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Review: Flitsmeister ONE- always receive notifications and rate speed cameras with a button

Review:Flitsmeister ONE has an automatic start function, but it used the motion sensor in your can easily be attached in your dashboard

Flitsmeister has released its first hardware product, the Flitsmeister ONE. This is a small box in the car that passes the flash to you, thanks to the Flitsmeister app. Is this a must-have for motorists or a little over the top? We have tested the Flitsmeister ONE.

Flitsmeister is one of the best-known traffic apps and has a close-knit community that reports speed cameras, accidents and more via the app. The disadvantage of this is that you have to do everything via your iPhone and that the notifications also arrive on it. This is unsafe without a car holder or CarPlay radio, but thanks to the new Flitsmeister ONE you can now leave your iPhone in your pocket. Thanks to the Flitsmeister ONE, you can see via sounds and lights whether there are speed cameras in the area or which other traffic inconveniences are coming your way. In this review of the Flitsmeister ONE you can read our experiences.

Flitsmeister ONE in short

These are the main features of the Flitsmeister ONE:

  • Small box for in the car
  • Works via Bluetooth with your iPhone
  • Start Flitsmeister automatically as soon as you connect
  • Warns of speed traps, dangerous situations, delays and emergency vehicles, also abroad
  • Notifications via sounds and colored light
  • Rate alerts using the buttons

The Flitsmeister ONE was not entirely invented by Flitsmeister. The cabinet originally comes from the Danish company Saphe, which has had the ONE in its range for years. They have already released the ONE + there. The Flitsmeister ONE is based on the first version and therefore has the same functions. The only difference is that it has a Flitsmeister logo on it and the buttons to rate warnings have been slightly modified.

Setting up the ONE is very easy. From the hamburger menu in the Flitsmeester app, select the ONE and follow the steps to pair it. You give Flitsmeister permission to use Bluetooth, hold the red button for three seconds and you’re done. After that, all you have to do is fix the ONE somewhere in your car. We have chosen to place it on the dashboard next to the car radio. The box is then well visible, so that you do not have to deviate from the road with your eyes to see the light. There are two adhesive strips on the back. These are quite sturdy, so choose the right place to hang it right away. If you are still in doubt, it is best to use an adhesive tape to temporarily attach it in this way.

Flitsmeister ONE in use

You can actually use the Flitsmeister ONE in two ways: with your iPhone in your pocket or with the app open, for example with your iPhone in a car holder or via CarPlay . All notifications also simply arrive on your iPhone. In both cases we think the ONE is an addition, although it is never really a must-have .

As soon as you get into the car and are near the ONE, a light will flash and a sound will sound. You will receive a message on your iPhone that Flitsmeister has started. Flitsmeister already had an automatic start function, but it used the motion sensor in your iPhone. Unfortunately, that does not always work well, but now there are also other ways to start Flitsmeister automatically. With the Assignments app, for example, you can automatically start Flitsmeister as soon as you connect via Bluetooth or CarPlay. Although the automatic start via the ONE works well, we do not think this is the main reason to get it. This function can easily be replaced by the aforementioned options with the Assignments app.

While driving, you will automatically receive warnings from Flitsmeister through the box. Each type of warning (speed trap, dangerous situation, delays and emergency vehicles) has a different sound and light. In the beginning it is puzzling which sound goes with which warning, but once you have driven them for a few days, you can tell them apart. The sound is very loud and you can hear it even with loud music. What we also like is that the light continues to flash or burn for a little longer, so that you can also see from the light what the warning is if you have just missed the sound.

The Flitsmeister One warns for all reports you receive from the Flash Meister, including traffic jams, road closures and section controls. It is a pity that you do not see the difference between a normal speed camera or a trajectory control. It is also not possible to set specifically for the Flitsmeister ONE which notifications you do or do not want to receive. The makers let us know that this is being considered. You also cannot adjust the sounds for the ONE yourself.

Flitsmeister ONE

Assess reports with Flitsmeister ONE

What we find the Flitsmeister ONE most practical for is when assessing a report. You only have to press the blue or red button to let you know whether a warning from a speed camera is appropriate or not. We find that a lot easier and safer than via the screen of your iPhone, because you can press the button on the ONE by touch. So you don’t have to scroll through a menu looking for the right button. We often use Flitsmeister on CarPlay, but in the background in combination with another navigation app. It is then possible in CarPlay to assess a report, but you have to switch between apps and you get distracted more quickly. The ONE prevents that with the two buttons at the front.

You contribute in a simple way, because Flitsmeister still relies to a large extent on the contribution of the users. By actively reviewing reports, you ensure that the information is accurate and up-to-date. We think the ONE is the most practical way to make Flitsmeister better and more reliable.

Unfortunately, it is not possible to report a message with the ONE itself. We would have found it useful if you could hold down a button to report a speed camera immediately, for example. A shortcut to the Report menu in the app would also have been a good addition, provided you put your iPhone in a car holder. These options are therefore lacking, so you can only assess warnings.

Flitsmeister ONE

Other practical points of the Flitsmeister ONE

The ONE uses a button cell battery (CR2450) that, according to the makers, lasts about two years. You can then replace the battery, so you don’t have to throw the ONE in the trash. At about 20 grams and 64 by 34 mm, it is quite compact, so there is always a place in the car to mount it. Only a black version is available, making it suitable for almost all cars.

We do think it is a pity that the ONE cannot be switched off easily. It will therefore always connect automatically, even if you do not want to for whatever reason. The only way to avoid this is to unplug your ONE or remove the battery. We think the price of the ONE is a bit on the high side for what you get for it. With about € 50 we think it is just a few tens too expensive.


  • Easiest way to review reports
  • Clear warnings of all kinds of traffic situations
  • Easy to attach in your dashboard


  • You can also start automatically for free via Assignments app
  • Few customization options
  • Pricey


The Flitsmeister ONE is a practical gadget, although it is not really a must-have for anyone . The warnings you get are practical and clear thanks to the sounds and the light in different colors. The real strength of the ONE lies in the fact that it is by far the easiest way to evaluate alerts. With the push of a button, you let us know whether a speed camera is still there or not and you contribute to the Flitsmeister community. You only have the advantage of automatic start if your car does not have a wireless car kit or CarPlay, because with the Assignments app you can do this yourself without ONE.

The Flitsmeister ONE is therefore not perfect. For example, we find it a pity that there are no more customization options. For example, you cannot choose which notifications are only transmitted via the ONE and there are no options for other sounds. It is also unfortunate that there is no way to report via the Flitsmeister ONE yourself, because you still need your iPhone for that.