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Review: Oral-B Vitality 100 Cross Action Electric Toothbrush

Review: The Oral-B Vitality 100 Cross Action is one of the most basic toothbrushes in the manufacturer's catalog which is very easy to use.

Apioneer of the electric toothbrush, Oral-B has a rich catalog. Among the entry-level models, we find the Vitality 100 Cross Action, sold for less than 25 €. What can we expect at this price? Answer in this test of Oral-B Vitality 100 …


The Oral-B Vitality 100 Cross Action is a very basic electric toothbrush. It has only one brushing mode and only comes with a brush head. Sold 24 €, it is one of the cheapest in our comparison.

Convenience of employment

Like all Oral-B BDEs, the Vitality 100 Cross Action uses tilt-and-turn technology. This system is characterized by its rounded brush head (the size of a tooth) which turns in one direction then the other, to remove a maximum of dental plaque. Tilt-and-turn technology can generate up to 48,800 movements per minute (compared to around 600 by hand).

In addition to this system, this electric toothbrush offers only one brushing mode, which is triggered by pressing the single button on the handle.

This handle is covered with a non-slip silicone which offers a better grip – especially when it is wet – than a smooth plastic, like that of the Oclean Air 2 , for example. On the other side of the coin, toothpaste tends to get lodged in the small pins, which is not very hygienic or very pretty.

If we regret that only one brush head is delivered with the Oral-B Vitality 100 Cross Action, it is of course possible to get new CrossAction brushes (3 heads for around 8 €).

Every 30 seconds, the handle vibrates to indicate that it is time to change the brushing zone; however, the toothbrush does not turn off automatically after two minutes – the brushing time recommended by dentists.

In use

Let’s be clear, Oral-B Vitality 100 Cross Action is not suitable for overly sensitive gums; the only brushing method is too strong a bristle and the bristles of the brush too hard.

This BDE displays 112 grams on the scale, which does not weigh on the arm, even after the two minutes of brushing, and it remains quite comfortable in the hand.

Unlike a Van Gogh X3U Soccas , the Oral-B Vitality 100 Cross Action is much bigger and won’t fit easily in a travel bag. We also regret that it is not delivered with a transport case.


Allow 13 days of autonomy, at the rate of two brushings of 2 minutes each per day for the Oral-B Vitality 100 Cross Action; a measure that is in the average of our comparison. This BDE does not give us any indication of its level of autonomy, which is regrettable, because there is a good chance that it will stop dead in the middle of brushing your teeth.

As for the charging time, it will take one night, after which the Oral-B Vitality 100 Cross Action indicates by a light signal that it is ready to be used.


By positioning our sound level meter 10 cm from the brush (approximately the distance between the ear and the mouth), we measured a sound level of 61 dB (A), which is relatively noisy for a hygiene product that is uses close to our ears.

To date, the Oclean Air 2 is the quietest in our comparison (38 dB (A)).

Oral-B Vitality 100 – Conclusion

The 100 Cross Action is one of the most basic toothbrushes in the manufacturer’s catalog. Some should appreciate its ease of use, while others might care about the very limited functionality. For these, in the same price range, the Essentiel B Pulse Confort, is more versatile, more autonomous and quieter.

Pros of Oral-B Vitality 100

  • Convenient silicone coating.
  • Easy to use.
  • Comfortable in the hand.

Cons of Oral-B Vitality 100

  • Only one brush head delivered.
  • Only one brushing mode.
  • Toothbrush a little too noisy.
  • No carrying case.