Review: Mujjo cases for iPhone 12 series

Mujjo cases for iPhone 12 are made of good quality leather, Stays beautiful for a long time and Cheaper than Apple's own leather cases

Are you looking for a leather case for your iPhone 12? At Mujjo you will find good quality covers that are cheaper than those from Apple. In this review of the iPhone 12 cases from Mujjo you can read everything about design and use.

It has been a while since we have extensively reviewed Mujjo cases (the last time was the Mujjo case for iPhone X and that seems like an eternity ago). This year Apple was late with the leather cases and the price has been increased to € 65. As a result, Mujjo has become an interesting alternative to Apple’s official covers. They are just as good in terms of quality, they offer more options and are available in the shops for just € 45. The only thing you miss are built-in MacSafe magnets, but if you don’t use them, these are leather cases that we can really recommend. While Apple’s cases keep getting more expensive, Mujjo continues to charge the same prices.

I’ve been using the Mujjo cases for a few years now and they’ve already saved me a lot of money. Whenever I dropped my iPhone, I picked it up with a smile. As long as there is no disastrous situation, such as a car driving over it, the chance of damage is nil. Because the case has a narrow edge with overlap over the screen, the chance that your device will be damaged is small. A scenario where things can go wrong is when your iPhone falls on a pointed stone, but that is not very likely.

Yet not everyone seems to agree. In the comments below our guide on MagSafe accessories for iPhone 12 , I read that some people have the experience that the cases are already broken at the corners in one fall. However, others like Mujjo’s products better than Apple’s, so it just depends on which camp you want to join. I myself am enthusiastic about it, but I have noticed that the covers often get a bit uglier during the summer months after a year of use, because a mix of sand, sea, sweat and ice cream is not so good for leather. In those hot summer months, you better use a washable silicone or plastic cover.

Design of the Mujjo case for iPhone 12

Mujjo releases a suitable case for all models of the iPhone 12 series. With the iPhone 12/12 Pro you have the most choice: these are available in four colors, namely black, brown, blue and green. Choose a smooth case or a model with a straight card pocket. This wallet case is always 5 euros more expensive.

The iPhone 12 mini and the iPhone 12 Pro Max come in three colors: black, brown and blue. The normal case looks the same on all models, while with the wallet case the card compartment on the iPhone 12 Pro Maxis placed at an angle. The back pocket is neatly stitched on. It fits 1 or 2 cards. If you want, you can also put 3 cards or some paper money in it, which will cause the leather to stretch a bit. But keep in mind that leather no longer shrinks if you decide to walk around with fewer cards at a later time. Getting cards out is a bit more difficult, because it is so tight (Apple’s card holder has a clever mechanism for this, so that the cards are clamped at the bottom of the case and you can slide them up through a hole). If you have some 3D letters on the card, it will be easier to slide the card up. I prefer this to a card compartment that is too spacious, where the cards keep dropping out.

The Mujjo cases have an opening for the mute button, while the volume buttons are covered. They protrude prominently, so you can easily find them by touch. Pressing the buttons is a bit more difficult, especially if you spend your day taking screenshots and often have to reboot your iPhone .

One point that people are very passionate about is the opening at the bottom. The case of Apple are all closed this year, with openings for speaker and Lightning port. Mujjo has opted for a somewhat larger crop. Whether you find this useful is a matter of taste. We noticed that many people are enthusiastic about the closed bottom at Apple, but if you often swipe up from the bottom edge to close apps, the edge gets in the way and gets dirty extra quickly.

A detail in which the Mujjo cases stand out positively is the ring around the camera bulge. At Mujjo, it is covered with leather, while Apple has opted for a large plastic ring that contrasts somewhat in color. The inside of the Mujjo cases is made of suede, which is pleasant to the touch. The exterior initially feels a bit papery. So if you have plans to completely personalize your case by drawing on it with a marker: you can. Over time, the leather will get a more natural look through the action of greasy fingers. If you want to speed up the aging process, you could lie on the beach for a while, as indicated above. But why would you?

Using the Mujjo case for iPhone 12

As mentioned, the Mujjo case is not equipped with MagSafe rings and therefore does not contain built-in magnets. You can still continue to use the MagSafe adapter. It sticks to the back of the case, although the connection is less strong. With Apple’s own cases you can lift the iPhone by the cable, if the MagSafe Charger is on it. This is not possible with the Mujjo cases. Of course, the Apple leather card holder case (review) does not stick well to it either. That may be a shame, but those who are not interested in filling Apple’s pockets with all kinds of new MagSafe accessories can go forwards with these covers.

The cover does not make your iPhone much thicker, fits comfortably in the hand and is also nice and non-slip due to the material, so you have more grip. You insert the iPhone effortlessly into the case, without having to exert much force. The case also does not slide off, because the edges protrude slightly over the screen. As a result, your display is immediately well protected.


  • Choose from several models, with and without card compartment
  • Stays beautiful for a long time
  • Provides adequate protection for your iPhone against drops
  • MagSafe Charger and Qi chargers work through the case
  • Cheaper than Apple’s own leather cases
  • High-quality product, looks luxurious
  • Buttons are easy to find by touch


  • Not everyone likes the opening at the bottom
  • No MagSafe built in
  • Less color choice than Apple

Conclusion Mujjo cases for iPhone 12

In our opinion, the Mujjo cases are a must if you are looking for a leather protective case for your iPhone and find the price of € 65 at Apple out of proportion. You pay a tenner extra for the MagSafe magnets and if you are not going to use them, these Mujjo cases are a better alternative. The Mujjo cases are even cheaper than Apple’s silicone cases, which break quite quickly. And you can choose a variant where the card compartment is already attached.

The cover is completely wrapped in leather, without the plastic details found on Apple’s own leather cases. The Mujjo covers are made of good quality leather and last a long time, but you have to be more careful during the summer months if you want to keep them beautiful.