Review: MARANTZ PM6007 AND CD6007 live up to its heritage and name. This combination makes the (first) step to real hi-fi a no-brainer.

Review:MARANTZ PM6007 AND CD6007 – If Sound United asks you if you would like to have Marantz’s best-selling series at home, even if only for a few weeks, the answer is of course straightforward; YES! Because we already had high expectations of the 6000 series, at least based on the sounds around the PM6007, but the CD6007 also promises a lot of good things. So bring it on, that stereo combination. 

Full disclosure: we have actually appropriated the Marantz PM6007 and CD6007 a bit. Kind of. We have had the 6000 combi, which turns out to be Marantz’s best-selling line, for quite some time now. That ensured that we got to know the set well. So it did not stop at a short encounter. It also feels like more than a keeper. One with character, too. 

The 6000 Series +1

The Marantz 6000 series can blow out a candle. The first text 6006-combi dates back to 2016. An “update” may not go as fast as with smartphones, but they will certainly be implemented. Now four years later, little seems to have changed on the outside. Or not?

Marantz knows how to tell us clearly and specifically what is different from the previous line. We like that. Not a long-winded blistering story with all kinds of marketing fuss. So we are not going to do that either. What has changed? Both the PM6007 and CD6007 have gone a step up with the built-in DAC. Here we now find the AK4490. It also gives the option to choose a filter. With the blue light you would get the authentic Marantz  sound, a somewhat deeper stereo sound. With the green light, the sound would appear a bit fresher or cleaner. A bit tighter in line.

The PM6007 has the subwoofer output and an improved phono circuit borrowed from the PM7000N. The quiescent current has been addressed internally in the PM6007. In practice, this should ensure a more stable performance.

To conclude, the CD6007 would be able to play WAV and DSD up to 5.6Mhz (via the USB connection). The upgrades have ensured that the price of the CD player has gone up. Where the suggested retail price of the CD6006 was 449 euros, that of the CD6007 is 549 euros. Of course there is more, such as the 2x 45 Watt, the advanced thermal compensation and the extensive connection options.

Game, Set, Press Play


Take a look at the photo. Because this is a beautiful picture, right? The PM6007 on the bottom, and the CD6007 on top. The lines and shape that continues. Place it in any room and it will delight the eye. Especially in this black version it exudes elegance. We must have only draped a medal over it.

Fortunately, it doesn’t stop there and we also have to connect it. That is perhaps even easier than installing a Sonos speaker. From the CD6007 to the PM6007 we run an optical cable from AudioQuest. The Cinnamon to be precise. We use the standard cables for power and we also use standard speaker cable for the speakers. The variant that you can actually buy in any hardware store. We have a good reason for that, but we’ll get to that later.

600 Series ID Photography

For the position of the speakers, we chose the Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 . This speaker offers a lot of quality for a fair amount. Plus it is not a difficult model. The Bowers & Wilkins 606 S2 must be properly controlled, but that does not immediately mean that an RMS power of 100 watts is required. The speaker benefits from stable control. And that is exactly what Marantz has tackled. There you will also find the difference between simply placing a smart speaker and putting together an audio system that fits together.

Mighty Beautiful Marantz

In the previous review, of the 6006 Weetunog, Werner was impressed with the performance, especially considering the price tag. Two years later and with the NA6006 addition , Jamie was also more than pleased with the performance. Nothing has changed in that judgment. Or maybe it is even more beneficial for us as a consumer. Let’s try to make that concrete with some music. Amy Winehouse, John Mayer, Florence + The Machine, Lavinia Meijer and the Interstellar soundtrack are a nice selection.


Amy Winehouse and John Mayer are artists who sound particularly good with the authentic Marantz sound. The voices of both artists come across as warm. Without really giving a deep coloring. The combination with the Bowers & Wilkins speakers contribute to this. It feels and sounds familiar. Perhaps that is the best description we can give when we listen to “Slow Dancing in a Burning Room”. We listen here with the “blue” setting of the LED light. For the other music we switch to the “green” setting. That’s exactly what the Interstellar soundtrack needs. It should sound tight and clean. You have to experience the layer and not feel like a familiar warm slipper. That layer must be in line, like soldiers waiting for an order and then executing it with military precision. The music of Interstellar and also Lavinia Meijer benefits from a “clean” sound. Interstellar is characterized by the use of the organ. Lavinia Meijer’s music is purely the song of a harp. You want to experience, hear and feel this cleanly. That option is available with the choice between blue and green. The color scheme of that green also fits well with the sound image. It’s cleaner and fresh. As you would expect from spring. The blue color gives you the feeling of autumn, warmer and cozy. The color scheme of that green also fits well with the sound image. It’s cleaner and fresh. As you would expect from spring. The blue color gives you the feeling of autumn, warmer and cozy. The color scheme of that green also fits well with the sound image. It’s cleaner and fresh. As you would expect from spring. The blue color gives you the feeling of autumn, warmer and cozy.


Enjoy with both settings. Real hi-fi. If you calculate that there is a combination of about 1800 euros here, we are very happy about it. It brings back pleasure in listening. Something we often miss with a smart or WiFi speaker. In this case, the M in music stands for Marantz.

For you or for me?

The main question is “Who is this set for?” Maybe that is even more important than the price. Without speakers you come to 1100 euros with this combi, or 549 each to see exactly. Although we would have liked to see a round amount of 1000 euros, 1098 is an excellent limit in terms of amount at this time and in the market. Then the appropriate speakers have to be added. In this review we have used the B&W 600 Series, but a  Q Acoustics  would also do fine. A real hi-fi adventure. Listening to different speakers and looking for the true audiophile that lives inside everyone. And it pays off! You get so much more audio pleasure in return.


Now imagine that you have been listening to an all-in one WiFi or Bluetooth speaker for a while, maybe 2x a Sonos Play 5 for stereo, but you are missing something. You want more sound, more music, more experience. Then this combination in the ‘audiophile growth curve’ is a wonderful step to take. It gives you the freedom to choose speakers that match your music preference. It also provides more opportunities to expand in the future. Consider, for example, a record player. Perhaps it is already there, but a MARANTZ PM6007 AND CD6007 a nice set of speaker make it stand out better than a separate speaker. If there is a desire to stream, the set can also be easily expanded. And why not in the same series and style? 

No comments?

We have just indicated that we would have liked to have seen a price limit of 1000 euros. That is partly psychological, on the other hand it is a very nice amount for the audio market. But for this 1100 euros we really enjoyed the old-fashioned way. This has largely to do with a good combination of amplifier and speaker. For example, an ATC SCM 19 would not be a good combination. The Marantz PM6007 simply does not have what it takes to control such a speaker. That is a realistic fact. 

The build quality, the great audio stage, the flair, drama and elegance; it is a total package that will give every music lover a big smile. The enormous extensive possibilities to connect speaker Bi-Wire, a built-in phono stage or the excellent and very stable power supply make it top notch.


Would you like to place a hi-fi set in a price range saturated by WiFi speakers and sound bars? Marantz does it, and with a capital M. The PM6007 and CD6007 live up to its heritage and name. This combination makes the (first) step to real hi-fi a no-brainer. Start here and enjoy more!


  • Build quality
  • Connection options
  • Hi-Fi sound quality worthy of Marantz
  • Value for money


  • Fair? Everything would be antfucking