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Review: Cecotec handheld vacuum cleaner in comparison

This article will highlight the Cecotec handheld vacuum cleaner in comparison with all positives and negatives so you can chose better one for you.

Comparison Cecotec handheld vacuum cleaner: Often you are spoiled for choice – also when buying a suitable handheld vacuum cleaner. There are a few things to consider if you want to enjoy the purchased product in the long term. We are looking at three models from Cecotec, which are of different prices. More precisely, it is about the Conga RockStar Micro 8000, the Conga RockStar Micro 12000 and the Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction. You can read our comparison below.

Anyone who reads Cecotec and is not visiting our platform for the first time knows that we were already very satisfied with the Cecotec Conga 5090 vacuum  robot and the Cecotec fully automatic coffee machine . The Juive & Live 3000 juicer was also convincing, reason enough to look at three models from the same manufacturer to compare the handheld vacuum cleaner. All models are similar in price but are located differently. So you have to shell out between 50 and 70 euros – what you get for it, we’ll tell you now for each individual model and summarized at the end.

Cecotec Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction – commercially available or something special?

The first glance at the Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction suggests an ordinary hand-held vacuum cleaner. And basically it is. The design is very familiar, as you know other models. The cordless vacuum cleaner is exciting because of the included accessories and the 22.2V battery technology , which enables extremely high suction power. Hence the model name “ExtremeSuction”. The runtime is around 25 minutes, which we can confirm with an average of around 20-23 minutes in our test . Slight deviations are normal here.

The bagless cyclone technology is no longer surprising nowadays, but it should be emphasized again and again, as there is virtually no loss of suction power over the years. It is also worth mentioning that the battery can be removed. That speaks for a sustainable use, should the battery quit at some point. What distinguishes this type of handheld vacuum cleaner is the ability to collect significantly more dust and dirt than the following narrower models. Up to 500ml of the dust container of the Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction sums.

Interchangeable filter and lots of accessories

The built-in filter system removes over 99 percent of all mites and dust particles from the air. The filter is replaceable – such a replacement filter is even included, which is practical. The accessories included complete the package and ensure smooth use in the car, in corners or on small carpets . There is even a useful hose extension on board. Cecotec has also thought of a charging station. At around 50 euros, the Immortal ExtremeSuction is the cheapest in our selection. In the test, he cleaned dust, muesli residues, dirty doormats and all corners of the room. Even an attachment for liquids is included in the scope of delivery. You can find more information and the option to buy on the product page for Immortal ExtremeSuction.

Cecotec Conga RockStar Micro 8000 – modern design & modern technology

Let’s turn to the next model – the Conga RockStar Micro 8000 . Here you will encounter a much fresher design that can do justice to the year 2021. For us as technology and design lovers, this fresher design applies better. With a total of 120 watts, the brushless motor has a suction force of 14,000 Pa . With this you can not only suck up small crumbs. In our test, we experienced a slightly better suction performance with this model than with the upper Conga Immortal ExtremeSucition. Due to its compact dimensions, this RockStar is ideally suited for use in the car – a great car gadget .

The Conga RockStar 8000 Micro also comes with a lot of accessories. Unfortunately, there is no extension hose that would have been practical, but in the end is not a knockout criterion either. The accessories can simply be placed on the charging station – so you always have them to hand. At 20 minutes, the runtime is a bit shorter than that of the upper model – the everyday test confirms this with around 17-19 minutes. The suction power is consistently constant and very good. The 8000 Micro offers two performance levels. Eco and turbo – you can already imagine how differentiation is made here. You get the maximum suction power for stubborn dirt with “Turbo”, while “Eco” gets the maximum battery life out.

100ml dust container, but quick emptying

The 100ml dust container is significantly smaller than the Conga Immortal . This is due to the design – which, however, takes up less space and in the end enables a slightly lighter handheld vacuum cleaner. In fact, we didn’t find the smaller dust tank annoying in the test, but rather appreciated the easy emptying. A short press on the emptying button and the container can be removed from the front and freed from dust and dirt in a few seconds. That always worked great and has remained positive in the back of our minds. Only the plastic retaining mechanism worries us a bit, as it does not look very stable. For 59 euros on the manufacturer’s website the Conga RockStar Micro 8000 is hardly more expensive.

Conga RockStar Micro 12000 -Cecotec handheld vacuum cleaner

A flagship among the handheld vacuum cleaners from Cecotec? You can answer the question directly with “Yes”. Here Cecotec has taken its skills to the limit and refined the smaller Micro 8000 again. The 12000 model also has two power levels, with the maximum level creating up to 17,000 Pa – the brushless motor has an output of 200 watts! Excellent values, which are accompanied by 30 minutes of battery life . In fact, we have often been able to achieve this.

A great overall package with lots of accessories. The hygienic 120ml dirt container can also be emptied quickly by hand. Even faster than with the Micro 8000, because the dust tank literally pops out here , but still holds in place with hinges. With a strong pressure, the container is pushed back into position and engages with a “click”.

The Cecotec Conga RockStar Micro 12000 – long name – also has a charging station. Simply plug in the power and from now on just put the handheld vacuum cleaner in the station. Charges within a few hours, but comparable to other handheld vacuum cleaners. Basically, the Micro 12000 is better than the Micro 8000 in every way and we think that the price of 69 euros is therefore reasonable. 

Cecotec handheld vacuum cleaner comparison – our favorite

You certainly have to adapt the decision to the area of ​​application, because for some purposes a hose extension may be a crucial accessory for a handheld vacuum cleaner. If we only look at the design, the two Conga RockStar Micro models are our winners, but the performance must also be right . In fact, it does – although we were able to achieve very similar results with all three models, the high suction power of the Micro 12000 with 17,000 Pa is a bit ahead of the other two Cecotec handheld vacuum cleaners. The quality and workmanship is very satisfactory for all models.

In our tests and comparisons, we always keep the price in mind. The Cecotec models are very similar in price, so we would opt for the Conga RockStar Micro 12000, as the small surcharge is worth the higher performance to us . We are aware that the 120ml dust container is significantly smaller than the 500ml Conga Immortal ExtremeSuction – but it is emptied so quickly that you can choose the more modern design and better technology without a guilty conscience . It is also a little lighter.

Cecotec handheld vacuum cleaner specs at a glance

The comparison table is not displayed correctly on your smartphone? Tilt your phone to landscape – that should solve your problem.

modelBattery life (min)Container size (ml)Suction power (Pa)Price (euro)
Conga Immortal25th500about 12,00050.99
Conga Micro 800020th10014,00058.99
Conga Micro 1200030th12017,00068.99
modeldesignCleaning resultequipment
Conga Immortalusuallyvery goodextensive
Conga Micro 8000modernWellnormal
Conga Micro 12000modernvery goodnormal