Review: JBL Quantum One

Review: JBL Quantum One makes the game and movie experience immense. Supported by good software, comfort and the real JBL sound.

Review: JBL Quantum One- Doing a multi-test in the middle of a pandemic is quite a challenge. Many manufacturers did not just have everything on the shelf, or were waiting for delivery. JBL was one of those manufacturers. Just after the Gaming headsets Multitest went online, JBL came running with their latest and groundbreaking gaming headset. We thought that was a shame, so we decided to review the JBL Quantum One after all.

JBL Quantum One

JBL is not a small player in the audio market. Most of them are mainly familiar with the JBL loudspeakers, including the beautiful  Classic , a model  that has made quite a name for itself over the years. JBL headsets are also known to us, but gaming? We are also very pleased to be able to test a gaming headset from JBL. Especially if the headset is equipped with new technology. The JBL Quantum One is equipped with QuantumSphere 360 ​​and head tracking: being surrounded by sound and following the movements of the head.

 JBL Quantum One

That sounds pretty futuristic, but it is a technology that is growing. This is partly due to Virtual Reality, which we also get something from within hi-fi. How wonderful would it be to virtually join a smoky jazz club in the late 1940s to experience up close how Miles Davis plays his trumpet. And all this with high quality audio reproduction. The importance of the technology that JBL puts into this headset is enormous, especially for  head-fi .

Functional and technological

The JBL Quantum One is equipped with a lot of technology and functionality. Headtracking has already been mentioned, but there is more. A certification for Discord, DTS X, RGB lighting and hi-res audio reproduction are mentioned as features. Because a gaming headset is not complete without RGB lighting. The complete housing is made of plastic. In the pillows we find a memory foam. This ensures a comfortable fit. Also Active Noise Canceling (ANC) should not be missing.

What strikes us is the support for all platforms. It doesn’t matter which computer or game console it is, the JBL Quantum One can be connected to it. That is a strong selling point. Inside find a 50mm driver that should provide a great audio experience. The frequency range is between 20 Hz and 40 Khz. The design is really focused on gaming. It looks sleek and a bit futuristic. What we really like are the buttons on the side. With this you can easily and quickly turn ANC or head tracking on or off. When putting on the headset you will immediately notice that it feels comfortable. Great for gaming or watching a movie a little longer.

 JBL Quantum One

The JBL Quantum One is available for 250 euros. If we compare that with the prices from the multi-test , the JBL is on the higher side. We also find the Corsair there, for example . The question for the JBL Quantum One now of course is, is it worth that amount?

Same test, different content

We are going to test the JBL Quantum One in the same way as the headsets in the multi-test. We’re going to play games, watch a movie and listen to music. Before we start, we must first install the JBL support software. Once that’s done, we can fine-tune the head tracking. We have to sit right in front of the screen and press a button. That is it! Then we start the game Red Dead Redemption 2. Shooting like a cowboy in the wild west. Then ride a horse over the immense plains. It looks breathtaking. The head tracking makes the experience even more credible. If something happens to the side, we turn our head towards it. We hear that on the side. But when we turn our heads towards it, we get to hear it right in front of us. In a firefight with other cowboys that is experienceover the top . It really gives gaming a new dimension, so in that sense: mission accomplished.

 JBL Quantum One

The overwhelming experience with JBL Quantum technology is special. We also use that when watching films and series, alternated with the DTX settings. For JBL Quantum we also have to calibrate first. We do this with the supplied microphone. Everything is done from the software center.

We watch the series Altered Carbon on Netflix, the first season. The JBL Quantum One is clearly designed for dynamics. That’s exactly what you get a lot from in this series. One moment the action scenes splash off the screen, the next it’s the sci-fi elements that come to life. The JBL Quantum One does that very well. The cheerful dynamic image continues with the music. A random selection from the top 40 brings us to the song Head & Heart – Joel Corry. That sounds exactly as we expect. Cheerful, cheerful and with good dynamics. Especially the middle and low are very neatly pushed forward. It sounds solid, but without being over the top. If you don’t want to listen to jazz or complex classical pieces, the JBL scores more than enough.

 JBL Quantum One

The other piece of audio on a gaming headset is of course the microphone. This can be disconnected. In addition to the connection for the microphone, we also find the 3.5mm and the USB-C connection. Slightly up we also find a button to immediately mute the microphone. We also find a wheel for volume, a button for ANC and a button for head tracking calibration. A recording with the microphone is very good. There is clarity and little disturbance from ambient noise. That makes the JBL Quantum One also suitable for use in an online meeting. JBL has apparently thought about this and integrated a simple turntable. This ends up on the desk. Right between the headset and PC connection. With this, the balance can be regulated very precisely.

Final verdict

The JBL Quantum One is a very impressive gaming headset. Nevertheless, we do have a few things we would like to raise. During a long gaming session or several episodes of a series, quite a bit of heat could build up. The ambient temperature also influences this. However, we saw with the Razer that this was handled a little better. If we compare the JBL with the Corsair, we see that JBL has chosen plastic for everything. This has an advantage that it is light. But it can also prevent it from feeling solid or “cheap”. JBL has paid so much attention to innovation and technology that the other is not so important. The sound experience is of an unprecedented level, but it is focused on movies and games.

 JBL Quantum One


JBL has brought a great headset to the market with Quantum and head tracking technology. The JBL Quantum One makes the game and movie experience immense. Supported by good software, comfort and the real JBL sound. Just what a gamer needs.

PLUS POINTS of JBL Quantum One

  • JBL Quantum sound
  • Headtracking
  • Comfort
  • Good software

MINUSES of JBL Quantum One

  • Heat dissipation could be better