothbrushing coach, the app also offers games in which you can control the correct answer by brushing direction. Actually a great thing, unfortunately not ideal in practice. In the test run the quiz ran exactly up to question 1. After the correct answer was “cleaned up”, the game unfortunately hung up and nothing worked.

Also for on the go

If you don’t have your mobile phone at hand, you can also clean without the app. The results can be synchronized retrospectively for up to six months, which is really convenient. While brushing, the toothbrush emits brief vibrations when it’s time to change sides. To check whether all four quadrants have really been cleaned properly at the end, the toothbrush has a light indicator. Unfortunately, this often did not work in the test, although the sides were cleaned exactly.

Great toothbrushing result with Playbrush Smart One

The elongated brush attachment of the Smart One is pleasantly soft and does not squeeze when cleaning. Overall, the teeth feel cleaner and smoother after brushing than with a conventional electric toothbrush – a real plus point for the Playbrush Smart One. The sound of the toothbrush takes some getting used to. We were also pleased with the long battery life; You can brush extensively twice a day for around 2 weeks before the toothbrush has to be charged.