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Review: Nanoleaf Mini Triangles Wall Light panels

Review: Nanoleaf Mini Triangles Wall Light panels- The Nanoleaf light panels are super fun to stick to the wall, but not everyone has the space for them.


Nanoleaf’s Mini Triangles provide a compact alternative for those seeking captivating lighting solutions in constrained spaces. This review explores the potential of the Mini Triangles as creative corner enhancements or as the cornerstone for innovative lighting displays.

Specifications and Options

Available in 5 or 9-piece sets, expandable via a 10-piece extension, the Mini Triangles integrate seamlessly with other Nanoleaf Shapes products, offering diverse design possibilities. The review emphasizes that while promotional images often showcase intricate configurations, the smaller panels can yield visually pleasing yet simpler layouts.

Technical Details

  • Height per panel: 10 cm
  • Width per panel: 11.5 cm
  • Panel thickness: 0.6 cm (mounted on the wall: 1 cm)
  • Weight per panel: 40 grams
  • Cable length: 2.5 meters
  • Illuminance per panel: maximum 20 lumens, dimmable
  • Color Temperature: 1200K-6500K
  • Number of colors: more than 16 million

The review presents technical specifications, including dimensions and lighting parameters. It underscores the Mini Triangles’ compatibility with HomeKit, a boon for modern smart homes. The pieces’ assembly process is portrayed as user-friendly, facilitated by a companion app that suggests layouts and provides an augmented reality feature for previewing designs on walls. The importance of ensuring robust connections between tiles is highlighted, with the option to enhance stability using additional adhesives.

Design Flexibility

The review touches on the challenge of positioning the control module while managing the power cable, underscoring the system’s versatility in accommodating various configurations without compromising function.

Functionality and Integration

In terms of functionality, the Mini Triangles boast touch control, music synchronization, screen mirroring capabilities, and compatibility with platforms like HomeKit, Alexa, and Google Assistant. The review underscores their energy efficiency and capacity for customization, enabling users to craft diverse color patterns to suit different atmospheres and occasions.


The review concludes by affirming the Nanoleaf Mini Triangles’ suitability as an entry point into Nanoleaf’s ecosystem. It recommends these panels for small spaces, such as corners or areas adjacent to beds and desks, lauding their capacity to provide elegant lighting solutions that seamlessly integrate with HomeKit and other platforms.


  • Small enough to stick anywhere
  • Affordable for under 100 euros
  • Quality construction
  • Panels are easy to remove and rearrange
  • Nanoleaf gives all kinds of examples via the app of what you can build with the chosen number of pieces
  • Light patterns can also be transferred to HomeKit
  • Acts as a Thread Border Router and works with almost any smart home protocol


  • Small, therefore not really an overwhelming effect
  • The triangles are not really triangular but have ‘clipped’ corners
  • No 5GHz Wi-Fi networks