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Review: eufy Security Indoor Cam: Inexpensive surveillance cameras

Review: eufy Security Indoor Cam is an Inexpensive but effective surveillance cameras for at home which is available in automatic and manual versions.

Review: eufy Security Indoor Cam – With the two eufy Security Indoor Cams presented today Surveillance cameras for the outdoor area, as well as a surveillance monitor for your own toddler. The eufy security indoor cameras are fresh on the market and come in a cheaper version and an extended model that can even be swiveled. With the cameras you always have your home in view.

While houses and apartments in the world are getting smarter, many users of such technology forget that surveillance cameras are becoming more and more affordable. With its latest security indoor camera series , the manufacturer eufy is introducing two models that are ideally suited to modern homes in plain white. We have tested both models and provide all the important facts in advance, so that we can then go into the use and benefits in everyday life .

eufy Security Intoor Cam – manual and automatic alignment

The indoor cameras from eufy are available in two different versions . While one variant has to be aligned manually and the camera head is more square, the slightly more expensive variant manages with an automatic turn and swivel head and can be adjusted via the app. Particularly useful for keeping an eye on even more corners of the apartment. But that is the only difference that the two indoor cameras bring with them. In the end, you decide for yourself which model suits you and your home better.

The package contents are the same for both models. You will find a micro USB cable and the eufy Security Indoor Cam that you have chosen. A manual is also included in the scope of delivery, but you do not need it if you are a little familiar with such technology. The connection to electricity is essential for use – the camera always has to be connected to the electricity and has no integrated battery, which is not a bad thing. The power consumption is kept within limits. The first impression of both cameras is not cheap, but rather high quality, as the plastic looks really good on the cameras. We like the design of both models. The manual swivel joint The cheaper camera still looks solid and can be locked continuously. 

One app for everything – this is how the eufy Security Indoor Cam is operated

The camera is paired after it has been connected to power and then reset. With a two-second press it goes into pairing mode and searches for a smartphone to connect. After a software update , the cameras are also linked directly and can be used. Functions such as real-time monitoring are immediately available. Always keep an eye on your own home – the way you want it to be. Of course, the camera has many alarm and monitoring functions that we would like to go into.

Automatic recognition of humans and animals

AI-supported software in both cameras even recognizes whether the objects shown are humans or animals. You can also be informed as soon as an animal or a person moves in the house . Practical if, as a cat or dog owner, you don’t have to be notified every time your pet sprints through the apartment. A storage option is also selected when the app is started. Videos can also be saved directly on the device or downloaded to the cloud. It is up to you which option you choose.

The picture quality is really very good . With a 2K resolution you actually get image and video material in the best quality . Objects are to be viewed in great detail; both in real time and in saved form. If you opt for the camera that can be swiveled via the app, you will also receive a virtual joystick when you call up the camera in the app . The head of the camera can now be adjusted. Automatic tracking of the ” action ” is also possible. Thus, persons detected in the room and the camera automatically follows them.

Few camera noises and adjustable LED

Anyone who dials into the ” eye ” of the security cam to see what the camera sees will be visualized with a blue LED on the camera itself. This can be switched off via the app. In addition to the high image resolution, we also like the low volume that the camera emits when you adjust its viewing angle. We would describe the noises when turning and panning as inaudible – even if you are sitting right next to it. If you also want to check that everything is in order at night when you are out of the house, no pet will be roused from its sleep.

Additional functions such as noise detection and “Activity Zones” are practical – don’t forget night vision!

The eufy Security Indoor Cam can also be used as a surveillance camera in the children’s room . Once placed, the camera detects loud noises such as those made by screaming children and notifies parents via push on the smartphone. With one click, you can immediately see that things are going well and keep things tidy via voice control or go to the children’s room in person. “Activity Zones” can be set in order to be alerted only if activities occur in these areas. Anyone who wants to get a look at night also receives an equally clear picture and recognizes the room as sharply as before.

In general, the cameras cut a really good figure . However, we would have liked USB-C as the connection standard. Unfortunately, eufy, the subsidiary of Anker, still relies on micro-USB. Although this is a point of criticism that can be dealt with, USB-C would be desirable in successor models . The processing is great and the functions in the app are extensive. The cameras even offer a means of communication via the integrated microphone and built-in speakers . A conversation via the app with the other person in the camera image is possible without any problems and works surprisingly well; there may be a slight latency depending on your internet connection. The prices are really customer friendly. The cameras are available for 39.99 and 49.99 euros respectively.

You can save 20 percent until July 17th, 2020 . With the cheap model with the code ” EUFYID2K1 ” and with the more expensive model with the code ” EUFYID2K2 “. For all Smart Home users, we would like to emphasize: Yes, the new eufy Security Indoor Cams are true Smart Home gadgets . They can be controlled by voice command, both with Apple HomeKit and with Google Assistant and Amazon Alexa. Really great indoor cameras for little money.