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Review: JIMMY JV85 – cordless vacuum cleaner with many extras

Review: JIMMY JV85 has exceptionally good suction power, which allows it to pick up gravel-sized things even with basic suction power.

Review: JIMMY JV85 – The previously tested JIMMY JV63 cordless vacuum cleaner has been in use ever since, which is not very surprising as it is an excellent vacuum cleaner. But now here’s the JIMMY JV85, which knows what the JV63 does, except it has a display, a wireless charger integrated into a wall mount, meaning you don’t always have to plug in the charger all the time, you just have to put it back in the mount and charge. An extra extra is that the battery is replaceable and the dust container does not need to be removed to empty it. Like the JV63, even with less suction power, it is very efficient, gravel, not large gravel, etc. no problem for him and can be used for up to 60 minutes on a single charge. It can also be taken from a European warehouse, from where it arrives within a maximum of a week and of course duty free. The price is not a penny category, but it is also not extremely expensive, usually approx. HUF 81,000. 

What is a cordless vacuum cleaner like?

As the name implies, it is a vacuum cleaner that does not need to be plugged in to use it. That is, it is battery-powered, so it is easy to carry, there is no need to plug it into another outlet if not just one room is cleaned.

A big advantage of such vacuum cleaners is that they are small and weigh a negligible weight, typically around 1-1.5kg, so they can be easily lifted high.

In addition, not only for vacuuming, but also for hard-to-reach places, furniture upholstery, car, etc. they are also very good for cleaning.


But perhaps most importantly, while traditional vacuum cleaners are typically hidden in a closet and need to be taken out and assembled, cordless vacuum cleaners are always at hand, so by the time a conventional vacuum cleaner is up and running, the cordless vacuum cleaner is ready to vacuum. .

The wall bracket helps with this (and there are some that stop without a bracket). So you will, take it off the holder, run around with it quickly and you’re done.


Who are you, JIMMY?

JIMMY is a brand name of KingClean Electric Ltd., a company that has existed since 1994 and is presumably interested in the manufacture of cleaning tools from its name. This is mainly a vacuum cleaner, but the manufacturer also offers, for example, a blender and an air purifier. It is a larger manufacturer that helps other manufacturers in addition to its own products and has a strong European presence, all of its products can be purchased from a European warehouse or web store.


It came worthy of a vacuum cleaner in a larger but light box that also has ears on top.

Adequately protected from injury. As you can see, each piece was given a separate bag to protect it from injury. Also, things at risk of depression have been cleverly placed by the manufacturer.

What’s in the package?

  1. tube
  2. vacuum cleaner
  3. electric vacuum head
  4. electric vacuum cleaner head for mattress and upholstery cleaning
  5. 2-in-1 square brush / tube
  6. 2-in-1 crevice brush / tube
  7. battery
  8. charger adapter
  9. charger (only needs to be supported for charging)
  10. rotating brush for carpet


JIMMY has always been able to say that the classic household cleaning machine represented a line with the exterior of its products – that is, more colorful, sometimes already intensely colored. In this case, it means restrained blue and gray the most.


During use


It really is like that in reality But it can also be used without a tube


The overall quality and use of the material is otherwise good and the tube is painted, the rest of it is colored in the material, so you should be less afraid of wear.

Let’s start with the basic machine, which is the vacuum cleaner itself, with the dust container.

Here even without the battery


The dust container has a door design, so you don’t have to take it off to empty it and the interesting thing is that it is not the bottom but the side that can be opened. This has significance in two respects, one is that it can be laid down on the ground as well. After all, if the bottom of the dust container could be opened, it would be large downwards, which would increase its height and would be much higher than the vacuum cleaner head.

However, care must be taken to ensure that only the back of the vacuum cleaner head and vacuum cleaner are supported, so that the pipe is slightly tensioned at the joints.


There is a power button on the transition between the handle and the tube, which is easily accessible, but protected by its location against accidental pressures. Below the power button is the gear shift button as well as the display.


