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Review: EarFun Air Earbuds: Wireless headphones with ANC

Review: EarFun Air Earbuds is an entry level Wireless headphones with wireless charging and ANC left a positive impression on its users and us

After Apple first presented the AirPods to the public in 2016, the product group of wireless Bluetooth headphones literally took off. Almost every large technology company now offers at least one model. The elimination of the jack connection also favored the switch to wireless Bluetooth headphones. We are testing the new EarFun Air for you today. What is special compared to the competition: almost fully technical equipment at a price of less than 60 euros.

In the past two years, wireless headsets have become gadgets that are suitable for everyday use . The battery life is decent and most models have a shelf life of at least two years. Low latencies and a stable Bluetooth connection also contributed to the success. The Chinese company EarFun specializes in every type of wireless music enjoyment . In addition to the EarFun Air, Bluetooth speakers, over-ear headsets and other headphones are also offered.

EarFun Air – an overview of the scope of delivery, technical data and first impression

Anyone who thinks that EarFun must have saved somewhere at a price of less than 60 euros is wrong. The EarFun Air are delivered in a compact yellow / white cardboard box, on which the headphones themselves and their technical specifications are printed. The following accessories are also available :

  • EarFun Air headphones
  • Charging case
  • USB-C charging cable
  • 4x in-ear attachment pairs
  • operation manual
  • Warranty card

We would like to positively highlight the USB-C standard , because especially in the lower price segment, many competing products still rely on the aging micro USB connection. Unpacking is also a pleasure. The yellow colored box is closed by a magnet and can be opened from the side. Then you will find the headphones including accessories, softly embedded in black foam. The charging case itself is slightly larger than that of the AirPods and colored matt black. This ensures a comfortable and non-slip feeling in the hand. The general workmanship is okay considering the price, nothing rattles or wobbles.

Now we would like to go into a few more technical specifications . The EarFun Air are equipped with the current Bluetooth 5.0 standard. This not only saves energy, but also ensures long ranges. In addition, four microphones are installed to ensure good voice quality for calls or voice messages  and noise canceling. The in-ear plugs and the enclosed charging case can be charged wirelessly – not even the entry-level AirPods, which are 100 euros more expensive. Furthermore, EarFun has integrated full touch control on the sides of the headphones. The IPX7 standard also ensures that the EarFun Air can also be used during sports without any problems , so sweat and moisture are no problem

Do the EarFun Air convince with their lavish features?

We would like to start with the pairing process and wearing comfort of the wireless Bluetooth headphones from EarFun. To connect to the smartphone or tablet for the first time, all you have to do is open the charging case. The wireless headset will then appear under the available Bluetooth devices. After the first pairing process, the EarFun Air then always quickly connected to our test device, an iPhone 11 Pro. If you want, you can of course use the headphones on a laptop, Android smartphone or tablet. Practical: if you remove one of the two plugs from your ear, playback pauses automatically.

To find the right fit, EarFun also supplies four different in-ear attachments . Both the small and medium-sized essays suited us best. Everyone should try something around here. Often the sizes even differ from the left to the right ear. When we found the right fit, we were positively surprised: The EarFun Air seal very well ! The shielding is additionally supported by the four built-in microphones and noise canceling . This significantly reduces ambient noise. Wearing the EarFun Air was comfortable even after a long time – everyone should decide for themselves whether In Ears are the right choice.

A few words about the sound, latency and range of the entry-level headset

Now we also have to get rid of some criticism. First of all, a small conclusion on the sound : If you keep the price of less than 60 euros in mind, I am satisfied with the general sound. The mids are a bit flat, but the EarFun Air delivers sufficient highs and also some bass. Anyone who is not a music lover and plans to use the headphones for sporting activities, on the bus or train, as well as occasionally watching videos, will be satisfied here. We would like to positively highlight the range, which is due to the Bluetooth 5.0 standard . Several meters and even medium-thick walls, depending on whether concrete, wood, plaster or similar, are no problem.

However, we would like to cite the minimum latency as a drawback . For example, if you watch a video on YouTube that shows a person speaking, the lips are a bit asynchronous. This is not annoying, but should be considered when buying.

Then we would like to come to a few positive aspects of the EarFun Air: The intuitive operation , the ample battery life and the solid microphones. The manufacturer specifies a battery life of 7 hours for the headphones themselves, and combined with the case even up to 28 hours should be possible. After a few charging cycles, we were able to achieve around 6 hours at medium to high volume – a solid value. Together with the case we came to a little over 25 hours, also here chapeau. This ensures a long weekend without a charger. The EarFun Air can then deliver two more hours of music enjoyment in just 10 minutes. The remaining capacity is visualized on the case and the earplug itself using LEDs .

A full charge takes just under two hours. If you want, you can place the charging case horizontally on a Qi-Pad and charge the headphones including the housing wirelessly . A real unique selling point in this price range. We were just as impressed by the integrated touch controls. Both earplugs can be touched and controlled with your finger. The following gestures are supported:

  • Soft: Long touch on the left
  • Louder: Long touch on the right
  • Play / pause: double tap left / right
  • Voice assistant: triple tip on the left
  • Next title: Triple tip right
  • Call control: double tap left / right

There are other short gestures in the operating instructions , for example for holding or placing calls. The manufacturer has really thought of everything here. In contrast to many other wireless headphones, the EarFun Air can be easily controlled with a fingertip and without the smartphone. This is particularly beneficial for sporting activities.

A successful overall package for the price quoted: A conclusion on the wireless headphones from EarFun

As a final conclusion, the EarFun Air left a positive impression on us . Scope of delivery and processing are neat. The sound also fits for the price. The technical data in general are convincing. We would only rate the low latency as a point of criticism. The intuitive touch operation, the solid battery life , the clear microphones (incl. NC), as well as USB-C and wireless charging are particularly positive . These features are otherwise only found in higher price ranges. Thanks to these functions and Bluetooth 5.0, the wireless headphones are also future-proof .

If you are currently working at home, you should take a closer look at the wireless EarFun Air, the battery life and voice quality are convincing. You can also find more home office gadgets on our site. Anyone interested can order and try the EarFun Air in black and white for a price of 59.99 euros .