Review: IKEA LILLHULT cables with Lightning

IKEA LILLHULT cables with Lightning are sturdy,long enough and available with many different connections on affordable price and handy to have one at home.

IKEA has had the LILLHULT cables for a while, which has recently also become available in a version of USB-C-to-Lightning. The cables are all relatively inexpensive, but are they worth it? We have tested the cables and share our experiences in this LILLHULT review.


Apple’s proprietary Lightning cables aren’t known for longevity. If your Lightning cable breaks, you can sometimes go back to the Apple Store, but you can also opt for a firmer cable. The LILLHULT cables from IKEA are definitely worth considering in our opinion. The cables are inexpensive and made of 100% polyester and are much more resistant to abrasion than Apple’s own cables. You can read all about our experiences in this IKEA LILLHULT review.

IKEA LILLHULT cables with Lightning

These are the main features of IKEA’s LILLHULT cables:

  • Multiple variants: Lightning-to-USB, Lightning-to-USB-C, USB-to-USB-C, USB-C-to-USB-C and Micro-USB-to-USB
  • Lightning variants MFi certified
  • Made of 100% polyester, extra sturdy
  • Different lengths: 1.5 meters and 0.4 meters (short versions not for Lightning)
  • Multiple colors: black and white, dark gray, orange (color varies by model)
  • With elastic band to easily roll up cable
  • Price from € 9.99 (Lightning) or € 3.99 (other models)
IKEA LILLHULT cables with Lightning

For this review we tested three different copies. It concerns these models:

  • Lightning to USB (1.5 meters, black and white)
  • Lightning-to-USB-C (1.5 meters, dark gray)
  • USB-C to USB (1.5 meters, light green)

The version of Lightning to USB-C has recently been added to the range. Reason enough for us to test the cables more thoroughly and to share our experiences. The cables are packed on a cardboard, with a tyrap to keep everything in place. Therefore, when opening with scissors, be careful not to accidentally cut the cable.

IKEA LILLHULT cables with Lightning

The biggest advantage is the price. With a price of € 9.99 for a certified Lightning cable, you are relatively cheap, especially if you compare it to the price at Apple ( € 35 for two meters). If you’ve just bought an iPhone 12 , but you’re missing a new regular Lightning to USB cable, then the LILLHULT cable is definitely worth considering. The cables work with all Apple devices and are suitable for all charging speeds. We use the Lightning-to-USB variant to charge the iPhone with a power bank on the go, while the Lightning-to-USB-C version is also ideal for at home to connect the iPhone to a MacBook, for example . You can also use the usb-c-to-usb-c version on your MacBookor iPad with usb-c, although we have not tested that version.

IKEA LILLHULT cables with Lightning

The cables can both charge your iPhone and sync it with your Mac or PC. You will therefore not notice any difference in use with a regular Lightning cable. Except that the cables wear less quickly, thanks to the sturdy material the cables are made of. They can therefore take a beating and are therefore ideal to put in your bag and take with you. The LILLHULT cables are also a bit thicker, but therefore a bit stiff.

For the past year and a half, we have regularly used the LILLHULT cables. One of them broke down after a few months. The Lighting connection only worked if you plugged it into the iPhone in a certain way . Fortunately, exchange was no problem and with all the cables after that, we fortunately did not experience this anymore.

The weak point of Apple’s Lightning cables is the part where the Lightning connector merges into the cable. In this IKEA version, this part is made extra sturdy with a rubber cover. You do not have to worry that the cable will quickly break there. A disadvantage of this is that the cable does not go around corners that easily, for example if you use your iPhone while charging.

Another aspect that we are satisfied with is the elastic band around the cable. With this elastic band you can easily roll up the cable when you are not using it, so it never actually gets tangled. You fold the elastic in half, so that your cable can always be taken apart easily. Moreover, you can also determine your own height during use. If you do not need the full one and a half meters, you can simply leave a part rolled up in the rubber band.


  • Inexpensive certified Lightning cable
  • Extra sturdy, both the cable and connection
  • Great length
  • Handy rubber band for winding up the cable
  • Various connections (USB, USB-C, Lightning)


  • A bit stiff due to the thickness


We are very satisfied with the IKEA LILLHULT cables for iPhone , iPad and Mac . The MFi-certified cables are sturdy, long enough and available with many different connections. For that affordable price from € 9.99 it is always handy to have one at home or to put it in your bag. They are a lot less vulnerable than Apple’s own cables, although they are a bit stiff.