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Review: LAMAX Base1 headphones: Inexpensive with a good overall package

Review: LAMAX Base1 is an inexpensive headphone with a sound that the tones are very bass-heavy . The mids and highs are not very finely resolved

Review: LAMAX Base1 headphones- Bluetooth headphones are a widespread gadget and can be found in almost every young household. The wireless variant of listening to music has many advantages and it is not without reason that it is becoming increasingly popular. The range of these products is correspondingly large. The following review is about the experiences with the LAMAX Base1. You will of course find out all the information about the product and our honest assessment of the Bluetooth headphones.

Headphones are not only used for pure entertainment in the form of listening to music. Many people also use them to help them concentrate while working or to reduce noise in public transport. In connection with the mobile phone, which is usually included anyway, Bluetooth headphones are one of the most common technical accessories. Due to the enormous popularity, the selection is also increasing continuously. The manufacturers want to trump with optics, technology and price . The latter is still a very strong criterion. This is exactly where the Base1 from LAMAX comes in.

LAMAX Base1: first impression of the simple headphones

The box is kept relatively thin and simple. It arrives with you with matt and glossy photo prints of the product and the most important facts. The brand color turquoise looks very modern in combination with white and black. If you open the packaging, you can pull out the headphones, which are placed around a box. The centrally positioned packaging accessories have not seen us in this form. However, it keeps all the small parts together and the headphones don’t have to be folded up.

In addition to the Base1 itself, the scope of delivery also includes an AUX to AUX cable, a micro-USB charging cable, three company stickers, an operating manual and the warranty card. The very light weight of the headphones is immediately noticeable. With only 180 grams , the Base1 are a real lightweight. To take with you everywhere, so the perfect companion. The colors are limited to black and the brand-typical turquoise. The company logo is still on the ear cups in silvery writing. The appearance is kept appealing and modern thanks to the few colors .

With the exception of a metallic surface on the ear cups and the leather-covered ear pads, the headphones are made of plastic. Thus, the low weight can also be justified. The materials appear robust but not of exceptional quality. From this point on we would like to throw in the price of only around 32 euros. This must always be kept in mind during this test . With this product, LAMAX is not addressing an extremely demanding target group with high purchasing power.

The length of the headphone hanger can be finely adjusted to different dimensions on both sides , but two hands are required for this. The ear pads are relatively soft and covered with black synthetic leather. A complete enclosure of the ears is not given here, so that ambient noise can still be heard very well. Inside there is only a thin turquoise fabric over the speakers. All buttons and connections are on the underside of the right side . The micro USB and AUX input is right next to four buttons. These can be operated perfectly, but do not have a very high quality and also leave an unpleasant acoustic feedback.

Satisfactory choice of materials and workmanship

The matte plastic feels good. LAMAX Base1 is printed on the upper part of the bracket. The underside is again padded and provided with a soft turquoise rubber, so the headphones do not press on the upper part of the head. When you put it on, you immediately notice the tightness. The Bluetooth headphones are therefore not suitable for wide heads. In general, there are much more comfortable models on the market. The battery life is specified as 20 hours and achieved similar times in our test. However, charging can only happen with a maximum of five volts. The use of Fast Chargers can cause damage – it’s a shame.

After a longer press of the switch, a status LED lights up and the LAMAX Base1 is ready to be paired. The connection to the smartphone via Bluetooth is always safe and reliable. The Bluetooth 4.2 connection works perfectly . The desired music can be played via Bluetooth, with the AUX cable or via a micro SD card . Thanks to the integrated slot for the small memory card, music can also be played without an additional medium. This is a real rarity and we like it a lot. The memory card sits securely and hidden near the hinge on the right handset.

Stable Bluetooth connection and integrated microphone

An integrated microphone also allows phone calls with the LAMAX Base1. If the smartphone rings, the call can be accepted with just one push of a button on the headphones. The quality of the voices is okay and short phone calls are no problem at all. In general, it can be said about the sound that the tones are very bass-heavy . The mids and highs are not very finely resolved. Here you have to make certain compromises in this price range. However, anyone who listens to the right music for this sound profile could be satisfied. For a price of EUR 31.90 you can get the LAMAX Base1 on the manufacturer’s website .