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Review: EarFun Free Pro in-ears: Best in its price range

Review: EarFun Free Pro - The compact and lightweight EarFun Free Pro deliver a balanced sound, sit well and securely and, thanks to IPX5

Review: EarFun Free Pro – Compact, light, inexpensive: the EarFun Free Pro wireless headphones promise uncomplicated music enjoyment and lag-free sound with moving images. The test clarifies whether it’s true.

Wireless Bluetooth headphones at a hot price: The EarFun Free Pro offer good sound for 60 euros.about:blank

With the EarFun Air, he already showed us that the manufacturer can build good-sounding headphones for little money. Now the Chinese are adding compact plugs without an Airpod-like handle.

Connectivity TechnologyWireless
Form FactorIn Ear
Noise ControlActive Noise Cancellation

good sound

As with the Air, the sound is absolutely fine. Of course, there are colleagues who show more brilliance and subtlety. But for 60 euros you get a largely balanced performance that doesn’t capitulate even in the face of powerful bass. This allows you to relax and listen to music for a long time.

ANC expandable

The noise suppression (Active Noise Canceling) works in three stages, which can be switched through by tapping the left earbud three times: Noise Canceling, Ambient Sound (transparent for ambient noise) and normal (without ANC). The mode is announced in each case. The idea is not really convincing, the difference between normal and ANC is often barely noticeable. Since the plugs cover the ear canal quite tightly anyway, the environment is well damped by default.

The biggest change comes from the ambient sound, which amplifies voices and noises. As a result, there is also a slight background noise, but this does not disturb and is drowned out while the music is playing.

Operation via sensor buttons

The volume as well as the start / stop and track jump can be controlled directly on the earphones. The sensor surfaces usually react reliably, whereby the usual method of tapping three times for this, twice for that, once for that requires familiarization as usual and sometimes goes wrong.

The voice assistant of the mobile phone is supported so that you can start calls or control music playback on demand. EarFun does not (yet) offer an app for fine tuning.

Comfortable seat, suitable for sports

The 4.1 gram EarFun Free Pro sit securely and comfortably, the manufacturer includes a total of four attachments and two earhooks in different sizes. Thanks to IPX5 certification, the earphones are protected against sweat and splash water and are therefore suitable as a pacemaker during training.

The connection to the smartphone is stable via Bluetooth 5.2. If you like to play with your smartphone or watch movies, you can switch to low latency mode with a delay of less than 100 ms for synchronous sound with the picture. 200 ms are normal. The Bluetooth range suffers from this, so EarFun recommends normal mode when listening to music. However, we could not find any difference in the practical check. A2DP, AVRCP, HFP and HSP are supported on Bluetooth profiles.

The EarFun Free Pro case is charged via USB-C or wirelessly.

The compact charging case is refueled using the supplied USB-C cable, but can also be wirelessly powered on a Qi-Pad. The headphones run for 7 hours without ANC (6 hours with ANC). With a charging case, you get a total of 32 hours without ANC (with ANC: 27 hours). Thanks to the quick charge function, 10 minutes on the cable is enough for 2 hours of playtime.

EarFun Free Pro – Conclusion

The compact and lightweight EarFun Free Pro deliver a balanced sound, sit well and securely and, thanks to IPX5, are also suitable for athletes. With one battery charge, you can get through the day well even with intensive use. The ANC is hardly noticeable, however.

In view of this, a look at the sister model EarFun Air worthwhile for bargain hunters (here’s the test) . This dispenses with ANC, but thanks to the proximity sensor it stops and starts playback automatically as soon as you take a receiver out of your ear or put it back in again.