Battery Location – As you can see, the battery contact is pin-shaped, which can be a cause for some concern that if you don’t insert the battery properly, they will bend. But this can’t happen because it’s designed to put you exactly where you need to go. Physically disabled, the battery cannot be inserted incorrectly.

Here is the battery, which has a cylindrical design. Unfortunately, it can only be charged in the vacuum cleaner, which is perfectly fine as long as there is only one of them, but if there are more, it would be good if you didn’t have to replace the vacuum cleaner to charge the battery. Of course it’s not a big deal, it’s just more than a convenience extra…

And it’s in place here

The other side

The big advantage is that the pipe, vacuum cleaner head joints are fine and can be disassembled without effort (this is not always the case, there are vacuum cleaners that need to be disassembled by force)

The dust container is 0.6 liters, which is already large enough and does not need to be removed because there is a door on the side. It has a horizontal layout, so the vacuum cleaner must be turned to the side. Usually the stuffy falls out of it well, but if you collect a lot of dust, it happens to be collected in a scoop and then you have to help it by hand.

The main vacuum head with a rotating brush. This is useful as it helps to pick up heavier pieces, collect dust. It has no lighting, but it can be without it, without any problems (of course, it is not useless).

There are typically two types of such vacuum heads:

  1. completely “hairy” and soft, which is recommended for parquet, hard surfaces
  2. and a partially hairy, partly soft plastic sheet. It is recommended for carpet or general use.

The JIMMY JV85 comes with both, so you are free to choose.

Seen from below

The downside to such a rotating brush is that the hair and hair can be curled up, but the manufacturers say this is not the case (and it seems to be).

But you can also use this brush

The smaller mattress / furniture upholstery cleaning head, also with a rotating brush

Seen from below

The rectangular brush

Which is actually dual function

And the other

It also has two functions

The tube

The wall mount, which is also your charger, meaning you don’t have to plug in the cable to charge it, because it’s always plugged into the mount. The charging is thus fully automatic, all you have to do is put the vacuum cleaner in place.

This is quite useful and incomprehensible as to why the manufacturer’s other vacuum cleaners don’t, because it’s nothing more than a piece of plastic with two wires and two terminals inside in the form of metal contacts – that is, a penny thing. The charger itself, and even the charger connector, is the same as the other vacuum cleaners from the manufacturer. In fact, of course, it’s not incomprehensible because there’s a marketing reason, as it’s a major argument for buying a slightly more expensive vacuum cleaner.

The disadvantage is that it must be drilled at the factory, but it can also be glued with a strong double-sided adhesive.


The two brushes can also be mounted on the two columns


What could possibly be a problem is that the vacuum cleaner itself cannot be charged with the charging adapter without the holder. Obviously, this is not a problem for almost anyone, because it is much more practical to charge with a wall charger, but if for any reason it is not possible, you should use the wall charger on the ground.

This can be solved, no problem, just less practical.

The display of JIMMY JV85

It has a display, which is useful because we see the remaining charge as a percentage and also provides information about the current suction power mode. This is a very lovable extra.

Uses of JIMMY JV85

It can be used like an actual vacuum cleaner, so with an extension tube, a conventional vacuum head (and of course any).


But it can also be used without a tube


Features of JIMMY JV85

Its maximum suction power is 23,000Pa, which is an extremely good value, providing a very powerful suction effect (500W motor, 100,000rpm, 185AW). The capacity of the powder container is adequate, 600ml.

It can be used in three suction power modes:

  1. eco (smallest)
  2. turbo (medium, default)
  3. maximum suction power

The filter system consists of a metal pre-filter and a HEPA filter.

A lot of things get stuck on the already metal pre-filter, including the dust (because it kneads dumplings out of it). What passes through is caught by the HEPA filter, which according to the manufacturer can be washed anyway, but after a while its replacement is inevitable (the price is 4-5000 HUF, so it is not dangerous and comes from a European warehouse).

