Review: Loqed Touch Smart Lock – A Keyless entry

Review: Loqed Touch Smart Lock really does it differently from other smart locks. You no longer need backup keys as there is no keyhole in your door at all

In recent weeks we have started working with the Loqed Touch Smart Lock. This smart lock from the Netherlands does a number of things differently from other smart locks. This way you no longer need any keys at all, not even as a backup. The keyhole has disappeared completely.

What is it?

Loqed is a new smart lock from the Netherlands. Started as a crowdfunding project, the products have now been sent to all supporters of the project. From the end of February 2021, Loqed will be available from stock for 349 euros. According to Loqed, this is the most secure smart lock on the market. For example, they use the same 256-bit encryption as banks and the encryption key is only on your phone. The Loqed Touch Smart Lock is also SKG three-star certified.

You operate the smart lock via the Loqed app. This allows you to lock and unlock the door remotely. However, there are more options to enter. Where the keyhole used to be, we now find a small display with touch function. If you are standing with your phone (with encryption key) on the outside in front of the door, the display will show ‘Touch to Open’ and you briefly press the bottom of the display with your thumb. The door unlocks and you can enter. The smart lock has an indoor and outdoor sensor and knows where you are. The lock will never accidentally open when you enter through the back door.

So you can open Loqed remotely via the app, but you can also set a six-digit access code. This allows people to enter who do not have the app on their phone or if the battery of your own phone is empty. You enter this access code on the display. Please note that when the keypad is active, SKG’s three-star certification will lapse. This is good to know about insurance issues, so always be careful with this feature.

The smart lock works on batteries that should last about a year. You will receive a timely warning when you need to replace the batteries. Are the batteries still empty? You can always enter via the emergency power connection. On the outdoor module with the display there are two pins to which you can hold a 9-volt battery. Then enter the six-digit access code or use the app to enter.

Installation of Loqed Touch Smart Lock

Before installation, it is advisable to download the Loqed app first. After creating an account, you can add a smart lock and you will be asked whether the lock has already been physically installed. If you choose no here, you will be guided through the entire physical installation with video and images. According to Loqed, it is possible to install the lock within 20 minutes. For the first time, this may have been overestimated, because it took me a little longer. The Loqed Touch Smart Lock fits almost all doors with the Euro profile cylinder shape. Since my front door has a senior lock (cylinder above the handle), I had to interpret a lot of images upside down, so it took a little longer. You can also install the smart lock on a senior lock, only the door fittings hang on the inside with the logo or upside down. That is not bad and does not detract from the function. It just seems a little less beautiful.

You will of course start by removing the old fittings and cylinder. Then it is important to place the display on the outside, which you can thread through the old hole with two screws and a cable. You place the cylinder over this. There is a channel under the new cylinder for this cable. Then you place the new door fitting on the inside. First, the inside of the housing against the door, insert the batteries and connect the two wires. Then put the new door handle and the outer cover of the door fitting over it and you’re done. Here and there you have to screw in some screws again, but this all works quite easily. The housing and the new door handle on the inside are stylish and modern in design, which will be a nice asset in most homes.

The images that guide you through the installation are fairly clear, although not perfect. All the necessary equipment for installation is included and you only need a screwdriver. Although not all images are equally clear, you can go a long way with logical thinking. Then you hang the wireless bridge in the socket. This allows the lock to connect to your WiFi network. You can also open the door without a bridge, but only when you are standing right in front of the lock (bluetooth). It is not possible to open the door remotely without a bridge. Then the lock is calibrated and the latest firmware is downloaded. The whole process of installing and downloading the firmware took about an hour. Then you can get started. And that is quite a thing.

First impression

Smart lighting, security cameras, alarm systems, smart plugs and smart speakers are up to that point, but a smart lock is a different story. That is of course mainly a mental issue. Locking and unlocking the lock with the app at home went fine, so it’s just a matter of stepping outside, closing the door and seeing if you can still get in. And that is an exciting moment when it comes to a smart lock. Fortunately this all worked well, because I was able to go back into the house. On the inside you can also just manually lock and unlock the door. There is simply a physical dial.

Touch to Open

The best way to get into your house is Touch to Open. With this, the smart lock uses position determination via GPS and WiFi, bluetooth, a timer and indoor and outdoor detection. If you approach the lock within 3 meters with your smartphone in your pocket, ‘Touch to Open’ will appear on the display. With a small push on the display, the door is unlocked and you can enter. This has worked fine every time in recent weeks, but unfortunately does come with limitations.

Touch to Open only works if you have been a few hundred meters from your home. The geofencing function is therefore present and only works if you have been at least 500 meters from your house for 10 minutes. So if you walk to the underground waste container to take away waste and then back again, Touch to Open will not work. I haven’t been far enough from home for that. Will you let the dog out for a short walk? Then it doesn’t work either. Would you like to accompany your visitors to the car? Would you like to pick up something from the shed? Do you want to pick up the mail from the letterbox? All activities that take place around the house are a limitation, because Touch to Open will not work.

And that is a downside. So if you want to go inside now, you have to take out your smartphone and unlock the lock via the app. Or you use the six-digit access code on the display (if enabled). Loqed acknowledges the issues reported by multiple users. The company is working on a possibility to disable geofence with the minimum distance. As a result, these problems must be solved in the future and you can easily enter again via Touch to Open when you leave the house for a short time.

The six-digit access code also works with two arrows. One arrow selects the number and the other arrow selects the selected number and goes to the next number of your access code. It works fine, but takes a lot of time. More time than it takes to turn the key in an old-fashioned lock and open the door. It is, however, a handy way to let in someone who does not have a digital house key.

