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Review: Calor Access Steam First Garment Steamer

Review: Calor Access Steam First Garment Steamer, Ultralight, 15 sec rapid heat-up time, 1300 W, 20 g/min continuous steam, Sanitizing, Versatile, 70 ml water tank DT6150C0

Calor’s Access Steam First, a linen care specialist, offers a range of steam irons, with this model being the lightest and fastest among their offerings.


Calor’s Access Steam First is a straightforward steam steamer with basic controls—an on/off switch and a steam release trigger. It features a removable 70 ml water tank at the handle, priced at €59.99. Notably, it lacks a base and a heated soleplate, which means it can only be placed on its side.


Steam flow20g/min
Adjustable steam flowNo
Steam trigger lockNo
Water tank capacity70ml
Removable water tankYes

Convenience of Use

The Access Steam First is compact and easily fits into a travel bag due to its dimensions: 30 cm in height, 18.4 cm in width, and 10.6 cm in depth. Weighing in at a mere 828g, it’s the lightest in its class, with only the Philips Steam&Go GC365 coming close at 887g. Like the Philips model, it also lacks a base and must be placed horizontally. Unfortunately, its water tank capacity is limited to 70 ml, which may be insufficient for extensive ironing tasks, unlike the SteamOne S-Travel with its 260ml tank.

Operating the Access Steam First is simple—fill the tank, switch it on, and hold the steam trigger. However, it lacks a continuous steam flow lock, which can be inconvenient. Unlike some of Calor’s higher-end models, it doesn’t offer adjustable steam flow control. Also, the absence of a heated soleplate can lead to condensation buildup and occasional water droplets on clothes. Fortunately, it comes with a brush attachment for delicate fabrics.

Steaming Efficiency

During testing, the Access Steam First heated up in 19 seconds, slightly faster than the Philips Steam&Go. Its steam output is consistent with the manufacturer’s claim of 20 g/min. Ironing various fabrics revealed that it required multiple passes to achieve satisfactory results. Jersey fabric needed four passes, poplin three, and jeans and linen also required three passes, which is on par with other models in this category.

The multiple nozzles on the soleplate likely contribute to its effectiveness. However, the low soleplate temperature of around 50°C is a limitation, making wrinkle removal less efficient.

Work Quality

  1. Simplicity and Ease of Use: The Access Steam First is designed with simplicity in mind. Its basic on/off control and steam trigger make it extremely user-friendly, especially for those who prefer uncomplicated appliances. This simplicity can be an advantage for users who don’t want to deal with complex settings.
  2. Compact and Portable: The compact dimensions of the Access Steam First (30 cm in height, 18.4 cm in width, and 10.6 cm in depth) make it highly portable. It easily fits into a travel bag, making it an excellent choice for individuals who need a portable steamer for trips or quick touch-ups while on the go.
  3. Lightweight Design: Weighing only 828 grams, the Access Steam First is exceptionally lightweight, which adds to its portability. Carrying it around is effortless, and users won’t experience hand or arm fatigue during use.
  4. Fast Heating: The steam steamer heats up quickly, taking just 19 seconds to be ready for use. This rapid heating time is advantageous for users who want to get their ironing or steaming tasks done promptly.
  5. Consistent Steam Output: The Access Steam First delivers a consistent steam output of 20 g/min, in line with the manufacturer’s specifications. This level of steam production ensures efficient wrinkle removal during the ironing process.
  6. Versatile Fabric Handling: While it may require multiple passes for certain fabrics, the Access Steam First can handle a variety of materials reasonably well. It can effectively iron fabrics like jersey, poplin, jeans, and linen, making it versatile for different clothing types.
  7. Nozzle Design: The presence of multiple nozzles on the soleplate contributes to the steamer’s effectiveness in removing wrinkles. These nozzles help distribute steam evenly across the fabric, enhancing its performance.
  8. Energy Efficiency: The Access Steam First is an energy-efficient appliance, consuming only 0.160 kW/h after 10 minutes of operation. This is a positive aspect for users concerned about their energy usage and environmental impact.
  9. Brush Attachment: The inclusion of a brush attachment is a practical feature, particularly for delicate fabrics. It assists in ironing and steaming fragile materials without causing damage.
  10. Limited Water Tank Capacity: One limitation to consider is the relatively small 70 ml water tank. While it’s suitable for quick touch-ups, it may require frequent refilling for more extensive ironing sessions. Users should be prepared for this limitation.
  11. Absence of Steam Flow Lock: The Access Steam First lacks a steam flow lock, which means users must continuously hold the steam trigger during operation. This can be slightly inconvenient for longer ironing tasks.
  12. Lack of Heated Soleplate: Unlike some other models, the Access Steam First doesn’t feature a heated soleplate. This can result in condensation build-up and occasional water droplets on clothing, affecting its work quality to some extent.

In conclusion, the Calor Access Steam First offers a straightforward and convenient solution for light and quick ironing or steaming tasks. Its compact design, lightweight build, fast heating, and consistent steam output make it suitable for travel and on-the-spot clothing touch-ups. However, users should be aware of its limitations, such as the small water tank and the absence of a heated soleplate, which may affect its performance for more extensive ironing needs.


With its small 70 ml water tank, the Access Steam First doesn’t offer extended steaming time. It can only operate for approximately 3 minutes and 31 seconds, while its sibling, the Access Steam Care, can provide over 8 minutes of continuous steam.

Power Consumption

On the positive side, the Access Steam First is energy-efficient, consuming only 0.160 kW/h after 10 minutes of operation.


In summary, the Calor Access Steam First is a straightforward and quick-to-use steam steamer. It’s compact, lightweight, and ideal for travel or last-minute ironing. However, it lacks certain conveniences, such as a steam lock system, and its performance is decent but not exceptional due to the absence of a heated soleplate.


  • Easy to carry.
  • Fast heating.
  • Easy to use.


  • No heated insole.
  • Low water tank capacity.
  • No steam trigger lock system.