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Review: Dreame T20 Pro Variable cordless vacuum cleaner

Review: Dreame T20 Pro Variable cordless vacuum cleaner is A convincing overall package with small defects and a fair price

Thanks to the technological advancement in the rechargeable battery sector, batteries have not only become more compact, but also more powerful at the same time. In this context, mobile battery vacuum cleaners are also gaining ground. We have tested a model for you with a particularly large number of attachments and high suction power, the Dreame T20 Pro. Here you can read our impressions of the device.

A variety of brushes ensure flexibility

As a manufacturer, Dreame has been represented in the field of mobile vacuum cleaners for several years . Among other things, we have already tested the company’s Dreame D9 vacuum robot . Today, however, we are looking at the handheld vacuum cleaner, which primarily wants to score with its variability .

Lush scope of delivery and chic design: First impression and commissioning of the Dreame T20 Pro

The T20 Pro is the bigger brother of the T20 , the differences are mainly in the larger scope of delivery, which has an additional battery, additional brushes and a lot more to offer. The vacuum cleaner is delivered in a simple black cardboard box , on which the device itself is depicted again. In addition to the brushes and attachments, there are the  following products :

  • Dreame T20 Pro
  • Suction pipe (fixed)
  • Suction pipe (flexible)
  • Wall bracket
  • 2x battery
  • power adapter
  • operation manual

The two batteries in particular are special in the price range of the T20 Pro and should therefore be highlighted positively. Practical here: the wall bracket has an additional compartment where the second battery can be stowed away when not in use . In addition to these products, you will receive a not inconsiderable number of other brushes and attachments in the scope of delivery :

  • Brush for carpets
  • Brush for smooth floors
  • Brushes for cracks and corners
  • Compact brush for deep cleaning
  • Narrow long tube attachment
  • Wiper module

The low weight makes it easy to use

In the next section we will tell you how the individual brushes perform and how the T20 Pro performs in general. All in all, the scope of delivery is really generous and the first impression is solid. Although the device is made entirely of plastic , it is of high quality and does not creak. The general look reminds us a little of comparable models from Dyson . But what is the suction power like? We’ll tell you.

Use and suction power: What are the individual brushes and batteries good for?

Let’s start directly with the operation and handling of the battery vacuum cleaner. The weight is just okay at around 1.7 kilograms. Even smaller people should be able to use the T20 Pro hands-free for 20 minutes at a time. The vacuum cleaner sits comfortably in the hand thanks to its curved handle and the button is easy to reach. There are two buttons on the top, one for switching on and off and one for continuous operation. If you press the lock symbol on the top, the vacuum cleaner remains permanently activated and you don’t have to keep the button pressed all the time, a clever thing we think.

All commands and the set suction power, which can be selected between the modes Eco, Automatic and Turbo , are shown on the display in real time. Here we have to give Dreame the first review, but also praise it at the same time. On the one hand, the display is really well resolved, colored and generally looks really neat. Unfortunately, Dreame gambled away this plus point with a really unnecessary sticker on the display. If you remove this, extremely unsightly adhesive residue remains, which can only be removed with warm soapy water and a lot of work . You could have saved yourself that.

The sticker on the display leaves unsightly residue

You switch between the three modes using the on and off button . The volume varies a lot. In eco mode, the T20 Pro hardly interferes when vacuuming, in turbo mode, on the other hand, it is really quite loud. However, we would recommend the automatic level for normal carpeting, as this is completely sufficient and the suction power varies independently depending on the surface. The battery life here is around 20-30 minutes . In the energy-saving eco mode, according to our experience, you can run for up to an hour depending on the surface. In the Turbo Mudos, on the other hand, it already ends after 6-7 minutes, but here the suction power is really extremely good at 25,000 Pascal .

The batteries can either be recharged in the device or directly at the charging station

All in all, the suction and battery power is really decent, especially when you consider the second battery included in the scope of delivery . The enclosed wall bracket is intended to ensure space-saving storage of the Dreame T20 Pro. The assembly is done quickly, but you need two screws of your own . Attaching and removing the vacuum cleaner is quick and intuitive. The holder offers space for two of the enclosed brushes on the left and right. The top serves as a storage compartment for the additional battery .

Another advantage of the wall bracket: The Dreame T20 Pro and the additional battery are charged in it at the same time . A charge takes about 3.5 hours per battery. In our opinion, this could be done a little faster .

In addition to the good suction and battery power, the T20 Pro can also score points when it comes to the choice of brushes . The normal main carpet brush works well and cleans deeply. Likewise the more compact carpet brush for smaller corners . The flattened suction tube is particularly well suited for sofa seating and is therefore also quite interesting for drivers. A special brush that we haven’t seen from competing models is the one for hard floors.

The kinkable hose can be pulled out twice as long

The hard floor attachment consists of a soft roller which removes the dust together with the suction power. But the real feature of this brush is behind it: the wiping module . If necessary, you can fill the enclosed module with water, open the tank using the slide control and then attach it to the brush. The mop holds magnetically and is therefore quickly installed. So you clean your kitchen floor dry before and at the same time you wipe it wet afterwards. In our test, which has worked well and truly is a unique selling point. Especially people with a lot of hard floors can benefit a lot from it.

The wiper module is a special feature of the device

However, we recommend  cleaning the mopping cloth attached with Velcro more often, otherwise it will start to smell unpleasant. Don’t worry, the rag can easily be cleaned in the washing machine .

A convincing overall package with small defects and a fair price

Our conclusion can be quickly summed up: A powerful overall package with only a few defects. Overall, the Dreame T20 Pro was able to convince us. The double design of the batteries, the clever wall bracket and the high suction power speak for the device. There is also a large selection of brushes and the wiper module is a unique selling point for the manufacturer .

As a criticism, we would cite the unnecessary sticker on the display , the relatively long battery charging times and the short runtime in turbo mode. If you can live with these minimal restrictions, the Dream T20 Pro for 399 euros (on Amazon) is a solid overall package and a great mobile battery vacuum cleaner for many purposes.