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Review: Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua : Cordless vacuum cleaner

Review: Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua is a Cordless vacuum cleaner with wiping function that is very effective in cleaning and by its look

Review: Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua – Thanks to a large number of vacuum cleaners available on the market, your own apartment or house is vacuumed quickly. But if you really want to clean the floor, you still regularly use a mop to wipe it with a damp cloth. How nice it would be to wipe at the same time while vacuuming, which you are already doing anyway. The renowned manufacturer Philips probably thought the same thing and is launching the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua, a cordless vacuum cleaner with wiping function – we have tested the innovation for you. We are referring to the SpeedPro Max Aqua Animal, which comes with an additional animal hair brush.

The  Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua with the model  name XC8147 / 01 of the 8000 series is available as a pure cordless vacuum cleaner, but also as a vacuum wiper. The latter model has a clever mopping unit which, when filled with water and cleaning agent, removes 99 percent of bacteria from the floor. Even the smallest dust particles that are not caught by the suction nozzle can be picked up with the wiper. We test the SpeedPro Max Aqua and share our experiences with you – the king of household gadgets ?

Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua – scope of delivery & first impression of the suction mop

In fact, the 2.7 kilogram Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua is not only characterized by its wiping function, but also offers other practical functions in the scope of its scope of delivery. In addition to replacement filters and two other wiping pads, other useful accessories are also included in the scope of delivery. We would like to briefly list the highlights of the SpeedPro Max Aqua below:

  • 360 degree suction nozzle: The suction nozzle in the SpeedPro Max Aqua is unique and thanks to its shape and high suction power, it absorbs 99.7% dirt and dust from all sides. Philips promises 360 degree suction results. So cleaning should be faster and more efficient.
  • Practical battery level indicator : Thanks to the digital display of the battery level, you always know how much time you can leave yourself for the cleaning process
  • Wiping system: A second suction nozzle has a separate wiping unit that can simply be plugged under the nozzle. Filled with water and detergent, 99 percent of the bacteria are eliminated.
  • Motorized animal hair brush: An animal hair brush is also included, which can effectively remove animal hair. Other manufacturers use a motor-less brush, which removes significantly less hair from the surface.

As you can see here, the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua has a lot to offer. The box also contains a wall bracket and a long crevice nozzle . In the actual suction wand, as soon as the lower nozzle is removed, another brush is waiting to be used – this is integrated on the tube and can simply be folded forward. Even with the power supply, the manufacturer offers a finesse and stands out from the crowd with a magnetic charging cable .

360 degree suction nozzle for faster cleaning

If you really only want to vacuum, you can use the 360 ​​degree suction nozzle. This works very efficiently and with a motor-driven brush. This means that even deep cleaning in carpets is no problem with the turbo nozzle. In our test, the SpeedPro Max Aqua coped well with both low-pile and medium-pile carpets. The 360 degree suction function has also made itself felt. Accidentally spilled coffee powder was soaked up in a few seconds. You can also see a clear intake of air next to the suction nozzle. Even dirt rubbed into the carpet could be removed perfectly thanks to the high suction power and the nozzle.

Vacuum or wipe – there is no question about it!

The wiping function comes into play in combination with the second suction nozzle. The suction nozzle does not have a motor, but only picks up dust from the floor with its pure suction power . The wiper unit can be detached from the nozzle in order to refill it with fresh water; Detergents are also added for 99.7% removal of bacteria, viruses and germs . At the bottom of the mopping unit there is a mopping pad that slowly becomes damp when the water is filled in.

You can now vacuum and mop, both at the same time. In our test of the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua, we were able to achieve the best cleaning results when we picked up the dust from the still dry floor with the forward movement of the cleaning unit and wiped over the vacuumed area again with the backward movement. This movement was internalized after a few simple steps and the cleaning process went off perfectly.

We really liked the small foot pump on the mopping unit , which suddenly pumps a larger amount of water into the mopping pad. This function was able to show its strengths in particularly dirty areas such as dried jam under the dining table or the like. If you do not operate the pump, water drips very slowly, but enough water. Well visible if you hold the mopping unit over the sink without a mopping pad and watch the water droplets grow. Once the cleaning process with the Aqua nozzle is finished, the microfiber cloth can simply be removed from the mopping unit – simply rinse under the tap. The manufacturer put two more pads in the box as replacements.

