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Review: Netatmo Healthy Home Coach with HomeKit

Review: Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is a nice device. It measures four important values, but also gives meaning to them.

In this review of the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach with HomeKit, you can read our experiences with this sensor for measuring your indoor climate at home. What good is this sensor and is it recommended? We have tested the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach.

There are more things than just the temperature that determine whether your home feels comfortable or not. The air humidity, the CO2 content and the noise level also determine the quality of the indoor climate. The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach checks on all these points how things are in your home. This sensor with HomeKit continuously performs all kinds of important measurements, so that you know exactly how things are going in the house and what you can do about it. What are the pros and cons of this Netatmo Healthy Home Coach?


These are the main features of the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach:

  • Cylindrical indoor climate sensor
  • Measures temperature, humidity, CO2 and noise level
  • The accompanying app gives meaning to the values
  • Tips to improve indoor climate
  • Works with HomeKit

What is it?

In recent years, we have discussed several HomeKit accessories that measure your temperature and humidity, for example. Good examples are the many thermostats with HomeKit , but simple small accessories such as the Eve Degree can also measure your temperature in the house. The Netatmo Healthy Home Coach takes a different approach, as the name suggests. The sensor not only tells you how hot it is, but also what you can do about it, what is good and what is not and much more. Although the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is not new, it can still be of great added value.

In use: the app gives meaning to measurements

The app shows how good your indoor climate is in various ways. At the bottom you can see the temperature, humidity, air quality and the noise level. The big advantage is that for each value it is clearly indicated what this means. It is nice to know that the humidity is 55%, but what exactly does this mean? With words like Excellent, Good or Fairly moist you immediately know what the value means. The app does this for all measurements it takes. If you want more explanation of which values ​​are good, then you just have to tap on it.

At the top of the app you will see the average rating of these four values, indicated with Healthy , Good , Fine , Bad or Unhealthy . The color of the app also changes, so that you can see at a glance whether your indoor climate is good or not. If it is not healthy, you will receive tips to improve it further. For example, if you suffer from headaches, it may be due to the high temperature. Even when you wake up in the morning, the app gives tips based on, for example, ambient noise.

Notifications and history
The app also sends notifications when values ​​suddenly change very much. As soon as the Netatmo notices that the temperature or humidity in the room is rising, you will receive a push notification. This is especially useful during hot summer days. However, you cannot set exactly when a notification should be sent. We also miss the option to only send notifications when you are at home. You can, however, disable notifications for each individual value. For example, if you do not want a warning when there is a lot of noise (because you already hear it yourself), you can turn it off.

Another useful feature is that you can view a history of the data. This can be done via graphs for each of the values, but also by scrolling back 24 hours at the bottom of the app. All values ​​in the app change with how they were at that time. You can then see exactly how hot and humid it has become in the night.

Another extra way to know the situation of your room is with a tap on top of the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach. By touching the top briefly, the light strip on the front colors a certain color. Based on that color, you can see whether the room is healthy or very bad. You do not always need a smartphone to quickly check the status. A display is missing, but the advantage of this is that the Netatmo does not emit continuous light. It is therefore ideal for the bedroom.

Link with HomeKit
As mentioned, you can also link the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach to HomeKit . Each measurement is placed in the chamber as a separate accessory. Unfortunately, HomeKit does not support all measurements that the Netatmo takes. Only the temperature, humidity and air quality can be found in the Home app. The sound sensor is therefore missing. As a bonus, you do see the CO2 content. The advantage of HomeKit support is that you can automate the Netatmo. For example, you can switch on your lights as soon as a high CO2 level has been detected. You can also request the information with Siri , although the meaning that the app gives to the values ​​is missing.

The design of the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is quite simple. It is a long round cylinder that you can only put upright. The housing is made of aluminum, but we think it’s a shame that there is only one color. We don’t find the rose gold-like color to go well with everything. We would therefore have preferred a more neutral color, such as silver or gray. What we also find unfortunate is how the power cable is on the back. This is quite high, so you cannot run the cable nicely over a cupboard or table.

Conclusion – Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

We think the Netatmo Healthy Home Coach is a nice device. It measures four important values, but also gives meaning to them. So you not only know how high the humidity is, but also whether this is good or not. Via the Netatmo app you will receive tips to make the indoor climate healthier, so that you can actually do something about it. We find the app very clear and you can quickly see the status of your room. Moreover, you stay informed with push messages, although we think it is a pity that you cannot indicate exactly when you will receive a notification. The color of the accessory itself could also have been a bit more neutral, but apart from that, we are more than satisfied with this handy HomeKit accessory .

Pros of Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

  • Measure temperature, humidity and more
  • Get meaning to the measurements
  • Clear app
  • Works with HomeKit

Cons of Netatmo Healthy Home Coach

  • Design could have been a bit nicer
  • Notifications even when you are not at home