Review: Aukey charging accessories : Charging Station and others

This article reviews various Aukey charging such as mini USB C chargers with GaN technology to a multifunctional power bank with wireless charging function.

Aukey was still unknown a few years ago and is now one of the big names on the charging accessories market. In addition to Anker, Inateck, Satechi and a few others, Aukey is now a solid manufacturer in the “smartphone accessories” segment. Today we’re testing four new Aukey gadgets. From mini USB C chargers with GaN technology to a multifunctional power bank with wireless charging function.

The Aukey charging station supplies up to three devices with power at the same time

Today we’re testing the latest Aukey charging accessories . For all fans of fast charging, we took a closer look at the Aukey Omnia Charger with 20 watts and a suitable USB C to Lightning cable. Those who prefer to charge their devices without cables may be more interested in the 3-in-1 charging station or the wireless Qi power bank. But let’s start straight into our experience with the devices .

3-in-1 charging station from Aukey: The price-performance ratio is given

We would like to start with the manufacturer’s 3-in-1 charging station . The product including operating instructions will be delivered to your home in a small box. Before using it for the first time, the charging station, which consists of three parts, has to be put together. Otherwise, a USB C cable for connecting the dock is included in the scope of delivery. A power supply, however, is missing here unfortunately. Aukey recommends using their own 20W Omnia Charger, but the dock also worked with other USB C chargers such as Apple or Inateck in our test. You should just make sure that the dock has at least 18 watts available.https://open.spotify.com/embed-podcast/episode/5jAROIX5SOYIsx7Nqqlr3p

In total, you can supply up to three devices with power on the charging station at the same time . A smartphone finds its place in the vertical stand and is charged wirelessly with up to 10 watts. Thanks to the double coil , the mobile phone can also be placed in landscape format. With our iPhone 12 Pro Max, we achieved the maximum 7.5 watts approved by Apple. Next door, for example, you can put down headphones such as the AirPods or the Soundcore Liberty Air 2 Pro and charge them wirelessly with up to 5 watts .

The third charging option is the Apple Watch Charger . Here, however, you have to use your own cable and thread it through the charger. A flap on the underside can be removed and the cable can be stowed away and connected. This is done quickly and only needs to be done once. Nevertheless, it is a shame that Aukey does not rely on an integrated solution here .

Our conclusion: Solid charging station with a decent price-performance ratio

Overall, we are satisfied with the look and performance of the dock. We would cite the lack of a power supply unit and the appropriate Apple Watch cable as points of criticism . In view of the low price of less than 30 euros , this point is to be forgiven. All in all, Aukey offers a solid charging station for the bedside table or the office . Buy it on Amazon.

USB C power bank with integrated stand and wireless charging function

It continues with the wireless power bank, which was recently introduced by Aukey. In the scope of delivery of the 10,000 mAh battery you will find the mandatory operating instructions and a suitable USB C cable for recharging the power bank. The design is simple and the housing is made of plastic. All in all, the workmanship is okay .

Aukey offers a standard USB A port as well as a USB C port, which is used for recharging at the same time. The maximum output power is 18 watts . This value was also achieved in our test with an iPhone and a HomePod Mini. So there is nothing to complain about here. The real specialty of the power bank, however, is on the top, because a Qi pad is integrated here. This means that all newer iPhones and many other smartphone models or headphones can be charged wirelessly .

Headphones and smartphones can be charged wirelessly on the power bank

If you want to charge three devices at the same time , the power bank will be noticeably warm, but by no means hot. The 10,000 mAh ensure sufficient juice and several charging processes with most smartphones. If you still need more, you should take a closer look at this Aukey power bank with 45 watt PD output , which we recently tested. However, no Qi function is offered here.

Aukey Powerbank: A fair overall package with a drawback in processing

Overall, the Aukey Powerbank was able to convince us in any case with its technical data and charging capacity . As a special feature, in addition to the integrated Qi-Pad, it also offers two fold-out stands. This means that you can also use the power bank as a charging station for your smartphone, because pass-through charging is also supported . This works well, but we think the fold-out stands are a shaky affair. It shouldn’t take long here for the plastic to give way. Except for this point of criticism, the Aukey Powerbank offers solid charging performance for 45.99 euros .

Aukey charging: Aukey Omnia: Extremely compact charger with 20 watt PD power

Anyone who has decided on one of the new iPhone 12 models will be faced with the problem of a missing fast-charging power supply unit. For this purpose, Aukey offers an alternative to Apple’s price-intensive original power supply unit. The Aukey Omnia is an extremely small USB C power supply with PowerDelivery support . The maximum charging power is 20 watts . In view of the size it is really unbelievable, as it is even smaller than the typical 5 watt model from Apple.

Apple 5 watts, Aukey Omnia 20 watts and Apple 20 watts (from left to right)

Nothing else is included in the scope of delivery except the power supply unit itself. In terms of color, you can choose between black and white. The workmanship is solid, even if the power supply is made of plastic. Aukey achieves the compact size in connection with the high charging capacity through the use of gallium nitride (GaN) . This material ensures better cooling, which enables more charging power in a more compact housing .

A size comparison: iPhone 12 Pro Max and Aukey Omnia power supply

We tested the power supply with an iPhone 12 Pro Max and  just achieved the 50 percent charging capacity specified by Apple  in 30 minutes . Continuous use of a HomePod Mini and charging of a MacBook (12 inch) were also no problem. In summary, the Aukey Omnia connector with a price of 18.99 euros is a good and compact variant of Apple’s counterpart.

Aukey Omnia USB C power supply in front of a green background

A USB C connection with 20 watt output power thanks to PowerDelivery

Aukey charging: USB C to Lightning cable: Inexpensive and high-quality alternative to the original two meters in length

Finally, we tested the right cable for all Apple fans . Since the apple company unfortunately still does not use USB C for their iPhones, a USB C to Lightning cable is necessary for a quick charge. Aukey offers a corresponding model in two different lengths. We tested the braided two meter cable in black. The look is simple and the cable is pleasantly flexible.

The nylon coating looks high-quality and should last longer than the original from Apple. We particularly liked the compact ends of the cable . The iPhones could even be charged with different cases. Since PowerDelivery is also offered here, you can use the cable to charge your lighting devices via FastCharge. For a price of 12.99 euros , the USB C to lighting cable is a cheap solution for all fast chargers and people who need more than a meter in length .