Review: Philips 5400 Series fully automatic coffee machine

This article will explain everything about an exciting Philips 5400 Series ully automatic coffee machine which is perfect for lovers of aromatic hot drinks.

Review: Philips 5400 Series fully automatic coffee machine: For some people, coffee is almost an elixir of life, many enjoy it with cake and some only drink it with good milk foam. No matter what type you belong to, a fully automatic coffee machine can fulfill many wishes. However, the variety of manufacturers and models does not make the choice easy. The well-known and traditional company Philips with roots in the Netherlands is known for technology in many areas. The brand is also well represented in fully automatic coffee machines. We report below on the Philips 5400 Series fully automatic coffee machine, which is also a visual highlight.

The first impression of a product does not only begin with the packaging for us as testers. If you have to dig through mountains of plastic after the purchase and full of anticipation, it spoils the experience. This is not the case with the Philips 5400 Series fully automatic coffee machine. All small parts are cleverly stowed away to save space. The large body of the coffee machine can be lifted very easily out of the box with a plastic strap . Unpacking is completely uncomplicated and fun, because the aesthetics of the fully automatic coffee machine come to the fore with every move.

Philips 5400 Series fully automatic coffee machine: Setup and setup are quick and easy

In the stylishly designed cardboard box there is an AquaClean water filter, a small tube of grease for the brewing group, a spoon for coffee powder and a test strip to determine the water hardness. Only a few steps are required for the final assembly . The power cord must find its way into the device and into the socket. After switching on, you can let the display guide you through the setup . Alternatively, everything is well described and illustrated in the extensive operating instructions.

There are a few steps to follow before making your first coffee. The insertion of the drip tray goes without saying. The included test to determine the water hardness is a nice service. The measured value can then be passed on to the machine in less than two minutes. Inserting the AquaClean filter is optional. It should only make it possible to decalcify the device after 5,000 cups and was used in our test. The last point in preparation is to fill the water tank and of course the bean compartment.

Easy to use thanks to intuitive touch surfaces

As almost ready to go as the Philips 5400 Series coffee machine is now there, it is a real feast for the eyes. The matt black plastic is insensitive to fingerprints and at the same time looks modern and timeless. The chrome-plated elements give the device a stylish touch. Overall, the fully automatic coffee machine from Philips blends in wonderfully with the surroundings of a kitchen or lounge. With dimensions of 24.6 x 37.2 x 43.3 centimeters, the device is one of the compact models in its class.

When the starting shot for the first coffee has almost been fired, one immediately notices the stylish control unit. The TFT display is in the middle and has a perfect resolution . The top row shows the most popular coffee specialties with appealing images, which also function as a dial button. On the far left is the slightly recessed button for switching on and off. Right next to it, individual profiles with different settings for the respective drinks can be selected – all via touch, of course. The arrow and confirmation buttons required for this are located to the right of the display. Overall, the operation is clearly and intuitively designed thanks to the images and labels.

Five profiles for individual coffee enjoyment with aroma strength, coffee and milk quantity

Once you have decided on a drink, its composition can be adjusted. After the selection you get directly to the view of the individual settings. On the far left is the aroma strength with the symbol of a coffee bean. You can choose between strong and mild with the arrow keys from five levels . Furthermore, the amount of coffee and milk can be determined individually. Practical: the settings are assigned to the selected profile and saved for the next preparation .

By repeatedly tapping the illuminated profile button, you can choose between four differently colored profiles . If no color lights up, you are in guest mode and no settings are saved. This function is perfect for a household with several coffee drinkers and individual preferences for hot drinks. Of course, you can also prepare tea water in no time at all . All you have to do is remove the LatteGo unit. In the next step, the hot water is selected from the other drinks. Here, too, there are possible settings: In addition to the temperature, the amount dispensed can also be selected. From the outlet for hot water, the perfect amount for the tea comes out within a few seconds.