Indoor and outdoor sensor

In recent years we have tested various smart locks at the editorial office. Many smart locks open automatically as soon as you are near the lock. For example, a smart lock has sometimes been unlocked when someone came by, but was not on their way home. That is of course not the intention. And neither will you with Loqed. There is an auto unlock beta feature in the app to set this up, but you don’t need to use it. With Toch to Open, an action is always required and the lock will not open when this is not the intention. And that is a nice sensation.

Loqed has an indoor and outdoor sensor. If you carry your phone in your pocket and you are on the outside of the door, Touch to Open will appear and you can unlock the door. If your phone is located just behind the front door on the inside, it should not be possible for someone else to see the Touch to Open function and open your front door. This must be stopped by means of the indoor and outdoor sensor. And that appears to work well. We kept the smartphone with encryption key right behind the door in every possible way. And you will not be able to see the Touch to Open option on the outside. So that works well. If the phone is on the outside of the lock, it works immediately. And that is exactly how it is supposed to work.

That’s bad luck, display gone

You only see the display on the outside. The display is attached to the smart lock on the inside with a cable and two screws. What if someone wants to demolish the whole thing and pull out this outdoor module? In theory this is certainly not impossible. Will you still come into the house? So yes. Although Touch to Open will of course no longer work without a display. You can still unlock the door via the Loqed app. Behind this outdoor module is also a drill protection, so you cannot force the smart lock and open the door in this way.

Loqed app

The Loqed app has a sober design in white and blue tones, but is therefore very clear. There are no unnecessary functions, so you can quickly find your way through the app. At the bottom you switch between ‘Keys’ with the option to open and lock the door on the main screen and also the ‘Activity log’ with all activities related to opening and closing the front door. Of course you can add keys via the main account and send them to other family members. You can send up to 200 keys, so that’s more than enough. Via the app you can set the six-digit access code and possibly send another access code to other users within the family. You can also enable or disable the ‘Touch to Open’ function.

Via the option ‘My Lock’ under ‘Keyring’ you can see the battery status of the lock and the connection to the bridge. Another option you will find here is ‘Rope from the letterbox’. With this function, anyone can open the door with a touch on the display. Handy for parties where you expect a lot of people or with children playing outside, although some caution with this function makes sense. You can also set here that the door should be locked automatically when it closes. You can also set time schedules for locking or unlocking the door. For example, do you have an interior attendant on a fixed day of the week? You can set it so that he or she can only come in during these working hours. So you no longer have to hand out physical house keys.

The ‘Activity Log’ keeps you informed of all activities related to the lock. If desired, you can also receive notifications from this. This way you know exactly which family member has come home. The app is an excellent support for the Loqed Touch Smart Lock and has all the functions on board that you could wish for.

Smarthome integrations

Loqed supports various integrations with other smart home products. Although direct integration with Amazon Alexa, Fibaro and Google Home is still lacking, they say they are working on this and is coming. However, it already works via IFTTT , also with Alexa, Fibaro and Google Home / Assistant. Webhooks also allow links to be made with Home Assistant, openHAB or Olisto. Homey is already supported immediately. What is missing is support for Apple HomeKit. It is still unclear whether this integration will come, according to Loqed due to restrictions from Apple.

Loqed in use

We have already dealt with opening the smart lock via the app, Touch to Open and the six-digit code. On the inside, you can also manually open or lock the door with the physical rotary knob. The internal motor is of course not used, but the other three options are. And you can’t miss that engine, because it is quite loud. It is not really disturbing, but it is something to take into account. It also takes a few seconds for the motor to lock or unlock the lock.

When you leave the house you can lock the door via the app, but this can also be done via the display of the outdoor module. The lock is locked by holding your thumb (or another finger) on the display for two seconds. You can also choose to automatically lock in the app when the door closes, then you save yourself another action.

It must be said that Loqed has been well thought out. Despite the fact that you can no longer use a key at all, there is no way you can no longer come into the house. Lost your phone or battery empty? Use the keypad. Batteries in the lock empty? Use a 9-Volt battery on the outdoor module and then the keypad or the app. It is of course mainly the idea that you no longer need house keys that you have to get used to. And during the past period I have not experienced any strange things with the Loqed Touch Smart Lock. Everything works as it should.

Yet such a smart lock is not for everyone. A smarthome stands for convenience and comfort. You will find that partly at Loqed. Touch to Open is the way to unlock the lock, but is limited by the aforementioned geofencing with a minimum distance of 500 meters for ten minutes. If you stay in here, you have to take your phone out of your pocket and open the lock or use the keypad via the app. Both ways take longer than just putting a key in the lock and opening the door. In addition, the motor also takes a few seconds to open the lock. That is logical, of course, but that is also not as fast as opening the lock manually with a key.

It is of course entirely up to you how disturbing you find this. If you have been further from home, then just touching the display to open the door is incredibly easy. Much easier than a key will ever be.


The Loqed Touch Smart Lock really does it differently from other smart locks. You no longer need backup keys, because there is no keyhole in your door at all. You really replace the cylinder and the Loqed is therefore not a smart lock that you place over your existing house key and cylinder. Yet you can always go back in. And that gives a nice feeling.

In addition, a smart lock has a greater threshold than other smart home equipment. After all, it is your ‘whole having and cutting’ that is behind the front door. And of course you are careful with that. The lock is SKG-3 certified (if the keypad is disabled) and this also appears to be good through end-to-end encryption, the remote blocking of keys and codes via the website and the unique encryption keys per user. The Loqed Touch Smart Lock is therefore a unique smart lock in the current market, but it may not be for everyone. The high price also plays a role in this. View the smart lock yourself on the Loqed website .

  • House keys no longer needed
  • Easy to install yourself
  • Clear app
  • Modern design
  • Enter via app, keypad and Touch to Open
  • Touch to Open has its limitations
  • SKG 3 expires with active keypad
  • Pricey