Review: DESI Hygiene Set : Disinfect effectively with water

Review: DESI Hygiene Set - The current pandemic demands a high level of cleanliness from us thus Hygiene is currently more important than ever

Review: DESI Hygiene Set – Hygiene is currently more important than ever. The current pandemic demands a high level of cleanliness from us and we are constantly confronted with the disinfection of hands or objects. Over time, the alcohol it contains attacks the skin barrier and also some surfaces. The German brand DESI has launched something innovative among the hygiene gadgets on the market and advertises a water-based disinfection. We tested a DESI hygiene set and report on our experiences with the three products.

DESI hygiene set consisting of three parts for household and office

Our set for testing consists of three components. The DESI plasma fluid, the DESI monitor and the DESI sprayer complement each other perfectly and cut a fine figure in a set. The plasma fluid looks like a small bucket with a lid. Of course there is a lot of technology behind it and the comparison is only for the visual description. The colors black and white dominate the product. The material used is high quality plastic , which does not feel cheap or even inferior. The container has a total of nine liters.

The black body has a matt and therefore insensitive surface . The white areas are glossy and, thanks to their light color, are nevertheless insensitive to dust. The base contains the technical components and the control panel of the DESI plasma fluid. The dark bucket and a white basket for the items to be disinfected are placed on top. The basket can also be used upside down for smaller or fewer objects, thus reducing the volume and saving water . A lid is put on while the process is running.

DESI plasma fluid for effective disinfection

Once all parts have been assembled and water has been filled in, disinfection can be started. The process can be initiated on the control panel in the front. Either an individual time between ten and 40 minutes or a special program is selected for this. Here you can choose between vegetables, fish, cutlery, meat, storage jars and more. An LED ring continuously shows the progress. The DESI Plasma-Fluider can not only disinfect objects and thus free them from harmful viruses and bacteria , but can also simply prepare the water that is filled in for a subsequent individual disinfection of surfaces and the like.

The water is a little cloudy after the process and after opening the lid, a slightly chlorine-containing odor emanates from the device. However, this is not biting and is more likely to be associated with cleanliness. A plasma-based process has sterilized normal tap water by creating free radicals. When they come into contact with viruses and bacteria, these new hydroxyl radicals break down their fat layers. As a result, the microorganisms dry out, cannot spread any further and die. With this water, surfaces and the room air can now be sterilized without the addition of chemicals .

DESI sprayer as the perfect addition for the disinfection of surfaces

This is where the DESI sprayer comes in as the next product. The one liter spray bottle is operated electrically and thus guarantees an even and extremely fine spray mist. Once the sprayer is switched on, a constant mist is emitted. So there is no need to hold down a button, which makes it easy to use. There are four status LEDs on the top  , which visualize the battery level. The micro-USB charging port is located in the rear of the handpiece. A rigid eyelet can be used to hang up the DESI sprayer.

The special spray bottle is not only suitable for cleaning and disinfecting surfaces, but can also use the water from the plasma fluid to tame viruses and bacteria in the air . The fine spray mist reduces the risk of aerosols in the air and actively combats it. The fill level can be read at any time through the slightly transparent bottle. The simple and intuitive operation is a big plus point of the DESI Sprayer.

DESI Monitor: Air quality based on the traffic light principle as an overview

The DESI monitor measures and visualizes the air quality in the room. The compact screen with a size of 4.3 inches is framed by a black casing. The materials metal and plastic are used here. The workmanship is just as solid as with the other DESI products. Only three buttons on the top make it easy to use. There is an on / off switch and a forward and back button. This allows you to choose between different views. The clear traffic light system is suggested as the standard.

The monitor has a battery life of around nine hours, but can also be operated continuously via the micro-USB connection to the socket . However, we do not see this as a point of criticism in the constant measurement of the air quality with various parameters and the pleasantly bright display. In addition, from our point of view, the product does not have to be flexible in terms of placement. With the DESI monitor you always have the following values ​​in view :

  • AQI as an air quality index
  • PM values ​​alias fine dust pollution
  • Carbon dioxide content
  • Highly volatile foreign matter as value TVOC
  • Relative humidity displayed as HUM
  • Room temperature

All values ​​are assigned a color from green, yellow and red according to the traffic light system . In addition, the history of the last eight hours can be displayed. The date, time and battery level are also visible on every screen setting. At a glance, you can immediately see the excess of a value and countermeasures can be taken quickly . Here, either ventilation can take place or the DESI sprayer can be used with the water from the DESI plasma fluid.

Areas of application and advantages of the DESI hygiene set

The household should be mentioned as an area of ​​application for this set in particular. Due to the capacities of the plasma fluid and the spray bottle, it does not make sense to use it in an open-plan office. As food and objects can be disinfected, it could also be used specifically for households with babies or toddlers. For some small companies , however, the DESI Hygiene Set products might still be sufficient. A small sales room or a normal office are definitely also conceivable as an application location.

The plasma fluid is priced at around 240 euros. In any case, the costs for the replaced disinfectants must be offset here. The sprayer costs around 32 euros. Here, too, we see the price as reasonable . The DESI monitor costs around 170 euros and has a constant overview of all air quality values. Only the micro-USB charging ports could be improved with the USB-C standard. The workmanship and quality of all products convinced us throughout the test . DESI’s products are definitely useful and very innovative these days. Chemical disinfection can finally be bypassed with the technology of the plasma fluid. On the DESI manufacturer’s website you will get all information about the tested DESI hygiene set and the other portfolio.