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Review: Aqara E1 Smart Radiator Thermostat

Review: Aqara E1 Thermostat - The Thermostat E1 supports automatic door and window opening detection, that will turn off the heating to save energy in case of such events


In today’s market, an array of radiator valve manufacturers exists, offering diverse options for consumers. The Aqara Radiator Thermostat E1 stands out as an economical choice that doesn’t compromise on aesthetics. This review delves into our hands-on experiences with the Aqara Radiator Knob E1.

Aqara Smart Radiator Thermostat E1 in short

These are the main features:

  • Radiator thermostat for your smart home
  • Works with Apple HomeKit and Siri, Amazon Alexa, Google Assistant, IFTTT and more
  • Works with Zigbee 3.0 and Matter
  • Display with backlight and rotary knob
  • Temperature can be read via an external sensor
  • Operates for 1 year on two AA batteries
  • Set up smart schedules and group multiple devices together

Smart Heating for Energy Efficiency

Smart radiator valves are an intelligent solution to cut down on energy expenses. They enable targeted heating by allowing you to warm specific rooms rather than the entire house. Moreover, temperature adjustments per room, like slightly warmer in the bathroom and cooler in the bedroom, become possible. Enter the Aqara Thermostat E1, priced around 50 euros, which integrates seamlessly with HomeKit. But how user-friendly is this device, and more crucially, is it a suitable fit for your home?

Getting Acquainted: Understanding Installation

It’s reasonable to assume that many readers here are not heating engineers or DIY experts. Installing the Aqara Radiator Knob might seem daunting, but in reality, it’s not overly complicated, especially with the help of online instructional videos. Fortunately, you won’t need to drain your central heating system or deal with spraying water as you would with other plumbing tasks. However, the challenge might lie in ensuring proper attachment using the provided adapters (RA, RAV, and RAVL). The knob is designed for M30 x 1.5 mm connections, though it’s not a one-size-fits-all situation. Compatibility hinges on your specific setup.

Considerations Before Adoption

A pivotal consideration is whether your existing thermostat is ‘dumb’ or ‘smart.’ The review highlights that for those with ‘dumb’ thermostats, a multi-step process involving manual adjustments to the thermostat and app control of the Aqara Radiator Knob is required. This could be less convenient for users who desire a seamless experience. Alternatively, those with ‘always-on’ systems such as district heating or centrally controlled systems in apartment buildings might find these buttons better suited to regulate heating in individual rooms.

For users with existing smart thermostats like Tado, brand consistency is often preferable. The review emphasizes that while the Aqara option is competitively priced, considerations like system compatibility and functionality alignment should be weighed.

Design and Aesthetics

Aesthetically, the Aqara Radiator Knob E1 is modern and sleek, making it a suitable match even for designer radiators. Its matte white finish complements its overall design. The knob features a temperature display and a user-adjustable ring for setting desired temperatures. Importantly, this knob allows control for both smartphone-enabled users and those without such technology.

Integration and Functionality

Installation takes around half an hour, with the initial steps involving finding the right mounting ring for your radiator. Pairing with your smart home hub follows, a process that is facilitated by Aqara’s compatibility with HomeKit. The review points out the knob’s ability to fit seamlessly into HomeKit automations and its capability to measure internal temperatures, which can be augmented using external temperature and humidity sensors.

Functional Benefits and Customization

The true value of smart radiator valves emerges when exploring automation possibilities. The review discusses how these valves can be integrated into intricate smart home setups, such as auto-turning off heating when windows are open to prevent energy wastage. Furthermore, the compatibility of these valves with air quality sensors allows for more advanced automation, which is particularly useful in maintaining optimal indoor conditions.


In conclusion, the Aqara Radiator Thermostat E1 offers an accessible means to regulate room-specific heating. Installation is relatively straightforward for those with basic DIY skills. The sleek design and robust functionality of the knob are commendable. While cost-effective, users should carefully consider their existing thermostat setup and desired automation features. Ultimately, the Aqara Radiator Thermostat E1 presents a viable option for efficient and targeted home heating control, especially for those who value HomeKit integration.


  • Sleek and neutral design
  • Quality of material and construction is good
  • Many functions via Aqara and own automations
  • Works with HomeKit by default
  • Very detailed schedule


  • No matching Aqara thermostat available
  • No separate schedule for weekdays and weekends
  • Less ideal in combination with a dumb thermostat or thermostat that doesn’t work with HomeKit, such as Nest
  • Little price difference with expensive brands