Is the suction unit upside down?

That no other manufacturer has thought of it yet? The suction unit, including motor, filter and dust container, are installed on the head of the Max Aqua from Philips, or not under the suction tube, but above it. What at first seems a little untypical , however, has a decisive advantage over the competition . You can also get under beds and other pieces of furniture to vacuum and wipe there. With many other models, the suction unit and dust container would be in the way from a certain angle. Well thought out! We appreciated this fact in our test, as we often reach our limits in everyday life with other cordless vacuum cleaners.

Practical crevice nozzles and foldable brush for flexible use in your own four walls

As already mentioned in the first paragraphs of this review, Philips has integrated a few practical nozzles and brushes into its SpeedPro Max Aqua. While the long crevice nozzle can be removed from the scope of delivery and attached to the vacuum cleaner, both other attachments are already integrated in the cordless vacuum cleaner. The foldable brush is located at the lower end of the suction tube and is ideal for removing cobwebs on ceilings or in corners or vacuuming the baseboards.

The small crevice nozzle appears when you completely remove the suction tube – so the muesli spilled on the table can be sucked up quickly; similar to a compact handheld vacuum cleaner.

Operation and battery life of the SpeedPro Max Aqua Animal

All attachments can be quickly attached and detached. With the regulator on the top, three different suction modes can be selected . A battery level display visualizes the current status in steps of ten and always shows us how long we can still vacuum – the display also shows as soon as the filter is changed. should be. The PowerBlade digital motor working in the SpeedPro Max Aqua  has been developed for an enormous air speed ( > 1100 l / min. ).

Of course, the battery life varies depending on the mode. The  powerful 25.2 volt lithium-ion batteries ensure a running time of up to 80/35/28 minutes in Eco / Standard / Turbo mode, which is suitable for a short cleaning, but also for a complete cleaning the entire apartment. The  PowerCyclone 10 technology from Philips ensures constant suction power. We were able to confirm the battery life in our test. We checked all three modes and came up with 72/31/25 minutes ; everything is still within the framework and perfectly adequate for any type of cleaning. If the battery is empty, the handheld vacuum cleaner can be charged with the magnetic charging cable from Philips. About an hour to 50%; five hours to 100%.

Emptying the dust container – easy, quick & clean

Of course, the dust container with its 0.6 liter capacity also has to be emptied from time to time, but even this process is quick and easy. The dust container can be easily removed with a brief press on the release mechanism. If you ever need to change the filter, this is the right place to go. Another pressure on the unlocking mechanism of the dust container and the flap of the same opens. Now the dirt can be emptied.

Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua- Our cleaning results & conclusion

We tested the Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua in a 110 square meter apartment and came to a positive overall result. The various nozzles and attachments are well made and together with the cordless vacuum cleaner make a high quality figure. The suction results with the 360 ​​degree suction brush can be described as very good. Deep cleaning of carpets was also easy.

The wiping function has been implemented well and is not only fun when trying it out for the first time. The wiping unit is a great help in everyday life and saves a lot of time when wiping through the apartment regularly. The cleaning quality cannot be distinguished from a conventional wiper. The combination of vacuum cleaner and mop we liked .

The handling of the cordless vacuum cleaner is kept very simple and intuitive. Every move is quick and operation is quickly explained to the mother. All in all, we see a great domestic help in the SpedPro Max Aqua from Philips , which in our opinion can actually bring the mop into retirement. The only drawback that we would like to mention is the higher weight of the cordless vacuum cleaner with mopping unit compared to a conventional mop. After the 110sqm apartment you can tell that you’ve done something. But you also vacuumed and wiped in one go. All in all, the SpeedPro Max Aqua offers a great overall package and an innovative idea that has been well implemented . The cordless vacuum cleaner with wiping function is available for around 470 euros.

Review: Philips SpeedPro Max Aqua