Review: Olight Olantern Electric Lantern for Camping & Outdoor

Review: Olight Olantern Electric Lantern offered three different light modes for every occasion with maximum brightness level of 360 lumens

Review: Olight Olantern Electric Lantern – When camping and outdoors, lighting is not an easy undertaking. Without the usual sockets from the home, lights and lamps have to be chosen differently. Of course there is nothing wrong with cozy candlelight, but for some activities it can be a little brighter. The Olight Olantern is the perfect compromise between a classic camping lamp paired with modern technology. In the following test report you will find out all the details about the chic outdoor companion.

The chic camping lantern comes in a simple cardboard box with the brand-typical imprint. In addition to the lamp, the scope of delivery includes a second light bulb, the obligatory charging cable, operating instructions, a microfiber cloth and the warranty card. The first time you touch the lantern, you immediately notice the relatively high weight , which, however, can be rated as positive. So the Olight Olantern is always in a very good position and cannot be knocked over by the wind. At the same time, the dimensions are very compact, but this does not affect the performance and is definitely an advantage when traveling or camping.

Olight Olantern Electric Lantern: Good combination of size and weight

When it comes to the material, a mix of rubberized surfaces and plastic was used. The base feels soft to the touch. The plastic around the lightbulb is clear and sturdy. Overall, the feel speaks for a good and robust quality, just right for the field of application of the Olight Olantern in the outdoor area at camping, in the garden, in the park and more. The design is generally reserved and simple . Our model is gray and only a blue ring with a brand name stands out here.

The charging connection for the electric lantern can be found on the underside. The supplied charging cable attracts itself magnetically and cannot slip. A complete charging process takes about four hours. However, the enormous burning time of up to 80 hours has to be taken into account here. We can fully confirm this from our test. On the front is the only button to turn the Olantern on and off. There is an LED ring around it, which shows the charge level with the traffic light colors.

Three different light modes for every occasion

If you hold the button down for a long time, you can activate two more light modes on the round light bulb. The brightness at the maximum level is specified by the manufacturer with a proud 360 lumens . In this way, a large part of the campsite or garden can be illuminated. The other gradations are 120 lumens and 30 lumens. The other lamp attachment has the shape of a small flame and simulates a cozy candlelight with authentic flickering . Here you only get one lumen in terms of brightness. However, this type of light is not used to illuminate situations, but only creates a warm glow and a lot of cosiness.

The colorless plastic part is simply unscrewed to replace the lightbulbs. The pear is thus exposed and can also be removed by turning. This handling is very simple and intuitive. Overall, handling the Olight Olantern was simple and easy to understand. The compact dimensions do not suggest such a lighting result. Therefore, for us it is the perfect combination of size and performance. The clear plastic guarantees a 360 degree light distribution for optimal illumination of the surroundings. Thanks to its versatility and its functions, the Olantern shows what makes technology gadgets so special .

Candle module for a cozy atmosphere

Below you can see two pictures to illustrate the luminosity . The former shows the Olight Olantern at the lowest light level directly in front of the pile of wood, which is more than sufficiently illuminated. The picture below shows the camping lantern a little further away on the path, standing on the strongest light level. Not only is the wood well lit here, but the surroundings also get a lot of light. We are completely satisfied with the product and can give a full purchase recommendation .

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