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Review: Braun PRT1000 High Speed 3-in-1 Thermometer

Review: Braun Thermomètre Digital PRT 1000. Accurate measurements in 10 seconds; Flexible tip for safer use; Water resistant for easy cleaning


Braun, a renowned German manufacturer known for its ear and forehead thermometers, also offers budget-friendly classic models like the Braun PRT 1000. This electronic thermometer promises precision and speed, making it a potential staple in your first aid kit. Let’s dive into the details of this thermometer.

Special featureFlexible tip
Age range (description)Adult
Included componentsBattery
Specification metCE
Display typeLCD
Product care instructionsWipe Clean
Unit count1 count
Power sourceBattery Powered

Design and Build Quality

The Braun PRT 1000 boasts surprisingly good construction quality and ergonomic design, considering its entry-level positioning. It features a flexible tip that adds to user comfort, catering to rectal, oral, or axillary temperature measurements. The device’s grip is intuitive, fitting naturally between your thumb and index finger. Ridges on the thermometer provide a non-slip texture for added security. What’s particularly appealing is the rubberized and flexible tip, making it ideal for axillary measurements. The pleasant peach skin finish on its covering minimizes the cold sensation often associated with shiny plastic. However, replacing the small SR41 button cell battery might prove challenging due to difficulties in removing the tip.

Waterproofing and Hygiene

While the PRT 1000 incorporates a seal for tip waterproofing and is presumed to be waterproof, it only carries an IP22 waterproof rating. As a result, complete immersion in water or submerging it for cleaning is not recommended. Nevertheless, the thermometer can be easily cleaned with mild soap and 70% alcohol. Braun suggests that its thermometer can be immersed in a disinfectant liquid, specifically for its soft tip. The thermometer comes with a translucent green plastic cap that protects the probe and is easy to remove and reattach.

User-Friendly Operation

Using the Braun PRT 1000 is straightforward; it simply needs to be turned on, which takes approximately 3 seconds, and then placed in the armpit, sublingual cavity, or rectum, depending on the desired measurement method. While the instructions are relatively clear, indicating normal temperature ranges for different methods, they do not consider age-related temperature differences. The end of a measurement cycle is signaled by a series of beeps, with the temperature displayed on a monochrome LCD screen, although it lacks a backlight. The thermometer also automatically stores the last measured temperature, which can be accessed with the device turned off by holding the power button for 3 seconds.

Accuracy and Speed

Braun claims that the PRT 1000 can measure rectal temperature in less than 10 seconds, a claim substantiated during testing, with measurements sometimes even quicker. For this type of thermometer, this speed is commendable. Axillary measurements take slightly longer, but it’s important to note that waiting at least 90 seconds is necessary for reliable results in this mode. Axillary measurements tend to yield skin temperatures, which can be lower than oral or rectal readings, posing a risk of missing a fever. Therefore, it is recommended to opt for oral or rectal measurements, especially for adults.

The repeatability of measurements is decent at 86%, but precision is relatively lower, with an average difference of 0.41°C compared to a reference thermometer. This makes it less suitable for precise temperature readings and suggests averaging measurements for accuracy. While the PRT 1000’s temperatures were consistently higher than our reference thermometer, it’s generally acceptable for detecting feverish states.


In conclusion, the Braun PRT 1000 offers simplicity and speed in temperature measurements, making it a convenient choice. However, its relative lack of precision might necessitate multiple readings to ensure accurate results, making it more suitable for general temperature checks than precise applications.

Advantages of Braun PRT 1000 Thermometer:

  1. Affordable Price: The Braun PRT 1000 is budget-friendly, making it accessible to a wide range of consumers. It provides essential temperature measurement capabilities without breaking the bank.
  2. User-Friendly Design: With a straightforward one-button operation and clear indicators, the PRT 1000 is easy to use, even for individuals who are not tech-savvy.
  3. Fast Measurements: This thermometer offers quick temperature measurements, with rectal readings taking less than 10 seconds. This speed can be especially beneficial when dealing with restless or uncomfortable patients, such as infants.

Disadvantages of Braun PRT 1000 Thermometer:

  1. Limited Precision: The PRT 1000’s accuracy is somewhat limited, with measurements exhibiting an average difference of 0.41°C compared to a reference thermometer. For applications requiring high precision, such as monitoring a baby’s temperature or tracking menstrual cycles, more accurate thermometers may be necessary.
  2. Inaccurate Axillary Measurements: While the thermometer allows axillary (underarm) measurements, it requires a longer wait time (at least 90 seconds) to obtain reliable results. Skin temperature readings from the armpit may not accurately reflect core body temperature, potentially leading to incorrect readings in adults.
  3. Battery Replacement Challenge: Replacing the small SR41 button cell battery in the PRT 1000 can be complicated due to difficulties in removing the tip. Users may find this frustrating when the battery needs replacement.
  4. Lack of Age-Based Temperature Guidance: The provided instructions do not include temperature variations based on age. Different age groups may have varying normal temperature ranges, and this information could be useful for users seeking accurate health assessments.
  5. Limited Waterproofing: Despite having a seal for tip waterproofing, the PRT 1000 only carries an IP22 waterproof rating, which prevents full immersion or water submersion for cleaning. This limitation may hinder hygiene maintenance in certain situations.