The engine side of the HEPA filter was completely clean even after many uses, so filtration with 99.9% efficiency may be true. That is, nothing really gets into the exhaust air, you can’t even feel it, it doesn’t have the typical dust smell like the less successful vacuum cleaners.


Efficiency, usability of JIMMY JV85

Due to its low weight and maneuverability, it can also be used very well as a traditional vacuum cleaner. In terms of low weight, it is worth mentioning that the vacuum cleaner itself, tube and all without 1.8kg, while the JV63, for example, is only 1.4kg. This is partly due to the removable battery and the larger dust container with a door. They all add extra weight, but are still plenty good and comfortable to use.

The vacuum head can be moved up and down and rotated, so it is easy to navigate to the side even if we do not change position ourselves.


At its smallest point, it is 6, and then gradually increasing, it is 13 cm high, which means that you can reach quite a few places with it.

Adjustable to a horizontal position


Of course, efficiency is perhaps more important than other abilities and has proven to be (also) outstanding in that field.

Let’s just see what you can pick up – in the picture below, by weight:

  • sand
  • “gravel”
  • puppet
  • gravel

However, this gravel is not a little small thing

At the smallest (eco) suction power, he picked up almost everything, which is quite good (it contained sand, gravel, small pebbles, beans). Some beans and for some reason a gravel grain remained.

At medium suction, he swallowed everything except the two larger pebbles, which he had also picked up at maximum suction.

The hair and hair are not a problem either, and they also peel off the carpets hard enough – specifically, the fibers that remained inside the test carpet were removed smoothly and dust came out of a carpet that had previously been vacuumed.


And it also removes hardcore dirt from carpets very well – it should be mentioned that the other rotating brush is more recommended for the carpets that can also be seen in the video, because it is too dense, it is harder to move on and the plastic part on the other works the carpet better.But it can also be used well only with a pipe and a reducer The smaller, upholstery, mattress vacuum cleaner head works the furniture quite properly and the mattress collects bizarre things. 

Instead of sweeping

Although it is obvious, it is worth mentioning that it is much better to “sweep” with it, because on the one hand it is more comfortable and on the other hand it does not stir the dust, so it does not get into the air, which is really useful in case of allergies (anyway).

Noise level of JIMMY JV85

At a lower level it is quite pleasantly loud (if you can put it that way), at a higher level it already has a voice, but even then it is unbearable.

Battery, operating time

It can be used in three modes with three different suction forces: normal (45 minutes use), strong (20 minutes use) and maximum suction power, which is 23,000 Pa, 12 minutes use.

This changes when the electric head is not in use, in which case it can be calculated: 60, 23, 13 minutes.

You actually know these (and even a little more), which is good because an eco grade can be enough for a normal cleaning on a hard surface.

The battery is replaceable, which is an advantage because if there are more, these values ​​can be multiplied. One disadvantage is that it can only be charged when placed in the machine.

It is powered by a 7 x 2500mAh battery and the charging time is practically 4 hours per minute.


The Pro version

There’s a Pro version that adds a whole lot of good extras.


It can’t be said that this is already the 100th tested cordless vacuum cleaner, but it’s nowhere near the first, but it’s without a doubt the best.

After all

  • it has exceptionally good suction power, which allows it to pick up gravel-sized things even with basic suction power. And with maximum suction power, it eats even smaller pebbles, which reveals a lot about suction power.
  • strong filtration, nothing passes through the HEPA filter
  • very good operating time, with the electric vacuum head you have around 50 minutes in eco mode
  • mattress / upholstery cleaning vacuum cleaner head
  • wireless charging
  • display
  • easy dust container emptying
  • extra soft rotating brush for hard surfaces, parquet and harder for carpet
  • easy to disassemble
  • very few painted parts so they don’t wear out

It would be difficult to say something specifically negative, but only as an opportunity for development, extra:

  • battery charging without the vacuum cleaner
  • lighting for the vacuum cleaner head
  • possibly charging with a vacuum cleaner cord, although this is already more of a teasing category 
  • and it could be a bit cheaper for the extra battery, the current thirty thousand price is quite pulling