The following beverages can be prepared with the Philips 5400 Series coffee machine:

  • espresso
  • coffee
  • Americano
  • latte macchiato
  • cappuccino
  • Café au lait
  • Flat white
  • Caffee latte
  • Coffee crema
  • Espresso lungo
  • Ristretto
  • ToGo mug
  • Milk foam
  • Hot water

The innovative LatteGo milk system is easy to clean

The Philips 5400 Series fully automatic coffee machine becomes something very special thanks to the LatteGo milk system. Finally there are no more difficult-to-clean hoses with milk residues. The system, which is very easy to clean, is really groundbreaking in the field of fully automatic coffee machines. Only two parts make the LatteGo unit perfect: A cup-like, transparent container with a side outlet and an easy-to-put lid. Only one hand movement is necessary to get the milk frother ready to start, because it is simply hung on the hot water outlet.

The button with the gear symbol for the setting provides further customization options . In addition to the stand-by timer, the display brightness and brewing temperature can be changed, among other things. A manual setting of the grinder can influence the strength of the coffee in addition to the settings in the drinks menu. Here you have the choice of 12 levels , which can only be changed when the grinder is running.

Philips 5400 Series

Compartment for ground coffee

After the coffee has been consumed, the device must be cleaned regularly. Thanks to the clever design, the parts to be cleaned can be removed quickly and cleaned with a little washing-up liquid under running water, if necessary. The LatteGo container and drip tray can even be put in the dishwasher. The brew group should also be freed of deposits regularly under running water . Intensive cleaning with a special tablet from the manufacturer is recommended every month, so war is declared on the deposited coffee fat.

Philips 5400 Series

Results from the test of the Philips 5400 Series

As already mentioned, setting up the device, including testing the water hardness, was simple and easy to understand thanks to the instructions on the display. The settings for the respective specialties also worked very well. Thanks to the profiles, the drinks are always brewed in the usual composition for the respective person . You can quickly switch between profiles and the guest profile also proves to be helpful in practice. From the test, we can consistently confirm that the LatteGo milk system is easy to clean . The simple handling by hanging on the hot water outlet is also to be rated very positively. The entire unit can also be stored in the refrigerator during the day.

Philips 5400 Series

But the most important thing when testing a fully automatic coffee machine should be the coffee itself. After the simple operation and easy cleaning, the drink itself is the knockout criterion for potential buyers. With the various settings for grinding degree, aroma strength, temperature, coffee and milk quantity , you can expect a lot from the compact coffee miracle. Of course, the choice of coffee beans is also crucial here . In the test, we decided on a medium roast of high-quality branded beans.

Philips 5400 Series fully automatic coffee machine: Passed taste test

In order of course to test the LatteGo directly, we grab a cappuccino with our first drink. After just a few seconds , the milk and the foam flow very gently into the cup . The noise level is absolutely fine and the result will put this in proportion. Grinding the coffee also causes noises, which are part of the entertainment in a fully automatic coffee machine. The delicious scent of coffee also emanates directly and the hot beverage is completed.

Philips 5400 Series

In our opinion, all drinks are optically brought to the point . The cappuccino is strong and has a perfect layer of milk foam. This is stable and airy at the same time. For a household machine, we are consistently enthusiastic about the quality of the drinks. The integrated counter on the Philips 5400 Series coffee machine can prove this. Thanks to the setting options for the strength of the aroma, the amount of coffee and milk, each coffee beverage can be varied as desired. As a result, the machine is sure to meet every taste.

Great variety of settings for the perfect drink with Philips 5400 Series

Together with the adjustable grinder , there is a wide variety of taste options. In terms of the number of drinks, however, this is missing in the variants with milk. With only one outlet on the LatteGo system, only one drink with milk can be produced at a time. When it comes to coffee specialties, two cups can be placed in parallel under the split spout . After the fun, there is unfortunately more work. However, emptying the drip tray and the container for coffee grounds is very easy without much effort. Except for the cover of the grounds container, all parts are dishwasher safe. Another plus point is the water tank that can be pulled out to the front.

Philips 5400 Series

So whether black coffee, latte macchiato or just tea water, the Philips 5400 Series fully automatic coffee machine is perfect for lovers of aromatic hot drinks. Its space-saving dimensions and chic design make it a feast for the eyes in the kitchen. The easy-to-clean elements round off the overall package. For a price of around 650 euros, the fully automatic coffee machine ranks at the upper end of the middle price range. The costs are worth it, however, because you get a lot on offer, not just as a coffee lover. We therefore give an unreserved buy recommendation .