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Review: LAMAX Storm1 40 watt Bluetooth speaker with three sound modes

Review: LAMAX Storm1 speaker offers a good overall package. The sound can be adapted to the situation and looks very balanced. A fair deal in 74.90 €

You can always get louder! This is probably what the manufacturer LAMAX thought with its latest Bluetooth speaker. The LAMAX Storm1 offers a huge 40 watts of total power, which is above average for a BT speaker of this size. In addition, the speaker manages the balancing act between outdoor and indoor use thanks to three sound modes. We took a close look at the product and indulged in the sounds. You can read all information below.

Two membranes, each with an output of 20 watts, are built into the chic turquoise housing . With a diameter of 53 millimeters, they are reasonably large and certainly get the box going. The loudspeaker plays with a good resolution at 18-80,000Hz and at least makes you want more on the data sheet. Regarding the battery life, it can already be said that we were voted positively here, as the manufacturer states 15 hours at 50 percent of the volume. We were even able to reach 16 hours , twice. If you turn up the music further, 80 percent will get 7 hours of playback; completely adequate. It is worth mentioning that you rarely let the speaker play more than 50 percent indoors, as it is already very loud with its 40 watts.

Specifications of LAMAX Storm1

Speaker Parameters2 × 20 W, Ø 53 mm, 80 Hz – 18 kHz
BatteryLi-Ion 6600 mAh
Playback TimeVolume 50 % – 15 hours
Volume 80 % – 7 hours
Charging Time3 hours
FunctionsBluetooth, AUX, microSD card, TWS, NFC, Hall Sound, Handsfree, Activate mobile assistant
Wireless TechnologyBluetooth 5.0
Water ResistanceIP67
Dimensions204 × 80 × 64 mm
Weight800 g

Design and operation of the Storm1 – that’s how it looks

Anyone who reads 40 watts and expects a large speaker will be disappointed. Whereby, disappointed is the wrong word here, because it is basically the goal of many manufacturers to install as much power as possible in such a compact housing. The black speaker is provided with turquoise elements that also form a frontal frame around the speaker. The exposed screws give a robust impression – the LAMAX Storm1 is at least  IP67 certified , which means that it can stay 1 meter under water for up to 30 minutes without being damaged. There is also a metal bracket on the side, which allows the speaker to be quickly attached to the backpack when hiking. On the back you can see a rubber flap that provides the inputs forHidden 3.5mm jack, micro SD card and USB-C cable .

The control unit is located on the head in the form of buttons. Here the loudspeaker can be switched on, songs can be skipped and turned up or down. Calls can also be accepted and rejected via buttons. The button on the far right is particularly worth mentioning; Here are three sound modes deposited that optimize the speaker for certain situations. There is a reverb mode for large rooms, a mode for particularly strong bass and a very balanced mode for all types of music.

Playback via three connectivity options

When it comes to music playback, the majority probably use a Bluetooth-enabled smartphone. The loudspeaker offers a good standard with Bluetooth 5.0 and ensures the best playback quality . However, a 3.5mm jack cable can also be connected. Just as practical, so that you don’t always have to take your smartphone out of your pocket: playback via micro SD card! For one or the other, this is a practical thing, as it also saves battery life on the mobile phone .

Three sound modes for optimal sound results? Our conclusion on the LAMAX Storm1

LAMAX advertises the Storm1 with three sound modes. In fact, clear differences can be heard when the button is pressed . The bass mode not only amplifies the bass audibly, but also noticeably; Here, however, the music distorts a little as soon as you turn up the pace and move above the 70 percent mark. The other two modes are also there for this purpose. If you switch on the reverb mode or the balanced mode, you can also fill larger rooms or smaller outdoor parties with sound. For the latter, the LAMAX Storm1 also offers the option of stereo coupling with another Storm1 . The aim is to offer an even more spatial sound experience.

The LAMAX Bluetooth speaker actually offers a good overall package. The sound can be adapted to the situation and looks very balanced. In bass mode you can let your music run at 10-20 percent of the overall volume and get a thumping sound. As with any other loudspeaker, this effect is reinforced if it is placed close to a wall. So the depths are better distributed in the room. The connectivity options offer every user the optimal type of connection and we also like the design. The speaker can be bought from the manufacturer for EUR 74.90 . A fair price.