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Review: BlitzWolf AS4 speaker – Good quality , better price

has a volume of 20W, an also be used via Bluetooth 5,Its volume is 20W,which can be enough for personal use and it sounds best when head high.

Finally a new BlitzWolf speaker has arrived and after the AS3 a smaller but still fair performance, the BlitzWolf BW-AS4. While the AS2 isn’t weak in terms of design either, the AS4 is clearly the manufacturer’s most unique and spectacular bluetooth speaker. It’s rarely seen, so it even makes it an ornament – especially since it even has colorful lighting (which can be turned off). 

Brief history of BlitzWolf speaker

Initially, it was the BlitzWolf BW-AS1, one of the manufacturer’s previous portable bluetooth speakers and the very first piece in the AS series. It is no longer worth dealing with.

It is all the more worthwhile to deal with AS2, which is to this day is highly recommended and we also recommend it regularly.  But it’s no accident, cheap and damn good.

Next in line is the AS3, which is 70W with rough bass, so it lubricates properly.  Also recommended, slightly less sophisticated sound than AS2, but severely punished. 

And the latest is AS4, which we are talking about now.

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker: Unpacking

BlitzWolf has been using the same green / white design for the box for a long time now, so it’s not worth wasting a word on.

Although the contents of the box will not be long:

  • speaker
  • charging cable
  • 3.5mm jack cable
  • User’s Guide


AS4 certainly doesn’t need to be hidden, for two reasons:

  1. damn spectacular
  2. and demanding as well

Its shape is strongly reminiscent of AS3, but in the case of AS4 a smaller part is covered with fabric, but for the most part it is transparent, revealing its interior. But the transparent part is not clear, a little smoky, which makes it even more spectacular (and not glass, but plastic).

Manufacturer pictures

Very attractive

In reality, it is

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

At the top of the speaker

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

Kinder egg 

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

Unfortunately, wireless power isn’t really widespread yet, so a wire goes into the top speaker, but it’s not conspicuous when viewed from the front. The inlets also lie there, under a rubber blanket.

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

However, micro USB charging is pretty mournful these days, but there is also at least a 3.5mm jack and a memory card that can be used as a standalone player.

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

The buttons are a hit, made of lines, it looks much better than a simple e.g. they would be circular.

It is easy to carry as it is only 14.5cm high, 11.5cm in diameter and only 0.8kg.

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

Its lighting has been very sophisticated, as the bottom inside is fully lit and it is only very slightly visible where the LEDs are actually.

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

Anyway, the lighting looks good even in daylight, it looks good, and in case of little light it gives quite good lighting, it also makes it a minimal evening light in a small room.

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

The quality is very good and although the design is subjective but looks good, it is made of good materials.

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker: The lighting

The lights can be switched on and off by pressing and holding the button, while pressing it briefly to switch between the modes, which can be:

  • not flashing yellow
  • pulsating red
  • pulsating green
  • pulsating blue
  • alternating colors

Sound features, TWS function

It has a volume of 20W, which leaves it as follows (on both sides and on top).

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

However, TWS function can also be used in pairs as a stereo speaker pair, which is already 40W. However, they can be up to 10 meters apart, so they can be in another room.

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

It can also be used via Bluetooth 5.

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker: Sound quality

As expected, the BlitzWolf BW-AS2 speaker doesn’t reach the level of a test, but the truth is that all in all, it’s the best BlitzWolf speaker so far, and it did particularly well.

AS4 could be characterized as listenable. It doesn’t fall off his chin, but if you need a speaker, you can meet. It also has the bass you need, but not nearly as powerful as the AS2. And so high, mid-frequency sounds (vocals, instrument,…) are also of such a reason level. You can’t say it sounds beautiful, but it’s not bad either, so sem average? Maybe that’s a good word for it. It’s silent to listen to, it’s not at all about committing violence to our hearing. But the fact is that this is not the manufacturer’s top speaker.

Overall, you could say that if you really like the design of the AS4, it’s OK, but for someone who would spend a little more on it and less on the design, AS2 is much the right choice (which is completely different, but also looks good). And of course, in general, there are better speakers for that much, only in this case, part of the budget went to the garnish.

It should be added that the opinions include “very good sound quality”, “top sound quality”, but that is an exaggeration – of course it is a question of who is used to what and how critical it is.

Its volume is 20W, which can be enough for personal use and its sound depends a bit on its placement, it sounds best when approx. head high.

It’s also worth a try for movies and games

What can it be used for?

It can be used with almost anything, as it has bluetooth, wired 3.5mm jack (AUX), so it can be used with phone, tablet, computer, laptop, media player, etc.

In the case of Bluetooth, it can be paired with a device (phone, tablet, etc.) via bluetooth in the usual way. After switching on, it automatically reconnects to the device (if bluetooth is switched on).

Small delay

Wireless systems, such as bluetooth, are characterized by a delay, as it takes some time for the signal to get to the right place, but we are now there that the delay can be so small that it is not annoying, acceptable. This is also true for this speaker, making it a good choice for movies as well, it’s hard to notice the delay.

TWS function

If there are two copies of it, they can be connected wirelessly via bluetooth, forming a pair of stereo speakers that are already 40W. The two speakers can be up to 10 meters apart.

BlitzWolf AS4 speaker

Operating time

It has a 2,000 mAh battery, which according to the manufacturer is approx. It gives him 5 hours of use. However, if we don’t roar, much more is possible, specifically 24 hours!

Unfortunately, it can be charged via a micro USB port and it takes approx. It takes 4 hours, which again is not something steely.


After a speaker like the BlitzWolf BW-AS2 in AS4 sound is definitely a step back. It can be said that the sound is average, does not match the price, because realistically it is approx. it brings a level around 12,000 HUF, just the other things, the special design and the lighting.

All in all, it’s smooth to listen to, it’s not at all about committing violence to our hearing. But the fact is that this is not the manufacturer’s top speaker.