Review: Lemorele TC19L USB C Hub 8 in 1 

Review: Lemorele TC19L USB C Hub 8 in 1  - from laptop to complete PC, with extra monitor, many inputs

The Lemorele TC19L stands out as a budget-friendly Type-C hub tailored for laptops, effectively transforming them into fully functional workstations by providing a range of connectors. Available from a European warehouse, this hub offers swift delivery and is exempt from duties.

Design and Build

Crafted with premium metal housing, the Lemorele TC19L is compact in size yet robust. Measuring 15 cm in width, 1 cm in thickness, and 4 cm in height, it weighs a mere 60 grams.

Versatile Inputs

This hub offers a comprehensive set of connectors, originating from a single Type-C input:

  • MicroSD and SD memory card readers
  • Two USB ports
  • Type-C USB for charging (supports up to 100W)
  • Type-C USB for data transfer and device usage (like a mouse)
  • HDMI port
  • LAN (100Mbit) port

Expanded Display Capabilities

The HDMI port allows for the connection of an external monitor with resolutions reaching up to 4K. This external display can be utilized in various modes, including mirroring, extended display, or independent use.

USB Speed and Memory Card Reading

The USB inputs achieve speeds of approximately 40 MByte/s, although not record-breaking, suitable for tasks like transferring 5GB of data in around 2 minutes. In terms of memory card reading, the hub operates at 25 MByte/sec, presenting solid performance for common tasks.

Reliability and Stability

Despite its compact size, the hub maintains durability even when accommodating multiple peripherals, retaining its stability without compromising functionality.

Compatibility and Functionality

Compatible with various devices, including Windows laptops and MacBooks featuring Type-C USB, optimal functionality necessitates full-featured Type-C USB, particularly for leveraging features like an extra monitor and charging capabilities. If such compatibility is unavailable, the hub can still serve as a basic USB hub with a memory card reader.

Summary: A Comprehensive Solution

In summary, the Lemorele TC19L is an exceptional quality hub with a sleek design that strikes a balance between portability and performance. It efficiently replaces the limitations of a single Type-C port with a multitude of input options, providing a comprehensive solution for connectivity.

This hub enables connecting monitors to devices that exclusively feature Type-C via standard HDMI, simultaneously supporting high-speed charging up to 100W.

While not exorbitantly priced, it could enhance value further by offering faster USB and memory card reader speeds.