REVIEW: English Electric 8Sswitch Reader Tested

REVIEW:English Electric 8Sswitch Reader Tested-The cabinet is made of aluminum and provides good protection against mechanical and electrical influences.

English Electric 8Sswitch Reader Tested-The British cable manufacturer The Chord Company launched a new sub-brand in the spring: English Electric. The first product is an audiophile switch of 499 euros that should get the best out of sound equipment with a network connection. We immediately tested that ourselves , but we were also looking for three readers who wanted to get started with the 8Switch. Today we share the findings of our test panel!

English Electric 8Switch Reader

English Electric 8Sswitch Reader Tested

The English Electric is an 8-port Gigabit Streaming Switch where extra care has been given to critical points. Internally, attention has been paid to low and high frequency noise isolation and the internal clock. The 8Switch uses a custom TCXO (Temperature Compensation Crystal Oscillator) with an accuracy of 0.1ppm. That is a much better value than regular crystals, which according to the manufacturer ensures a more stable data transmission and a decrease in jitter. An EMI absorber ensures that electromagnetic interference is further reduced. The better performance, approach to (electro) mechanical influences and the reduction of jitter (90% less!) Provide a step forward in sound quality compared to normal switches.

English Electric 8Switch Reader: housing and power supply

English Electric 8Sswitch Reader Tested

The housing of the 8Switch has of course also received more attention than the housing of a normal switch. The cabinet is made of aluminum and provides good protection against mechanical and electrical influences. The feet ensure that there is a mechanical decoupling with the surface.

The medical-grade power supply is designed to reduce electrical noise and prevent grid irregularities from affecting the switch. The 8Switch comes standard with a high-quality The Chord Company C-Stream 0.75M network cable worth 50 euros for optimal performance.

English Electric 8Switch: Touch & Try Home test

Anyway, enough about the specifications and backgrounds of English Electric 8Sswitch Reader Tested. Time to discover how you liked the 8Switch! On the following pages you will find the reader reviews of Jan van der Meij,  Mart and Anita van der Vlugt, and Niek Wilkens, who were given ample time to become acquainted with the accessory in the past period.

English Electric 8Sswitch Reader Tested