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Review: OMRON Flex Temp Smart Thermometer

Review: OMRON Flex Temp Smart Thermometer - Digital fever thermometer for oral, axillary or rectal use.


The Omron Flex Temp Smart is a straightforward and affordable classic electronic thermometer designed for quick and comfortable temperature measurements. Manufactured by the Japanese company Omron, this basic thermometer prioritizes simplicity and efficiency.

With a price range typically between 10 to 15 euros, the Flex Temp Smart is the kind of unassuming yet essential device you’d include in your first aid kit. Its construction and design reflect its practical nature, offering ease of use and maintenance.


Type of thermometerRectal/Buccal/Axillary
Without contactNo
Special featureLCD Display
Age range (description)Adult
Included componentsBattery
Outer materialPlastic
Display typeLcd
Product care instructionsWipe Clean
Unit count1.0 count
Power sourceBattery Powered

Construction and Ergonomics:

The Omron Flex Temp Smart follows the conventional design of electronic thermometers, featuring a rectangular base with rounded edges. It’s a compact and lightweight device, weighing only 12.8 grams. The thermometer boasts a white plastic body with a metal probe attached to a flexible rubberized tip. This flexible tip minimizes discomfort when used orally, rectally, or in the armpit.

Powered by an LR41 button battery, the battery replacement process is hassle-free – a simple quarter-turn of the protective cover provides access. Notably, the thermometer is waterproof, facilitating easy cleaning with soap and allowing for disinfection with 70% alcohol.

The thermometer comes with a transparent plastic case for convenient storage and retrieval. Its operation is straightforward: a single button powers it on, taking around 2.5 seconds. It can be used orally, rectally (inserted at a maximum depth of 1.3 cm), or axillary (in the armpit). The measurement takes approximately ten seconds when used rectally and slightly longer for oral or axillary measurements. The thermometer also stores the last recorded temperature, briefly displaying it when turned on for about two seconds.

Despite the “Smart” attribute in its name and mentions of a connected mode on the official website, there is no reference to connectivity in the user manual, and attempts to link it to the Omron Connect app proved futile. Nevertheless, for a thermometer of this nature, connectivity may not be essential.

Accuracy and Speed:

Omron claims swift temperature measurements when used rectally and delivers on this promise with a mere 10-second wait before emitting a series of beeps to signal the measurement’s completion. The thermometer needs to be turned off and on again to take a new measurement.

For oral measurements, the time required is only slightly longer, as confirmed by tests. Axillary measurements take a bit more time but are still relatively quick. It’s important to note that these timings are based on measurements for normal body temperatures; febrile individuals may experience slightly longer measurement times.

However, consistency in measurements is not the thermometer’s strong suit. The “repeatability” of the Omron Flex Temp Smart is limited to 82%, leading to successive measurements that can vary by several tenths of a degree Celsius. This inconsistency poses a challenge when monitoring temperature trends over time.

While the thermometer’s overall accuracy is decent, with an average difference of 0.28°C over eight series of three measurements, it’s advisable to take multiple readings to ensure reliable results.


The Omron Flex Temp Smart offers a user-friendly experience, typical of traditional electronic thermometers, with swift measurements. Regrettably, the lack of measurement consistency may necessitate multiple readings to obtain a reasonably accurate temperature, potentially offsetting the time-saving advantage and causing some discomfort in the process.


  • Quick measurements.
  • Waterproof.
  • Soft tip.
  • Ease of use.


  • Lack of consistency in measurements.
  • Non-backlit screen.