Review: Magimix Juice Expert 5 Juicer

Review: Magimix Juice Expert 5 Juicer - The unique extraction system of the Magimix Juice Expert 5 shines through.

Magimix has entered the realm of juice extractors with its Juice Expert 5, boasting a unique twist – it employs its proprietary technology instead of the conventional auger screw design. The key promise remains consistent: delivering fresh, vitamin-rich juices.

Product dimensions58D x 46W x 25H centimetres
Finish typeChrome
Product care instructionsHand Wash Only
Capacity400 litres


The Magimix Juice Expert 5 is a hybrid among its peers. While it’s marketed as a juice extractor, its primary attribute is cold food extraction. Yet, the Juice Expert 5 doesn’t stop there; it draws inspiration from juicers. Priced at €530, this product packs a punch by performing at 1500 revolutions per minute, a staggering 15 times faster than the average juice extractor. Furthermore, it offers versatility by transforming into a citrus press and a vegetable slicer.


The Juice Expert 5’s bold, curvy design is anything but discreet, and its weight of 6.8 kg pegs it as a rather stationary device. Maneuvering and relocating it on the countertop can be challenging, especially when compared to the significantly lighter Moulinex Juiceo ZU150110.

Before diving into juicing, the various components of the extractor must be assembled. Surprisingly, the Juice Expert 5 simplifies this process, a welcomed departure from the typical complexity associated with juice extractors. This model comprises just five elements, fewer than the average in our comparison. For instance, the Riviera-et-Bar PEJ730 requires seven components for juicing.

A capacious 3.5 kg container houses the filter, attached to which is a grating disc. Magimix relies on a single sieve to extract juice from fruits and vegetables, in contrast to the three filters found in the KitchenAid 5KSM1JA. Additionally, an Extra Press accessory can be added to handle vegetable milk and grind soft or cooked foods.

A unique collar encircles the filter to prevent liquid from splattering out of the juice basket—an unusual feature not seen in competitors. This presence is justified by the Juice Expert 5’s ability to achieve 1500 revolutions per minute, thanks to its asynchronous motor. Most juice extractors typically operate at less than 100 rpm. However, the Juice Expert 5 maintains a significant distance from the 10,000 to 20,000 rpm range of traditional juicers, which tend to generate heat and compromise nutrient preservation. Magimix assures that its cold extraction principle remains intact, ensuring the retention of vital vitamins.

Notably, the Juice Expert 5 stands apart by foregoing the traditional auger screw found in nearly all other extractors. Instead, it relies on high-speed rotation combined with an internal grater to process food and extract juice. Moreover, the pulp is not expelled from the Juice Expert 5; it remains within the juice container. The substantial capacity of the container serves a meaningful purpose here, as a smaller basket would quickly become congested by the accumulated fibers.

To facilitate the introduction of fruits and vegetables, Magimix provides an XXL chute, measuring 9 cm by 7.2 cm—among the largest we’ve measured in our laboratory. You can forget about pre-cutting carrots, celery, and other sizable produce; the Juice Expert 5 can handle them as is. However, be prepared to supply your own larger receptacle, as the French manufacturer doesn’t include one.

What further elevates this model is its versatility. It can function as a citrus press, vegetable slicer, and even an accessory for spiralizing food. Additional components can be acquired separately, depending on seasonal availability, such as an ice cream maker.


Like its competitors, we put the Magimix Juice Expert 5 through its paces, assessing its ability to extract juice from various foods – oranges, apples, carrots, parsley, and almonds, all following the same protocol.

Once the lid is secured and the juicer is activated (at a single speed), there’s no need to hesitate. However, it’s worth noting that the black juice basket occasionally separates from the stainless steel motor block, suggesting room for improvement in this regard.

In our testing, the Magimix juice extractor closely trails behind top-performing models. It adeptly extracts a significant quantity of juice from fibrous foods like oranges and firm foods such as apples, carrots, or almonds. However, its performance takes a dip when tackling parsley, resulting in a yield of just 14.8%. In this instance, most of the parsley branches remain stuck inside the sieve. Combining parsley with a juice-friendly food like apples would likely yield better results.

While yield is crucial, the quality of the extracted juice matters as well. Clarity and purity are key indicators. The Juice Expert 5 follows closely behind the most efficient models in our laboratory, such as the Essentiel B EEXJ3. It outpaces other competitors, like the Moulinex Juiceo ZU150110, which falls within the average range. Furthermore, the extracted pulp is exceptionally fine and exhibits a frothy texture. When it comes to taste testing, this fine pulp goes virtually unnoticed.


Maintenance is often a drawback for juice extractors, but the Magimix Juice Expert 5 stands out as an exception. Only five components require cleaning, and all of them are dishwasher-safe, excluding the motor block, of course. The juice basket is quick to clean, as extracted juice flows out efficiently. The rapid rotation speed of the Juice Expert 5 ensures that fibers adhere to the sieve, and Magimix provides a spatula to assist in their removal.

Curiously, there is no drip stopper installed on the Juice Expert 5. Consequently, the spout can occasionally release residual juice even after extraction. However, the spout can be unclipped for straightforward cleaning.


The Magimix exhibits slightly higher noise levels compared to most models in our comparison. While crushing carrots, we recorded 64 dB(A), with an additional 1 dB(A) during orange testing.

What sets the Magimix apart is its tendency to be noisy even when not actively juicing. The sound level increases as soon as the extractor is powered on—an unfortunate downside.


The unique extraction system of the Magimix Juice Expert 5 shines through. Its performance is more than satisfactory, offering both impressive yield and quality of juice. The generous juice container, XXL chute, and an array of accessories cater to gourmands and large families. However, these features come with a trade-off—the Magimix Juice Expert 5 occupies considerable counter space and makes its presence known. In short, it’s hard to miss.


  • Produces juices with very little pulp.
  • XXL chute.
  • Good performance.
  • Simple elements to assemble and maintain.
  • Large capacity juice basket.


  • The juice basket sometimes separates from the engine block.
  • Bulky device.
  • Quite noisy.