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Review: Livoo DOH105G vacuum cleaner

Review: Livoo DOH105G vacuum cleaner is perfect for small homes. However, its filtration system is not ideal and flawless.

Specialist in small household appliances, Livoo sells a wide range of products at low prices. Here we are testing the Livoo DOH105G, the cheapest bagless canister vacuum in our comparison.

Livoo DOH105G – Presentation

Livoo is not the name of a nice Pokemon, but of a still discreet manufacturer, but who is trying to break into the small household appliance sector with devices sold at low prices. Intrigued by the technical sheet of a bagless canister vacuum cleaner sold for 40 €, we brought the DOH105G to our lab. This bagless vacuum cleaner benefits from a multicyclonic filtration system and relies on its very small size and low price.

Convenience of employment

Without a doubt, the Livoo DOH105G belongs to the category of featherweight canister vacuums (3.5 kg). It is to date the lightest in our comparison; it is easily lifted by its handle.

The DOH105G is easily lifted by the handle.

In addition, its very compact format (33 x 23 x 26 cm – L x W x H) allows it to be stored in the most cramped cupboards.

The Livoo DOH105G is made of a plastic that leaves us skeptical. The materials do not seem to us to be of very good quality and we can fear that the vacuum cleaner will be damaged by bumping into the furniture. We also note that the elements fit together with difficulty and do not have safety clips – found for example on the Rowenta Silence Force RO7455EA .

Its three wheels (two large at the rear and one small at the front) allow it to move with ease and to follow us in our slightest movements without overturning. However, we see that our journeys are quickly limited by the cable length of only 9 meters. In fact, you will have to regularly unplug and reconnect the vacuum cleaner if you want to vacuum the whole house, which is a bit of a pain in the long run.

Livoo DOH105G

The small 360 ° rotating wheel allows the vacuum cleaner to move with ease.

To wind up the cable, simply press the pedal on the right side of the vacuum cleaner. The other button is used to turn the device on and off. The Livoo DOH105G only benefits from a single suction power, which is adjusted by playing with the air flow variator placed at the handle.

Livoo DOH105G

Only the variator on the handle can modify the suction power.

On the accessories side, the Livoo DOH105G is satisfied with the bare minimum. It comes with a main brush that doesn’t even offer the dual position feature (hard floor and carpet) and a two-in-one attachment that doubles as a mini-nozzle and furniture brush. That’s all. We are far from the plethora of choices offered by Dyson on the Cinetic Big Ball Absolute 2

Livoo DOH105G

Livoo is a bit stingy when it comes to accessories.

Finally, the vacuum cleaner benefits from a parking position thanks to a latch placed at the back of the device.


The main collector, with a capacity of 2 l, can be easily removed. A button located at its base allows emptying; an ingenious system that avoids ending up with dust in your hands.

Livoo claims that its DOH105G is equipped with a multi-cyclonic filtration system. The purpose of this filtration system is to retain as much fine particles as possible in the device and to reject healthy air.

If, apparently, we observe the different cyclones on the Livoo DOH105G, we quickly realize that it is a false system and that the “cyclones” are in fact only decorative and that they are sealed.

It is clear that the “cyclones” located at the level of the cover are only decorative.

The Livoo DOH105G benefits from a front engine filter and a HEPA filter.

The HEPA filter is housed on the back of the device.

Our spilled cocoa test consists of sucking 20 grams of chocolate powder in our vacuum cleaner to observe what the filters retain of the material. At the end of this test, we note that if the HEPA filter comes out completely immaculate, it is quite different for the foam filter which still retained 0.4 g of the material. This therefore means that it will be necessary to regularly dust and clean this filter so that it does not affect the suction performance of the device.


The suction performance of the Livoo DOH105G is quite satisfactory. Since this vacuum cleaner only benefits from a single suction power, we had to play with the variator to vacuum efficiently without losing comfort.

On hard ground, we have nothing to complain about. The DOH105G manages to eliminate all waste in 30 s. For this, we had to fully open the air variator to prevent the brush from sticking too much to the floor.

On fine carpet, it collects 84% ​​of the waste in 30 seconds; a very honorable result. Note that even by opening the air variator fully, we see that the brush still hangs a little on the carpet.

Finally, on thick carpet, it swallows 73% of the rubbish at the same time. This test surface being particularly tricky for our cars, we extend the suction time up to 2 min. The DOH105G then picks up 95% of the material. We had observed similar performance on the Kärcher VC 3 .


The manufacturer promises a maximum sound level of 80 dB (A), which is quite noisy. For our part, we measured the noise of the DOH105G at 69 dB (A) on carpets and rugs and 72 dB (A) on hard floors.

If this canister vacuum cleaner is ultimately quieter than what the manufacturer promises, it is still quite noisy for this type of device. For comparison, the Bosch Relaxx’x Ultimate ProSilence64 emits 65 dB (A) on hard floors and 61 dB (A) on carpets and rugs.



Livoo signs here a bagless canister vacuum cleaner that combines discretion with suction performance – provided you take care to open the air variator. In this configuration, we say to ourselves that it will be perfect for small homes. However, the Livoo DOH105G suffers from a filtration system that leaves something to be desired or even finishes that could have been of better quality. However, this vacuum cleaner is a good performance / price ratio.


  • Handy and light vacuum cleaner.
  • Good suction performance.


  • No multicyclonic filtration.
  • Few accessories provided.
  • Materials that appear to be of poor quality.