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Review: Dewallie exhaust fan – Smokeless Laser Engraving

Review: Dewallie exhaust fan - Smokeless laser engraving, cutting - Dewallie Laser Engraving Exhaust Fan: A Breath of Fresh Air

Dewallie Laser Engraving Exhaust Fan: A Breath of Fresh Air

During laser engraving, the emergence of various odors and smoke poses a challenge that demands effective solutions. Dewallie offers an impressive answer with its premium-quality exhaust fan, addressing the issue with finesse. The fan, complemented by a remote control featuring a sleek glass surface, proves to be a modern and efficient choice for managing these concerns.

Unboxing and Contents

The product arrives in a standard-sized brown box, containing essential components:

  • Remote controller
  • Fan unit
  • Instruction papers
  • Mounting dowels and screws
  • Self-adhesive strip

Design and Setup

The fan’s design is cylindrical, bearing the manufacturer’s logo and distinct orange straps that secure the inlet and outlet sections in place. Setup requires minimal effort, as it comes with a plug compatible for use in Hungary and can be directly connected to a socket.

Starting the device involves switching the physical button on the back of the remote control to the “on” position, enabling straightforward activation. With a fan inlet and outlet size of 150 mm, compatibility with corresponding tubing or reducers ensures seamless integration.

Efficiency and Performance

In practical usage, the fan emerges as remarkably effective, particularly evident during laser engravings. It efficiently expels smoke and eliminates concerns of excessive smoke accumulation within enclosed spaces, resulting in virtually smoke-free work environments.

Technical Specifications

  • 8-blade fan design
  • 300Pa suction power
  • 530m3/h air delivery
  • 2550 rpm
  • Remote control with a 25m range
  • Touch-sensitive remote control interface


The Dewallie Laser Engraving Exhaust Fan provides a significant advantage in managing smoke during laser engraving tasks. Its efficient performance, coupled with the user-friendly remote control and modern design, creates a positive experience for users. While its application might be limited to specific scenarios, it stands as a recommended solution for those seeking an effective and stylish approach to smoke extraction in enclosed spaces.


  1. Efficient Smoke Extraction: The Dewallie exhaust fan effectively removes smoke during laser engravings, ensuring a clean and safe workspace.
  2. Modern Design: The remote control’s glass surface and touch-sensitive interface offer a contemporary and user-friendly experience.
  3. Simple Setup: The plug-and-play nature of the fan’s setup makes installation hassle-free and quick.
  4. Quiet Operation: The fan operates quietly, contributing to a comfortable working environment.


  1. Limited Application: While excelling in smoke extraction during engravings, its utility might be limited to specific tasks.
  2. Basic Appearance: The simple barrel-shaped design may not be as visually appealing as some other options.