Review: Cecotec Power Matic-Ccino 7000 fully automatic coffee machine

Review: Cecotec Power Matic-Ccino 7000 is an entry level fully automatic coffee machine which will satisfy the customers who are home users

Coffee – one of the most popular drinks in the world alongside water. For one, the classic filter coffee is enough, for the other it may also be freshly ground coffee made from Arabica beans. Fully automatic coffee machines cover as many tastes and varieties as possible. They offer a variety of drinks and setting options. The Cecotec Power Matic-Ccino 7000 from the Nera series promises to cover all classic coffee variants and at an entry-level price. We tested the fully automatic coffee machine.

Loyal readers will already know Cecotec as a brand . Some time ago we let the Cecotec Conga 5090 vacuum robot compete against the Roborock S6 . However, in addition to smart household helpers, Cecotec also makes various kitchen appliances such as the Juice & Live 3000 EasyClean juicer , which we have already tested. Today everything revolves around  the topic of coffee , here too Cecotec offers many different machines and series. We put the Power Matic-Ccino from the 7000 series on the tooth.

The first start-up: A look at the scope of delivery and quality of the Cecotec Power Matic-Ccino 7000

The 7000 series from Cecotec represents the entry point to the “full-fledged” coffee machine. For example, there is no handle on the outlet that has to be replaced after each coffee, as is the case with cheaper models. The Ccino 7000 grinds fresh beans and covers almost all drinks with the help of the enclosed milk container. But first we come to the scope of delivery and first impression of the device. Cecotec packs the following products in large boxes:

  • Ccino 7000 fully automatic coffee machine
  • Milk container including hose
  • Measuring spoon
  • Metal plate (cup heater)
  • Cleaning brush
  • Additional rubber seals
  • Replacement milk hoses (2x)
  • operation manual

The first impression of the machine is okay. Everything is solidly processed and according to the price. However, as usual, the black high-gloss finish is prone to scratches, fingerprints and dust . So here you should clean the machine more often with a cloth. The white model is certainly easier to care for here. Otherwise, the fully automatic coffee machine with 45x27x35.5 centimeters and a weight of 10.5 kilograms has the  usual dimensions for its class .

Before the first coffee can flow out of the machine, you should always rinse the machine through completely . The removable water tank with a capacity of 1.7 liters is located in the left side cover. In addition to the water, the container for the beans must also be filled. This sits on the top and offers space for up to 250 grams of coffee beans . After the first filling, all you have to do is place the metal plate on top to keep the cups warm and the Ccino 7000 is ready for use.

If you start the machine it will be preheated for a few seconds . The device then briefly rinses its nozzles and hoses. Since this process is repeated every time the appliance is switched on, we recommend placing a cup under the appliance for the used water. This saves the frequent emptying of the removable drip tray. In order to remove any residues from production and to rinse everything through once, we drained several cups of hot water from the machine before our first coffee. The taste of the first coffee was delicious, no plastic taste  came out here.

A large selection of drinks: How does the freshly ground coffee taste?

The operation of the machine is relatively simple. After the device has started up and heated up, you can choose from a variety of drinks. In the upper row of buttons there is a button with two depicted cups. If you press this before selecting the beverage, double the amount of coffee is dispensed. A typical example of this would be the double espresso. Otherwise, in addition to the “normal” coffee, you can also choose from macchiato, cappuccino, espresso and latte .

There are also two additional buttons for hot milk and hot water . So you can also enjoy tea with the Power Matic and save yourself the kettle. In our opinion, the balanced coffee factory settings are tailored for the majority of users. The coffee-milk ratio is pleasant and the coffee is neither too strong nor too weak. However, you should adjust the water hardness once before use, because the Ccino 7000 will decide the decalcification intervals later on .

However, since tastes are different, the Cecotec coffee machine offers the possibility to personalize each drink . For example, the amount of ground beans in grams or the amount of coffee and frothed milk in milliliters can be set individually. The espresso, coffee, cappuccino, macchiato and latte can each have separate parameters . Personally, I increased the amount of beans a bit to achieve a more intense flavor. Of course, you should also pay attention to the selected variety and roasting method .

If you like to try out new coffee beans and varieties , the Ccino 7000 gives you the opportunity to adapt your drinks accordingly. The machine saves all settings and can also be reset to the factory settings at any time. The standby mode switches on after one hour, depending on the time set. After 10 drinks at the latest, the waste bin on the right should be emptied. Here are the circular remains of the ground coffee beans .

A brief overview: special features of the Ccino 7000 and some criticism

In addition to the personalization options already mentioned , the Power Matic-Ccino 7000 offers even more. Among other things, the ratio between milk and milk foam can be adjusted using the regulator in the left-hand side compartment. Depending on the situation, the machine produces more of the creamy milk foam. There is also a regulator in the bean compartment, which influences the degree of grinding. A stepless setting from 0 to 6 is possible here. We found the value of three recommended by Cecotec to be the most pleasant. Here you should note the following: The finer the beans are ground, the more intense and stronger the coffee will be later.

There is a removable cover underneath this regulator. This closes an opening that is intended for coffee powder . The Cecotec coffee machine can be switched over at the push of a button and then brewed coffee from powder instead of beans. We would like to briefly mention one last practical function: the integrated heating plate on the top. If the Power Matic machine is switched on, the heating plate is also active. You can’t burn yourself on it, but cups placed on it are still kept warm.

Now we would like to address a few more points of criticism . The initial operation was a bit confusing due to the many setting options and buttons, here it is advisable to read through the instructions briefly. The operation is then relatively simple. In addition, we did not find the black plastic with a high-gloss finish to be ideal. Fingerprints and dust are quickly visible, even if the color conceals small splashes of coffee .

In addition, you should make sure to regularly clean the machine and the compartment with  coffee residues to prevent mold formation. Small remains of the ground coffee beans are often found in the grinder . The milk tank supplied convinced us except for one small thing. It has a chic design and is tight, but the Ccino only rinses its nozzles and not the milk hose . This means that it should be rinsed under warm water at least every two days and the opening on the machine  cleaned separately with a cloth .

The conclusion to the entry-level fully automatic coffee machine from Cecotec: The price-performance ratio is right

Despite the criticism just mentioned, all in all we are still very satisfied with Cecotec’s 7000 series. The Cecotec Power Matic-Ccino 7000 from Cecotec costs around 310 euros . For this price you get a properly processed fully automatic coffee machine that leaves nothing to be desired . Any hot drinks, including tea or warm milk , are no problem for the device. In addition, the many setting options offer an individual taste experience that everyone should get their money’s worth. You can buy the Cecotec Power Matic-Ccino 7000 directly from the manufacturer . You can find more useful and practical products in our kitchen gadgets .