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Review: Cellularline Hi-Gens Sterilizer : Hygiene in 1 minute!

Cellularline Hi-Gens Sterilizer is a very useful item in the time of pandemic as it clean your daily items regularly and save yourself

Review: Cellularline Hi-Gens Sterilizer – If you clean your daily items regularly, you can save yourself the odd cold. Such measures have become even more important in times of pandemics. If you think one step further, you cannot ignore sterilizers. Small, mobile boxes in which you can clean your most important items with ultraviolet light (UV-C). 

sterilization of 99.99 percent promises Cellular Line with the Hi gene. The UV-C light is supposed to kill bacteria, viruses and germs and thus leave an almost completely cleaned surface. Especially in times of Corona , such sterilization options are welcome, because smartphones, keys or your own glasses do not want to be immersed in a bath of disinfectant. With the Hi-Gens , objects are freed from germs and bacteria in less than a minute – without any liquid or a wet wipe.

Cellularline Hi-Gens sterilizer against dangerous viruses on smartphones and co.

The UV-C LEDs only need one minute to work and in this time they neutralize 99.99 percent of all viruses and germs on the surface of an object that fits under the hood. But larger objects can also be cleaned with the Hi-Gens. The hood can also be used as a simple UV-C hand lamp and thus wanders over the object to be sterilized.

The special thing about the Hi-Gens sterilizer is its compact folding dimensions, because the product can easily be folded apart and folded again. So, pack size for your handbag or backpack easily reached. When you arrive at your destination, the sterilizer is quickly unpacked and connected to the socket via USB-C . It can be used again in less than three steps and can disinfect important everyday objects such as glasses, keys, AirPods or your own smartphone .

How does the sterilizer work in everyday life?

As already mentioned, there is space for the Hi-Gens in every bag and backpack. When you have arrived at home or at your destination, you take the product out of your pocket and unfold it with one movement . Now you put the lower plate on a table, place the object on it that you want to sterilize and then put the unfolded box on top. The sterilization process is started by pressing the red glowing button – the active process is visualized by a green glowing button. After a minute the button lights up red again and the process is finished.

Automatic shutdown & a variant with wireless charging

If you remove the box before the end of the process , the UV-C lights switch off automatically . Safety first. By the way, you can also place your smartphone on top of the lid of the Hi-Gen and use it as a smartphone stand. It becomes even more practical with the Hi-Gens variant, which supports wireless charging ; recognizable by a + symbol on the lid. Thus, the sterilizer also serves as an inductive charging station for your mobile device. More on this on the product page linked below. The following is an overview of all the important facts.

  • 100% safe thanks to automatic shutdown
  • Very compact thanks to the foldable box
  • Hi-Gens & USB-C cable is included – no power supply
  • Effective sterilization: bacteria and germs are killed within a minute
  • The Hi-Gens sterilizer contains certified LED lamps that emit ultraviolet (UV) light at the UV-C wavelength

Incidentally, the dimensions are 20 x 10.3 x 2.5 centimeters when  folded. The Hi-Gens weighs 236 grams in total. In our test, the product always worked well and folding and unfolding it several times was never a problem. If you are still looking for a suitable hygiene gadget with which you can ensure rapid sterilization while on the move, the Hi-Gens from Cellularline is the perfect choice.

We would also like to mention that Cellularline Hi-Gens Sterilizer is not battery-powered , which would be a great addition to future products in the range. That would make you much more flexible, even if you can operate the tested model with a power bank on the go. You can buy the product at MediaMarkt and Saturn, among others. The normal version costs around 60 euros, while the version with a wireless charging pad costs 80 euros.