Review: OPPO Find N

Review: OPPO Find N - OPPO's Find N surprises us with a flat-screen after unfolding, and there is no characteristic hump

OPPO has recently shown interest in creating unique and innovative smartphones. Earlier this year, the company introduced OPPO X to journalists, but it never made it to production. However, they has now presented the model Find N to journalists, which will be available for sale, but unfortunately only in China for now.

It is a shame that this device will only be available in China, as it is one of the most interesting smartphones I have ever seen. Although the Find N is not the first of its kind, it is definitely one of the best. OPPO has utilized its time well and has brought something new to the table – a foldable display without any sign of bending. Until now, other manufacturers have followed the principle that “when it is winter, it must be cold” – meaning that if a screen is bent, there must be a visible hump. However, OPPO’s Find N surprises us with a flat-screen after unfolding, and there is no characteristic hump. The Find N also has a compact size, which is another welcome surprise.

The main pros and cons of OPPO Find N

Advantages of OPPO Find N

  • Compact dimensions when folded
  • No “hump” when bent on the unfolded screen
  • LTPO AMOLED screen of excellent quality
  • Adaptive refresh from 1 to 120 Hz
  • Maximum brightness of 1000 nits
  • High-speed fingerprint reader on the side edge

Disadvantages of OPPO Find N

  • Not yet available outside of China
  • Probably a very high price


OPPO Find N makes an excellent first impression. Mainly due to its size. The external display measures 5.49 inches, which makes it a real baby in the world of big smartphones. And we are talking about a compilation here, i.e. it was not – a large device. Meanwhile, when folded, it is extremely neat, handy, and easy to use. Also, the weight is not too great – it is 275 g. Of course, because we are dealing with two parts – the thickness has to be greater – but for a folding unit it is very good. We can easily slip the phone into our pants pocket and it will not disturb us.

With such a small folded device, there are no problems with using it with one hand. The fingerprint reader is placed in a convenient place on the right edge, and we have the option of securing access to the phone with the image of the face.

The back of the device is very nice, a bit in style OPPO Find X3 Pro where the island with the cameras, although protruding, meets the surface of the backs. As if after adding it to the device, it was covered with one layer of Gorilla Glass Victus.

The hinges do not make any noise when folded and unfolded. The design gives the impression of being very durable and solid, although of course this can only be checked after a longer period of use of the phone.

OPPO gives two dimensions of the disassembled device – the part with battery: 132.6 × 140.2 × 8mm and the parts with display: 132.6mm × 140.2mm × 7.8mm.


There are two screens. The external one is AMOLED with a diagonal of 5.49 inches, 402 PPI and 60 Hz refreshing. It was covered with Corning Gorilla Glass Victus protective glass. The most important aspect of it, in my opinion, is the 18: 9 aspect ratio. As a result, it is not long and narrow but rather wide – like any normal phone. And that’s how it can be used, unlike other folders, where the external screen is narrow. Often too narrow for normal use. There are no such problems here. The balance between the external and internal screens has been preserved, and in my opinion, OPPO Find N is a full-fledged smartphone in both positions.

The internal screen is 7.1 inches and has 370 PPI. It was made in LTPO AMOLED technology, thanks to which the refreshing can be smooth and range from 1 to 120 Hz, depending on the displayed content. The maximum brightness can be up to a thousand nits.

A dozen minutes of communing with him left a very positive impression on me. The image was of excellent quality, the viewing angles were great, I have no comments. And the lack of convexity after unfolding, so visible in competing smartphones of this type, made a really impressive impression.


The Snapdragon 888 processor powers the phone. Two versions are to be available: 8/256 and 12/512. The memory chip is UFS 3.1. After several minutes of use, it is difficult to say whether OPPO has tamed the processor so that it does not overheat. But the large dimensions of the phone, and a lot of space for heat dissipation, give hope that it will not be bad in this regard. Especially after taking a few test photos, the phone was not warm, and usually, it is in such scenarios that you feel strong heating.

The launch of the next pages was very fast, all animations were very smooth. There are two speakers – but both are on the lower edge, so it’s hard to call it stereo. However, the sound coming from them was of very good quality.


Test copy OPPO Find N ran on Android 11 and Chinese software with preloaded Google applications.

However, regardless of this, OPPO guaranteed users to enjoy all the advantages of a large and foldable screen. For example, when writing a note, you can set the phone so that the keyboard is displayed on the flat part, and the text preview is displayed on the vertical part. Time laps can be recorded in the same very convenient way. Of course, the large internal screen can be shared, or several applications can be displayed on it simultaneously. You can seamlessly switch from external to internal screen by unfolding Find N.

Photos, videos

The camera set looks like this:

  • main lens Sony IMX766, 50MP, 1 / 1.56 “, f / 1.8; 24mm; OIS;
  • wide-angle Sony IMX481, 16MP, f / 2.2; 14mm;
  • Samsung S5K3M5,13MP, f / 2.4 tele lens; 52mm;
  • selfie lenses external and internal Sony IMX615, 32MP f / 2.4.

Knowing the perfect combination of optics and software in the top OPPO models, the picture quality should be very good. For testing purposes, I took a few photos (a closed room, good lighting) and had nothing to complain about – they had a lot of detail and very nice colors.

Of course, the foldable form of the device gives us a lot of photographic possibilities: a preview of the photos taken, double recording, etc.


According to the manufacturer, the cell has a capacity of 4,500 mAh, which should provide us with a working day. 33W SUPERVOOC charger can fill the battery up to 55 percent in 35 minutes and up to 100% in 70 min. The phone supports wireless charging also reverse charging.


Folders are still new to the market. I know people who, tempted by the breath of fresh air, bought them and sold them quickly, returning to normal smartphones. I also know those who, after purchase, cannot imagine returning to the traditional form. For me, OPPO Find N perfectly combines the advantages of a small and a large device. I miss small, handy devices that can be easily operated with one hand and folded. OPPO. Find N, that’s what it is. It’s neat, very nice, and with a perfect screen. It is thicker than traditional devices, but this cannot be overcome. And when we feel like consuming multimedia, i.e. watching a movie on a larger screen, or when we have to use the phone for work, e.g. for comfortable writing e-mails, we will unfold it. I like these compact two-in-one very much. All the more pity that OPPO shows Find N in Europe, knowing he will not be here for the time being.