Review: Otterbox Figura case for iPhone 12 series

Otterbox Figura case for iPhone has unique design made with solid material and efficiently work with MagSafe

In this review, we take a look at Otterbox’s Figura case. This cover is for people who want a colorful cover with MagSafe. Figura is also slightly cheaper than the silicone cases from Apple itself. But is the Otterbox Figura worth the money?

Are you looking for a bright and colorful case? Then the Otterbox Figura for the iPhone 12 series might be something for you. The case is five euros cheaper than Apple ‘s iPhone 12 silicone sleeve and is available in the colors Berry Red, Blue Green, Yellow and Fuchsia.
Otterbox has been around as a brand for over 20 years and regularly closes exclusive deals with Apple, selling the products only through the Apple Store. I usually use the Apple leather case , but it is almost ten euros more expensive than the Figura. That’s why I put it to the test and tried Otterbox’s Figura case for the iPhone 12 mini.

Design of Otterbox Figura cover for the iPhone 12 series

Fair is fair: you just have to love it. The Otterbox Figura is available in four versions. From dark ‘Berry Red’ to bright ‘Fuchsia’, these watercolor designs are eye-catching. There is therefore not one color, as is the case with Apple’s own covers. I personally think the combination of a yellow Figura with a green iPhone 12 mini worked out very well.

The color of the buttons is adapted to the color of the cover itself. The watercolor design extends into the inside of all cutouts around the cover. Thanks to the raised edge, you can place your iPhone face down on the table without damaging it. The back is completely flat, so your iPhone will not wobble. So much for my positive comments about the design, because not everything is neatly designed.

Because the Otterbox Figura for the iPhone 12 also has support for MagSafe , the magnetic ring must be incorporated in the cover. If you look at the inside of Apple’s own cases, you will see a subtle ring in the middle. The Otterbox Figura takes a very different approach with a large white surface, containing a gray ring. I was hoping it was some sort of protective sticker, but unfortunately this is really the MagSafe magnet ring. Fortunately, it is on the inside and you won’t see it while using the cover. But beautiful is different.

That MagSafe ring is up to that point, but my biggest complaint lies with the fit of the Otterbox Figura. On my copy for the iPhone 12 mini , the cover on both the left and right is not tight around the iPhone and you can squeeze it. As a result, you cannot press the buttons properly. It also makes me feel unstable when I hold the iPhone up to take a photo. A new one had the same problem. It may be that the other sizes fit well. Otterbox also makes the cover for the iPhone 12 (Pro) and the iPhone 12 Pro Max . I have not tested these copies, but for the iPhone 12 mini it is really a big letdown.

How is the Otterbox Figura cover for iPhone 12 in use?

For starters, the cover feels soft, just as Otterbox promises from this TPU case. It won’t chafe your pocket and it won’t cut your fingers. The latter is sometimes the case with the cheaper covers from non-brands, so I am certainly satisfied with this. The raised edges aren’t annoying when using the case, but some people prefer an open bottom for the swipes to operate your iPhone.

On the left is a cutout for the iPhone’s side switch. This one is big enough and doesn’t look like it will tear anytime soon. This is a vulnerable part of some plastic covers. The same goes for the cutout at the Lightning port, microphone and speaker. However, my experiences are not all positive when using an Otterbox Figura for the iPhone 12. Unfortunately, the bad fit is also involved here.

I already mentioned it in design, but the fit is not good, so you cannot press the buttons. When using the iPhone 12 mini in this case, I sometimes had to press several times to turn off the iPhone or change the volume.


  • Unique design, but you have to love it
  • Feels nice
  • Solid material
  • Works with MagSafe


  • Not a good fit (at least on the 12 mini)
  • Relatively expensive compared to Apple APPLE STORE

Conclusion Otterbox Figura review

I was thrilled with the design of this cover. I still am, but there is still something sticking. Because of the fit, I cannot recommend this cover, especially since it charges € 50, while Apple’s well-fitting silicone cover costs only € 5 more. That cover is perfectly finished. I would have expected better quality from a case sold in collaboration with Apple through the official Apple Store.

Because the cover is very good in all areas except for the deviating fit, I give the Otterbox Figura a 6.3. It may not be an annoyance for everyone to press buttons a bit more firmly. It is also not the case that the iPhone just flies out of the case.

If you have doubts between the Otterbox Figura and Apple’s silicone cover, go for Apple. You then have a sleeker design and more choice of colors. Want to know more about the Apple silicone case for iPhone 12 ? Then read our review. If you think the Figura – just like me – really beautiful and you accept the inconvenience of the buttons, then the Otterbox Figura is a good choice.ALSO WATCH

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